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Most of the time, there are just a few people on my bookshelf beside my chair: Janvier Jett, Submit, Araminthe and Sardonix.

They were recently joined by Zombieville denizens in various stages of completion: Béatrice, Chaz, Theophany, Novella and Absinthe, who is not an Zombieville citizen, but is hanging around because she is beautiful.

Because Me and My Muses is on hiatus and because I need the desk space for projects, I temporarily relocated the Me and My Muses people to this shelf as well, leaving only the fairies [Flower, Ginevra and Mellifer] and Jareth on my desk.

Here's a shot of the tiny hordes. I swear -- they multiply when I'm not looking. :p
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As I mentioned, I picked up a House of Lloyd Christmas Around the World door photo album recently. It came Friday, but I just got around to opening it today. it came padded with some foam that will be useful when I make some 1:6 scale pillows.

Here's the door after I yanked off a truly atrocious holiday wreath made out of resin and cleaned off the adhesive residue with isopropyl alcohol. The door itself is 13" tall and 7" wide. That grey thing underneath it is a 1:6 scale laptop acting as a shim until I figure out what to use permanently. It also needs a door handle.Read more... )

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I ordered some erasers from Coolzips, and they came yesterday. Absinthe, who is 27cm high, shows their scale. I like that the graphics are printed directly on the laptop and tablet erasers, even though the alignment isn't perfect. The bright colors appeal to me. I like the knockoff Ritz crackers! Strangely enough, they smell like vanilla.

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Just like yesterday. First, in an effort to whiten Novella's head, I stuck her in a shot glass of 70% isopropyl alcohol with a plastic bag rubber-banded over the top so the alcohol didn't escape. I soaked her from 6 PM last night to 1 PM this afternoon, then cleaned her off for 45 minutes with a melamine sponge.
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I know I've pissed and moaned about this before, but it irritates me to no end that the Asian BJD aesthetic requires fanatical devotion to every single detail.

God forbid you use your acrylics, watercolor pencils and brush-applied matte varnish to create a schematic, suggestive faceup. Nope nope nope! You have to go through this nitpicky, time-consuming process of waiting for appropriate temperature and humidity, spraying everything with extra super special sealant imported from Japan, then letting it dry, then applying a few brush daubs of delicately shaved pastel, letting it dry, etc., etc., etc.

While you're at it, you should be doing the eyebrows individual hair by individual hair with an expensive, microscopic brush...same with lines in the lips.

Let's say you want to mod your BJD: thin the neck, let's say. You can't just scrape it down to size with an X-acto, plop the head on and call it a day. What were you thinking?!! You have to smooth your rough shaping down with a series of successively finer sandpapers until no one can tell that you've done any work on the doll. We do not accept jerry-rigged solutions constructed with sweat and hot glue. We demand perfection in all areas.

Oh yeah, and if you want to make a hybrid BJD of a body from one company and a head from another and jointed hands, say, from a third, we'll be watching to make sure that you follow the correct protocols. First you have to ask online about proportions and fit because we can't have your doll being aesthetically offensive. We'll let you know if your proposed hybrid looks good enough.

Just as important as the proportionality of your hybrid is the hallowed concept of resin matching. You need to find out the relative colors of your hybrid parts. If your desired parts don't match perfectly in tone, you have two options. First, you can choose other options that do provide a perfect match. Second, you can do body blushing, which is like a faceup for non-facial parts [see excruciating process above], so that no one can ever tell that the hybrid parts were originally different colors. We do not allow BJD hybrids with "paper white" heads, "fresh white" hands and "beauty white" bodies to exist without their colors being evened out. Too many shades of white make us implode.

Guess what? My faceups involve no super special Japanese spray sealant whatsoever and, instead, lots of watercolor pencils, Prismacolors, acrylics and improvised tools [Q-tips, X-acto blades, toothpicks] to direct the pigment. Sometimes I haven't even bothered to seal the heads before scribbling directly on the resin. And then... I don't even wait for paint to dry. I use -- wait for it! -- a hair dryer.

