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A minor character in a Monster High ep, Finnegan Wake [har!], is a mer dude who speeds everywhere, mowing people down, and behaves with a mixture of insouciance and recklessness. [He's referred to as Rider in this wiki, but it's clearly the same character.] He also uses a manual wheelchair.

Mattel had a chance to create a really cool character who had a visible disability, but was not defined thereby. Instead, what did they do? They defined him by his disability. As the ep Ready, Wheeling and Able shows, the main monsters recognize that he uses a wheelchair and assume that he's into sedate, sedentary activities. After some platitudes about not jumping to conclusions and letting people do what they want, the main characters realize that Finnegan is much more at home on the track [?]. He assures everyone that, if he needs help with anything, he'll let people know, and then he asks someone to light his wheels on fire so he can do a trick.

In summary, Finnegan may appear at first glance to be some sort of super awesome stereotype-busting character. However, his adrenaline junkie behavior just acts as a blatant, sweating insistence that he's INDEPENDENT and AUTONOMOUS and ATHLETIC and FULLY CAPABLE DAMMIT EVEN THOUGH HE'S IN A WHEELCHAIR. As an implicit contrast to wheelchair users as silent, passive, objectified characters, Finnegan hits the other extreme and, because he tries so hard not to end up like the stereotype, he ends up referring all the more pointedly to the stereotype itself. An anti-stereotype, made with the intention of compensating for the failures in the original stereotype, still reinforces the stereotype. We can see this in the description for his episode: "When Rider rolls into Monster High, the ghouls learn there's more to this wheelchair-bound new student body than meets the eye." Yup, even though Mattel has strained mightily to progressively depict a character in a wheelchair, they still think he's bound to his chair, forever immobilized.

Finnegan also drives me up the wall because he's an inconsiderate, dangerous jerk. His ep introduces his character with a Finnegan-cam view of people diving out of his way as swerving and squealing noises occur. In other words, Finnegan barrels down the halls of Monster High at high speed, forcing people to yield the right of way. He seems to forget that he's not the only one in the universe with a mobility impairment. For just one example, zombies like Ghoulia and Slo-Mo walk with much more difficulty than most people, but apparently Finnegan doesn't care; he'll just run them over because going fast is cool! Nah, he's just an ass...
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I never gave a detailed description of Hattie, the scorpion therianthrope who attended the mini universe's Xmas party last year. I'm not sure if she's mostly human, but with a scorpion tail, like Soom Vesuvia, or if she's half-human, half-scorpion, like Impldoll Colin. If they're like Impldoll Colin, do they have claws and pincers?

EDIT: Okay, I just checked. Apparently the scorpion therianthropes are more along the lines of Impldoll Colin, although I didn't specify whether they had pincers and/or claws. If I want to make a digital version of Hattie [which I do], I'll have to purchase a scorpion and modify it to be a lower body for a therianthrope.

As an aside, I notice that Impldoll's sculpting has become more refined over the years, but I think their sculptors still struggle to find a signature style. The sculpts and concepts, especially of the Star and Idol lines, smack strongly of Iplehouse to me.
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Check out all their neat prototypes! Here is a 1:12 scale doll, 15cm of 3D printed voluptuousness. And here are some 1:6 scale, 3D printed dolls, one of which I WANT.

Over in the therianthropic category, we have an angel [scale unknown] with articulated feathers on her wings. We also have Fantasy Girl, who has swappable therianthropic parts, including a human form, a satyr form [horns, pointy ears, clawed hands, hooves] and a mermaid form [webbed hands and articulated tail].

I'll be watching this company. I love their designs.
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As I may have mentioned earlier, certain types of therianthropic dolls are not allowed in the house. Janna has an aversion to some animals, and I do not want to upset her with hybrids containing features of these non-human animals. The list of prohibited creatures is as follows:
  • arachnids [both spiders and scorpions]
  • snakes
  • insects
Of all the off-limits animals, I most regret the absence of arachnid therianthropes amongst my small populations. Soom has a scorpion therianthrope, Vesuvia, with a lovely pointy and pouty face, platform stiletto heels with stingers and articulated scorpion tail. I've also previously lusted after Doll Chateau's recent release, Elizabeth, a spider girl. But these are not to be.

