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Part of me wants to get ALL THE 1:6 SCALE BJDS!!!!!! The rest of me just wants the following, in order of rarity:
  • Tinybear Bonbon [common] because she's smirking, also fat
  • Xagadoll Lara [common] because she's double-jointed and cute
  • Alchemic Labo Unoa Light Fluorite [scarce] because she's cute, also double-jointed
  • Souldoll Metel [scarce] because she's the best-looking of the Soul Littles
  • Elfdoll Doona Ryung [rare] because I've been lusting after Ryung in 1:3 and 1:6 scales for years

In order of strength of desire, I want Ryung, Lara, Bonbon, Fluorite and Metel.

Isn't this fascinating?
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I've been thinking about the relative rarity of all the 1:6 scale BJDs recently, since I just got Novella, who, as a Soom Romantic Uyoo, is the rarest doll I have. Also I saw a Unoa Light Fluorite on the DOA marketplace that I want, but do not have the dough for. :( Anyway, here's my spectrum of relative rarity for all the 1:6 scale BJDs:

Illusion Spirit Spirit, JAMIEshow bodies and Xagadoll Lara are so new that they haven't established distribution patterns or reputations, so I'm excluding them.


Whether these dolls are popular or not, they're still being sold on the primary market, so they are easy to get.
  • Dollmore Kidults and Cutes
  • Limhwa/Eosdoll Mari and Sara
  • Lumedoll Lumelights
  • Soom Aren and Uyoo
  • Tiny Bear Bonbon and Coco


These dolls appear regularly on the secondary market, so acquiring them is mostly a matter of a) patiently waiting and b) jumping on the opportunity.
  • Alchemic Labo Unoa Lights
  • Elfdoll Hana Angel and Devil
  • Notdoll Lucy
  • Soom Faery Legends
  • Souldoll Metel


Dolls in this category appear on the secondary market, but much more infrequently. Expect to wait years for one to come up.
  • Elfdoll Doona Soah and Ryung, as well as Hana Halloween versions
  • Limhwa/Eosdoll ToYou
  • Notdoll Miriam and Pandora
  • Souldoll Jandi, Kimmy and Vivi


I've seen dolls in this category appear on the secondary market only twice or thrice.
  • Batchix Nan Sook
  • Elfdoll Kathlen
  • Orientdoll Joong Wol


Dolls in this category have few to zero online owner pictures and/or have appeared on the secondary market not at all or once.
  • Leekeworld Jiny and Lani
  • Notdoll Yohimbin
  • Soom Garam, Romantic Uyoo and Sosle
  • Souldoll Licht
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There are very few 1:6 scale BJDs out there, as I have been pissing and moaning about in the past. I have decided, therefore, to create the most comprehensive list of these hard-to-find specimens, which I will add to and update as necessary. While "All the 1:6 scale BJDs" is not technically an accurate title, it sure beats "Most of the 1:6 scale BJDs that represent kids older than toddlers, as well as adults, that are on-topic for DOA, excluding artist dolls outside the US."

First, a BJD is defined as a ball-jointed doll. For the purposes of this list, a BJD is a highly articulated doll made entirely of resin and strung with elastic through hollow body parts. It comes without rooted hair, so that wigs can be used. It also comes without painted eyes; instead, eyes must be bought separately and inserted in the eyewells. A BJD can be customized through the addition of faceup/body blushing, eyes, wig and clothing. A BJD’s resin body can also be modified subtractively by sanding/carving and additively with sculpting compounds.

Second, 1:6 scale is defined as the scale in which dolls are one-sixth of life-size, which means that an average adult male fig is ~30cm, an average adult female fig ~27cm.

Third, 1:6 scale means something very specific to me. It means that the BJD’s head and body represent realistic human proportions, which scales down to a 3 to 4inch head circumference and 6 to 8mm eyes. My criteria thus exclude BJDs like Tiny Bear’s Mini Moona and Planetdoll Riz, both of which have disproportionately large heads.

Fourth, I’m only interested in certain types of 1:6 scale. I am not interested in 1:6 scale toddler and very young child dolls, like Fairyland Pukipukis and Pukifees. There are scads of those running around. I’m interested in BJDs representing kids older than 6 or 8, teenagers, young adults, etc.: the more mature end of 1:6 scale. Anything 20cm and taller is fair game.

Fifth, in the case of both Bluefairy Pepper/Sugar dolls, Lumedoll Lumelights and Soom Faery Legends, there are so many sculpts that I'm not listing them all.

And now…the list. I’m going alphabetically by company, with information about sculpts, availability and links where possible.

EDIT: As of December 26th, 2013, I have moved this information to a public Google Sheets spreadsheet for easy use.
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This may seem incredibly obvious, but I have recently concluded that 1:3 is not my scale. Even though I have several 1:3 scale BJDs, they represent a deviation from my true interest, which is 1:6 scale.