My mods avoid sandpaper. I prefer instead to do exactly as much hacking with a craft knife or saw as is necessary to make the mod functional. It doesn't have to look nice; it just has to work.

As for resin matching, I don't really care. I mean, once I put a WS Elfdoll Kathlen head on an NS Soom Uyoo body [=Absinthe], and the world didn't end! Later, I stuck some NS Dikadoll jointed hands on an Angelsdoll massive girl in "Volks compatible normal" [=Janvier Jett], and the planet remained on its axis! Shortly after that, I decided to stick a rose grey Iplehouse Luna head on a B&G Dolls grey body [=Lura eventually], and the sky did not fall!

It's mind-blowing, isn't it? It's almost like there's another aesthetic option besides that of the minutiae-obsessed, anal-retentive facsimile of reality.
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There's a beautiful Soom Uyoo on the DOA marketplace now, and I waaaaaant her. Scratch my plans about having a Lumedoll Arine for my Muses protagonist and doing the faceup myself; this Uyoo is perfect.

I've long had a crush on Uyoo. I love her big eyes and her full lips. Her mouth always seem slightly open, as if she's about to speak.

I used to have one with a default Soom faceup that I loved; she was the first incarnation of Jennifer, but I sold her, which I shouldn't have done. I eventually got another to provide the body for Absinthe and the head for Little Anneka, but I never liked that one as much because she had a non-default faceup. This one currently on the MP has sweet, arched eyebrows and a delicately done mouth, very close to the default. WANT WANT WANT WANT.

EDIT: Inquired to see if she was still available. If all goes well, I will soon on the road to HELL, no turning back, since I'm now buying dolls for Me and My Muses.
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 My Alvin Ailey Barbie arrived today. As you can see in the first picture, she was allowed to keep her leotard top, but Absinthe claimed her full, fluffy skirt. Absinthe always makes me think of flowers and lace, which is odd, given that she's much more of an anise and wormwood girl.

The second picture shows how different two instances of the same headsculpt can look on different people. On the left, Shaniqua, a kind, cheerful, rather shy person who doesn't really like talking about how thin she is because she's naturally that way and she doesn't think it looks that good. On the right, Velvette, the sterner, more cynical person who can wither bullshit in its tracks and who comes across as tough and self-deprecating rather than just nice.

I love the Mbili headsculpt.  Read more... )

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Absinthe has two new dresses! One is a burgundy velvet gown with a horrendously large lace collar. It is from the Sentimental Valentine Barbie. I scored the outfit alone for ~$12.00 including shipping.

The other outfit is a blue dress with white collar and underskirt and wretched red bow detailing. It is from the Colonial Barbie. It was not one of my first choices, but it is simple, conservative and appropriate for Absinthe. I couldn't resist the price either: $8.60 including shipping.

I think the Pioneer Barbie outfit would be best for Absinthe, but the prices are currently a little steep. I'd like to get the whole package or just the outfit for <$15.00.

In other news, I have had no luck finding shoes for Junior, a Kelly-based doll. Kelly/Tommy shoes are difficult to find and to keep track of, which makes them disgustingly expensive on Ebay and also impossible to procure from my usual fellow doll-loving sources. I don't feel like spending a lot of money on a minor character, no matter how charming he looks.

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These are the traits of BJD faceups [paint jobs] valorized by the ABJD community on DOA: Read more... )
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I keep encountering problems when searching for clothes for Absinthe. I imagine that she wears clothes from the Victorian era, but all the Tonner Victorianish clothes that I want are expensive. I am left with 3 options:

Absinthe's white shift, which she came with. Good for a nightgown or running around in the house, but not formal wear.
Leonora's burgundy velvet dress, from Victorian Lady Barbie. Good for winter and formal portraits, but not spring/summer.
Justine's purple walking suit, from P.F. Albee Barbie. Good for spring/summer, but has been stretched to boobular proportions by Justine.