That said, all other therianthropic dolls are welcome. I even checked with Janna to see if my latest concept for Tonsil Hockey Part Two, the Medusa raver girl, would be objectionably snaky. She said that snakes on a doll's head do not bother her as much as a doll with the lower half of a snake. So...assuming I have the funds next week after my pay check, I hope to purchase Tonsil Hockey The Sequel and work her up into my kinky snaky raver.

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Known for their stylized, sculptural dolls that are frequently scrawny and guaranteed to provoke strong, divided responses, Doll Chateau again comes out with something really unusual and supremely cool. This time it's an arachnid girl, Elizabeth, with a human torso joined to a spider's lower half. She has two arms and six spider legs. Like the extra-elongated dolls that DC has recently issued, she has an exaggeratedly tall neck with an extra ball joint toward the top, and all her fingers are articulated at the base. She's amazingly cool. I wonder if that body could be adapted for 1:6 scale use.
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Asleep Eidolon is now taking preorders for a 1:6 scale mature mermaid BJD! Comes with male or female torso with double-jointed elbows, faceup, eyes, fin ears, shell top, 2 tail fin options, 2 wing options [wings?!] and a whole lotta cuteness.

brb buyin a mermaid
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I just got the idea this morning to combine two of my current BJD interests into one doll: IOS Infernale head + mermaid body. The challenge would be procuring a mermaid body, as no company, I think, offers open edition mer bodies EDIT: in 1:3 scale.

EDIT: Planet Doll offers open edition mer bodies, but they are only in the 27 and 42 cm scales, not 1:3 scale, which is what I need.

EDIT: Peapod Doll offers open edition mer bodies, but only in the 27cm scale.
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Check out Loongsoul's Gong Gong! This marvelous dude comes in light grey resin and has a loooooong tail that puts him at 166cm from top of head to tip of tail fin. He also has optional hip fins, sculpted scales and fins on his arms and torso and clawed hands. He has the option of a pointy-eared head without long fangs and one with. He comes with wigs, eyes, faceup [optional], armor, spear and resin stand that looks like a spray of water. He is amazing, and he is also unfortunately a limited edition whose preorder has already closed. Whhhhhhaaaaa!
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Souldoll puts out some amazing stuff these days. Their Souloid line, a series BJDs with robotic elements in their design, is especially cool. It started off about two years ago with Iraki, a 43cm male doll with robotic lower torso, pelvis, legs and feet. All Souloid releases have been in this scale until now, with the introduction of Kowalski and Billian, 70cm males.

The larger Souloids' design represents an imaginative departure from the usual. These dudes have full robo-bodies [except their human heads], as well as tails, vespertilian wings and three sets of arms apiece with articulated fingers. With all that weight up top, I'm surprised that they can stand alone, but their tails are probably acting as struts. :p Given the extra resin in the multiple arms, it's no wonder that they cost $1,200.00 naked and unpainted. [With all options and s/h to the US, you could be paying ~$2,100.00!]

Kowalski and Billian amaze me. Their concepts take two popular design elements -- therianthropes and cyborgs -- and merge them successfully. Their detailed body sculpting accurately suggests mechanical components, while their unusual bodies are feats of successful engineering. Their angular headsculpts effectively combine an angular, robotic look with the expressive humanity shown in so much of Souldoll's work.