I should just stop buying 1:3 scale BJDs.

Anyway, my interest in 1:6 scale BJDs conveniently reduces the scope of BJDs I'm interested in to just a few types of dolls by a few companies, including, but not limited to, the following: Soom Minigems and Faery Legends, Dollmore Kidults, Lumedoll Lumelights, Souldoll Soul Littles and Dinkies, Elfdoll Hanas and Doonas, Unoa Lights, Notdoll Yohimbin, Miriam and Lucy, Xagadoll Lara, Illusion Spirit Spirit, et hoc genus omne. Of course, said interest also frustrates me, as most of the companies in this sub-realm offer female dolls, but not male ones. [I love you, Lumedoll!]

As far as I'm concerned, 1:6 scale is superior to 1:3 scale because there's so much more available in terms of clothing, furniture, accessories, sets and stuff. It's also less expensive on the whole and much less of a space hog, so I can cram way more 1:6ers into the same shelf space that would only fit a few 1:3ers. 
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Mint on Card very nicely provided me with some pictures of a blank in-stock Xagadoll Lara. They said I could use them as long as I credited the pictures to MOC.
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My earlier plot of putting a Lumedoll Lucas [male] head on a Lumedoll fem body will not work for Mazzy, so he needs a different headsculpt. I may just get another Lumedoll Arine and paint it differently, emphasizing the link between Ellery and her muses by similarity of features. In that case, maybe Jessica should be an Arine as well with a small bust?

Dolls, updated

  • Ellery: Lumedoll Arine, large bust

  • Lucian: Lumedoll Lucas

  • Mazzy: Lumedoll Arine, large bust

  • Jessica: Lumedoll Elin, small bust, or Souldoll Jandi, or Souldoll Metel

  • Avery: ? [the doll formerly known as Cutey Honey?]

  • Kristin: ? [the doll formerly known as Cory?]

  • Melinda: ? [the doll previously appearing as Maybe?]

  • Jo: ? [the doll formerly known as AJ?]

  • MacKenzie: ? [the doll formerly known as Tamsin?]

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5 books resold
1 document box recycled
Total 5 riddances
Grand total 64 riddances

NOTE: I'm doing pretty well generating some extra money to cover Kathlen. Plus shipping, she was $231.50. I've done 2 Clarion reviews x $50.00 a review, so there's $100.00. I have also earned $58.58 so far from the sale of BJD items. [It would be more, but for damned Paypal fees.] Anyway, that's $158.58. I'm on the deck for at least 1 more Clarion review x $50.00 a review and 1 Kirkus Discovery review x $50.00 [less taxes] a review, so those two assignments should bring me up around the price of Kathlen.

About Absinthe -- as I mentioned earlier, she'll either be an Obitsu/resin hybrid, which will be cheap, or a hybrid of two types of BJD, which will be costlier. I did a lot of comparisons earlier this week and narrowed down potential resin body donors to the following:

Not Doll/Roxy Pandora/Miriam/Yohimbin. Pluses: Appropriate height, appropriate color, double-jointed arms. Minuses: Single-jointed legs, "droopy" headsculpt. [I might as well try to get another 1:6 kidsy out of this with a headsculpt that I like.]

Soul Doll Soul Little Jandi. Pluses: Beautiful sculpting, double-jointed arms and legs, cute headsculpt. Minuses: Not pale enough, a bit too tall, quite robust.

Orientdoll Joong. Pluses: Inexpensive. Minuses: Too short, just 20cm, no double joints, apparently not being made any more.

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The usual band of geeks suspects took over the usual conference room at the Burlington Public Library this afternoon to swap doll parts, stories and photos. Jennifer started off grumpy because she was wearing the aforementioned frilly dress with cherries, but Ivy had a box o' free shit from where she found a much more pleasing outfit, modeled below. Other loot I nabbed: a fuzzy pink sweater, a knitted shawl and a troll with pink hair to confiscate for Jennifer...not to mention the 1:3 bottle of Beck beer, this last from Barb!

Jennifer hung out with Jamie's OrientDoll Tae, Quaid, who is 40 cm to her 27. He's very realistically proportioned, and I can't wait to see his female counterpart! She also posed with Breck's Souldoll Kimmy, Puck, who is shorter and slenderer than she is. I like the 1:6 Souldoll BJD bodies better than Soom's; Souldoll's features are meatier and more realistic.

An informal survey on the way back to the T revealed that I'm not the only one who feels completely wiped out after meets. Steph, Jamie, Sam and Meg said that they all wanted to go to sleep afterward, despite the fact that we always part ways before dinner. Steph put it best when she said, "It's like you've been mainlining fun for 4 hours. Then you go home and can't stand any more fun!" Read more... )



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