However, it is possible to find other Barbie-based Victorian fashions. For example, Barbie with Cedric Bear, a dressing gown and nightgown combo, can be purchased for ~$20.00, if one knows where to look on Ebay. Victorian Tea Barbie [the plastic one], a white summer outfit, can be purchased for between $20.00 and $30.00.  Same for Gibson Girl Barbie, a 1910s working woman's outfit. The Disney Mary Poppins Barbie, a very stylized white 1910s outing dress, can go for <$20.00. Sentimental Valentine Barbie, a dress for winter formals, has an outfit from the 1830s, more properly the period of Absinthe's adulthood, and she goes for well <$20.00. No one wants her.
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...Absinthe always rebelled with her tendencies both bluestocking and tomboyish.

In my search for appropriate clothing for Absinthe, I pillaged the Victorian Lady Barbie dress that originally was destined for Leonora. Even though it doesn't close all the way in the back, Absinthe wears it better, I think, though clearly with an unladylike air. Read more... )
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I'm poking around on, reading past issues of the Aln8bak News, the band's quarterly (?) newsletter. Each issue contains a column called "Say That in Abenaki." Here's a few things that I'm picking up from the January 2008 issue about greetings and good wishes:

(haa-oh): A general greeting, equivalent to "hello."

Kwai (k-why-ee): A more informal greeting or recognition of people nearby, equivalent to "hi" or maybe even "hey there."

Pedgi mina (pit-gee mee-nuh): Equivalent to "return again," maybe even "goodbye."

And my favorite...

Paakwin8gwezian (paa-kwe-n8-gwe-zee-ann): Equivalent to "long time no see," a greeting specifically for people who haven't been seen in a while.

The 8 is a nasal long o ["oh"] sound.

"Paakwin8gwezian" is what Absinthe says to Will after 100 years of separation. :D All things considered, such a greeting would probably come a bit more readily to her than "long time no see."

Over in the word search from the same issue, I find the following:

Yahi [yah hee]: An exclamation of joy, equivalent to "yahoo," "yay," "hooray," "yippee," etc.

There is a pronunciation guide in the October 2007 Aln8bak News.

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I went to Foxwoods Money Toilet Casino this weekend. I was very close to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Library, but did not go. I obviously need to investigate it further, as well as its blog. I wonder what resources the Pequot Museum has online. Absinthe is not a Pequot, but an Abenaki [Cowasuck], but I bet there's a lot of information in the Pequot Museum and Library about tribes of the Northeast, including the Abenaki.
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Side stories done and in progress
  • Janet, Velvette and Viktor
  • Absinthe [and Margie]
Side stories planned
  • Susie
  • Little Anneka
  • Little Will
Side stories that would definitely be really interesting!
  • Dom [and Geordie!]: how he got to Newton
  • Zinnia Pascale: how she became a zombie
  • Janet: how she got disgraced
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I got my Planet Doll Mini Riz today! I chopped a bit off the neck and narrowed it with the help of an Xacto knife. I also removed the disturbing cone-like breasts. Then I fit Absinthe's head atop the body, which is much yellower, but I don't care. She's about 10.5" tall, and I think she's beautiful! I may paint her neck and breast to blend with the pallor of her head, but, other than that, I wouldn't change her. Now she just needs some clothes, since her Planet Doll body is much more robust than the Obitsu body. All she currently has is her nightgown.  Read more... )
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I bought a Planetdoll Mini Riz off of DOAer tinybear. She will supply Absinthe's body, with a few minor complications.
  • First, the body is in normal skin [which has a peach undertone], and Absinthe is bleached white, so I'll have to paint the neck or something.
  • Second, the body's neck is thicker than Absinthe's neck hole, so I'll have to aggressively sand down the neck.
  • Third, the body has tiny, conical, disturbing breasts, which need to go the hell away. More sanding. I do not understand the presence of breasts on this doll. All other cues of proportion, body shape and fat placement suggest that Mini Riz represents a child or young teenager who has not yet pubesced. Why does she have breasts?!
Anyway, I got my Riz for $200, which includes dolly, eyes, wig, faceup, dress and insured shipping with tracking. That's an unbeatable price. Ideally, I would have liked a white one to match Absinthe's head, but I couldn't resist the tinybear fur wig, which will be repurposed for Little Will. This Riz also comes with a charming, lightly done set of freckles that I really like. She also comes with this white shift that tinybear made, which will be very helpful as an interim outfit [and old-fashioned nightgown!] as I attempt to find out what clothes will fit Absinthe's new body.