I used to think that Soom innovated the most in BJD concepts and design, but, of the major companies, I now see that the title of most creative must be given to Souldoll. I love Soom. However, their Monthly Dolls now contain a dull, repetitive succession of therianthropic features. Even the Faery Legend line, which, I think, hit a peak around Azur, Aenigma, Kremer, Cylin and possibly Metato, has been really uneven lately. By contrast, Souldoll continues to add [and then retire] a variety of sculpts, as well as a variety of androgynous, frilly, over-the-top outfits. Their Tarot line, though uneven, deserves credit for an original concept and some truly cool executions, and their Souloids are just plain awesome! Go Souldoll!

I really wish they'd bring back their 1:6 scale Soul Littles, though. :'(

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Soom is having another one of its lottery sales for stock that was ordered, but never fully paid off. One of the items you can put in for is a Faery Legend Azur Big Sea Sprite, siren version, which means he has a mertail. Gonna put in for him and make him a mermaid because I've long wanted a 1:6 scale one. ^_^
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My previous list of wants included Soom Auber, Soom Cylin and Lumedoll Koit in tan. I have now acquired Soom Auber [= Timonium] and a tan Lumedoll Koit elf head, so there's two of three old wants satisfied. New list:
  • Soom Faery Legend Cylin. There are still quite a few of her available on the DOA marketplace for reasonable prices.
  • Soom Faery Legend Asis. Skijump nose!!! ^_^
  • Dollmore Kidult Melissa Hon. Been wanting her for years, but have never found her on the secondary market. Wah wah.
  • A mer-BJD. Either one of Asleep Eidolon's 1:3 scale ones or a custom-made 1:6 scale one with parts from Soom Wave/Soda.
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The Monster High character Arachne's Daughter appeared as an option in a popularity contest during the 2011 San Diego Comic Con. Mattel showed prototypes of several MH dolls and asked voters to choose their favorite, which would then be commercially produced. Sadly, Arachne's Daughter lost...but Elizabeth Jr. just sent me word that Arachne's Daughter will be an exclusive at this year's Comic Con! Nifty! She is the only MH doll I would consider getting, although she would definitely need a repaint...and possibly a rehair.
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December Diamonds makes painted, glitter-encrusted ornaments of resin, including a wide selection of mermaids and mermen. They would sell extremely well in Provincetown, especially since most of the merdudes look like they're about to strip. I like how they're clearly sculpted with a certain level of realism and a sense of humor. There's a definite queer sensibility at work here. Simply faboo!
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I really like Asleep Eidolon's 1:3 scale mer-BJDs. They're really expensive, though! Maybe I can get one off the secondary market.
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Now that I'm an accomplished [hah hah] maker of 1:6 scale fat dolls from 1:3 scale toddler BJDs, I perk up whenever I see mermaid parts from Soom Wave and Soda Sea Elves on the DOA marketplace. As Teenie Gems, they are the 1:3 scale toddlers of the Soom Gem line. I could very easily splice a 5StarDoll tiny torso with the Soom Wave/Soda mer-parts and have a FAT MERMAID!!!!

I'm regretting that I passed on the Soom Faery Legend merdude Azur, so I might create my own 1:6 scale mermaid BJD to hang out with the other fairies.

EDIT: There's also the option of buying a Planetdoll Mini Aqua and plopping on a truly 1:6 scale head, but I have a hard time getting over how the tail starts below the crotch. No, merfolk do not have human genitalia and excretory systems!

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If I ever want to execute my mecha siren concept that I was going to use for Lura, I can always do it with this little therianthropic cutie by Silverbeam, an Etsy shop owner who uses a combination of digital sculpting and 3-D printing on demand to create 1:12 scale BJDs. She also offers several other therianthropic BJDs, but I am surprised that there are no merpeople, snake people or centaurs. There is, however, a design-your-own option from which you could easily get the therianthropic mini BJD of your choice.
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and no new Faery Legend in sight, I foresee two possible options:
  1. Soom is lying, and they're never going to release that doll.
  2. Even if they do have a Faery Legend for December, there is no possible way that it could be as stupendous as Anna...unless it has both mermaid tail and centaur body options.

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Soom's Xmas Event [discounted, unassembled kits] encompasses all dolls released between November 1st and December 31st this year, including limited editions. Since they have been releasing a Faery Legend every other month and the last was Asis in October, they should be offering a new Faery Legend in December that will qualify for the Xmas Event.

It would be great if they coughed up a mini centaur [either sex] or a mini mermaid. They supplied us with a merman, Azur, last August, but we're still waiting for his female counterpart.


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These 1:6 scale porcelain ball-jointed mermaids by Orenda Doll are very engaging. Since Soom does not seem to be releasing a 1:6 scale Faery Legend mermaid any time soon, these look reallllly tempting.

Awwww, a little mermaid... )

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Piposdoll pioneered the development of anthro [bipedal non-human animal] BJDs with a bunch of cats a few years ago. I'm really not interested in most anthro BJDs, as they tend to look way too cute to be easily identifiable as their source animal. I must admit, however, that Pipos' ball-jointed frogs are pretty neat. In a divergence from the roly-poly & fuzzy features of most anthro BJDs, Pipos BJFs :p have the bug-eyed, lumpy heads and suction-cup digits associated with frogs. I also like the fact that they don't look particularly thrilled.

I'd be way more interested in anthro BJDs if we got more non-fuzzy, non-roly-poly anthros. I'm talking birds, lizards, dinosaurs, arachnids, insects, amphibians. A little red spotted salamander, for instance, would be awesome.
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Daisy Dayes just came out with Elise, a 17cm high centaur BJD available for preorder at She's thin and delicate, with oversized hooves and remarkable stability. Oh, I really want her; I've wanted one of Daisy Dayes' little centaur creations ever since she started making them individually. The only thing keeping me from dropping $350.00 on her is that I just spent more than that on Lola Paprika and her stuff.

But Lola Paprika needs a doll, right? Right...?Read more... )
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She still needs a white collar thing, her headdress painted white, a white veil, a chastity belt and her weapons, but she's on her way to being ass-kickingly and chastely awesome. Don't mess with someone who has such a stern expression. I really like this action figure because the facial sculpt clearly communicates a feline nature, even without ears or whiskers. At the same time, you can see a lot of grit, determination and personality in the sculpt. Captain Thunderpussy is an unusual and beautiful figure! [Well, at least her head is. As I mentioned before, I find Character Options' body disappointing.] Read more... )
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In LHF 2.1, "Homecoming Costumes," Anneka and Will consider what to wear. They have just heard that Anneka's grandmother, Minerva, is on her deathbed, so they must hurry up to Vermont to attend her. Unfortunately, if direct sunlight hits them, they, being undead, will burn up. Thus they turn to their extensive collection of fetish wear to find suitable cover-ups.

As they sort through their dress-up box, they try to alleviate their tension by clowning around. Will pretends that he's "Captain Thunderpussy, the kitty pirate nun!" Anneka says that his character is no match for "Tex the harem starlet cowboy!" Will's Captain Thunderpussy costume is a wimple, cat ears, an eyepatch and a cutlass. Anneka's Tex the harem starlet cowboy is a pair of bunny ears [lost in translation], a cowboy hat, a dancing girl veil, star-shaped sunglasses and a six-shooter.

CLEARLY I need a Captain Thunderpussy doll. Fortunately, there is a kitty nun doll who only needs piratization to complete her transformation into the character. Recently a 12" doll of a Dr. Who character, Novice Hame of the Sisters of Plenitude, was released. Novice Hame is a nun from a race of cat people, so, as you can see from this review, she looks like a bipedal humanoid cat in a wimple and full nun robes. She just needs an eyepatch, a cutlass and some more piratical flair to make her into Captain Thunderpussy.

The more I think about it, the more amusing it would be for Captain Thunderpussy to actually appear in LHF as an overbearing muse figure. Will obviously has a weird, pornographic, parodic imagination, but he keeps trying to write poetry. Maybe Thunderpussy ["That's CAPTAIN Thunderpussy to you, ya swab!!"] can point him in the direction of his true calling.

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After the great success of its original and striking series of monthly dolls inspired by zodiacal symbols, Soom has now created a mythical world with different zones pertaining to different elements and different doll characters as representatives from each zone. In practice, this means more dolls with limited, androgynous headsculpts, weird, fetishy outfits and therianthropic parts.

March's issue, Cuprit, illustrates Soom's smart capitalization on the most popular aspects of their previous monthly dolls. The Ice Queen character has pointy ears, horns, wings and hooves. The only thing that could make her even more desirable would be vampire fangs.

Though I hear some people grumbling about yet another doll with hooves, the majority of people interested in Cuprit are gushing with enthusiasm, even though her therianthropic parts have appeared on previous issues. Bravo, Soom. You know what sells, and you're making money while making a lot of doll owners very very excited. Cute goddess of death ahoy!! )
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Since Soom's earlier hooved/horned/winged dolls, Beryl [April, fem] and Sard [May, dude], attracted such universal squealing and wanking, the company wisely decided to release another highly desirable hooved/horned/winged doll for December and the sign of Saggitarius. Heliot has the added distinction of being a unicorn. Like almost all entries in the zodiac series, he has a petulant, androgynous face and a drapey, esoteric outfit.

I admire Heliot's headsculpt greatly, as I do with so many of Soom's mature sculpts. However, after my failed experiment with an 80 cm doll from Soom, I have realized that I do not have room for more than 3 1:3 dolls. Since Jareth, Frank and Sardonix aren't going anywhere, I have no room in my life for another large doll, except as an unattainable object that I admire.
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Well, normally, I don't follow BJD news much these days, but I'm ecstatic to see the news mentioned in the subject line. [Here's a product page which, as of yet, has nothing remotely resembling doll pictures on it.] Before this, all we had for commercially produced centaurs were the anatomically questionable [centaurs do not have 4 human feet!] Domadoll Kkotmus at about 12". Hopefully, Chiron [named after the wise teacher centaur, the only virtuous centaur in Greek mythology, yay!] will be a regular release, beginning a long line of therianthropic dolls including merfolk, general issue satyrs [as opposed to Soom's beautiful but limited ones], nagas, sirens, et hoc genus omne.

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Soom has been doing a series of unusual dolls with elaborate costumes, therianthropic body parts and accessories -- all inspired by signs of the zodiac. For August and the sign of Leo, they issued Io Windwalker, a hunter with a spear and lion-related accessories: a skirt trimmed with lion fur, a claw necklace and a maned headdress representing a lion's head. As you can see on the product page, Io lives up to Soom's usual standards of high quality. He's both a lithely sculpted, attractive doll and an original concept with an expert execution.
Follow the trail of the constipated werewolf. )
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Back in January, I mentioned that I was getting a custom 1:6 fig from Twigling. Horsegirl eventually arrived, but I didn't get around to taking pictures of her until today when I brought her to doll club. Everyone admired her sculpting and her digitigrade legs. As she traveled to and from Burlington in my tote bag, some of her paint chipped, so I'll have to bundle her more carefully if she goes out again. See her hanging out among the potted plants below. I named her Epona, the Roman goddess of horses!
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Several years back, Twigling made an equine girl custom CG 1.0/PB hybrid [I think] with articulated horse legs and a little tail and floppy horse ears and a custom dappled paint job. Now that Twigling is cleaning out her house, she is selling the horse girl to me. I haven't received her yet, but below you can see some pictures of the cuteness I will be receiving eventually. 

I like most the loose and messy aesthetic at work in her slightly uneven paint job, unhemmed clothes and uncombed hair. She looks like she's been running around on the moors. And see her little ears poking out from her hair? Also she has a smirk, which endears her to me. Not to mention her voluptuous, muscular thighs...



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