I'm eagerly looking forward to the Mini Riz body for Absinthe. From what I can tell, it will pose expressively, even without wiring. [Look -- she's touching her face!] I really hope so. As a bonus, the body comes with an adorable headsculpt full of character. The head is currently unassigned, but I am sure I can make good use of it.....

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Geordie: 6 in., 15.24 cm.
Little Will: 7.8 in., 19.81 cm.
Susie: 7.8 in., 19.81 cm.
Little Anneka: 8 in., 20.32 cm.
Margie: 9.4 in., 23.88 cm.
Davry: 9.8 in., 24.89 cm.
Absinthe: 10.4 in., 26.42 cm.
Chow: 10.4 in., 26.42 cm.
Tituba: 11.3 in., 28.7 cm.
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I have 3 Elfdoll Kathlen faceplates [no thanks to the USPS, which ATE my fourth >: ], but only 2 head backs. In my search for a third [for Little Will so that Submit can have hers back], I noted that DOAer misa1 was selling a Roxydoll Miriam head. The head back of the Miriam head resembles the head back of the Kathlen head, so I think that I can jam Little Will's face plate and the Miriam head back together to create a better head that the squishy plastic head back I currently have for Little Will.

That leaves me with an unused Miriam face plate.

In other BJD news, Little Will still needs an appropriate wig, and Absinthe still needs an appropriate body.

In BJD wishes, I'd really like to get a Fairyland Puki Singing Piki faceplate for Geordie. Hell, I'd really like to replasticate her as an entirely resin BJD, Fairyland Puki Singing Piki...

...And, while I'm REALLY dreaming, I'd also like Elfdoll's Doona Ryung just because she looks so mature and pissy.

I feel like I'm starting a Home for Unwanted 1:6 BJDs here. I started off with my 2 cut-rate Kathlens from Dolls and Friends' going-out-of-business sale, then continued with a tanned Lucy who'd been on the DOA marketplace for a while. Now here comes the Miriam head, which is one of maybe 3 Miriams on DOA, and I was the only one who showed any interest in her.
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She might, according to DOAers. If that's so, then that's an even greater incentive to get such a body for Absinthe, since I really like the Agnes Dreary clothing.
  • Minor Conundrum outfit [unfortunately comes with doll] has a bit of a fetish edge.
  • Dreary Dinner Doldrums [unfortunately comes with doll as well] looks like it's made out of spider webs spun from dried blood.
  • Recess in the Cemetery is nice and serious and subdued, but I think that the lace collar and cuffs detract.
  • Naughty or Nice [dammit -- a doll] would be great formal wear.

While I've got an interest in Tonner 12-incher clothes, I might also note that Marley, Alice, Lyra, Dorothy and Gerda are the same size. Do they have anything interesting??
  • Alice's Victorian Stripes [unfortunately comes with doll] is just beautiful.
  • Marley's Upstate Weekend is good for climbing trees.
  • Lyra's Lyra at Oxford outfit is simple and practical.
  • Lyra's Svalbard outfit contains a glorious clash of patterns and textures, not to mention an awesome parka.
  • Gerda's outfit is simple and practical and subdued.

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...If you hang in there until the end of the second week of April, and everything's copacetic after that, you will be rewarded with many beautiful things...such as, quite possibly, a 1:6 spray bottle [see bottom of the page] and a body for Absinthe [with bonus head!]. Now go back to work.
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I used my magnifying glass and my macro setting on my camera to take a portrait of Absinthe. This is how she sits on my desk, her head bent, her voluminous hair obscuring her closed, inward-turned face and shy, thoughtful smile. She turned out exactly the way I wanted her to [except for her damn plastic body]. Read more... )
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My shitty temporary one, a 27cm Obitsu with hacked legs, barely fits her old-fashioned bloomers. She looks fine with clothes on, but the poor quality of her plastic body underneath her clothes bothers me.
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Round 1 was when she was an action fig head on a cut-down Toy Biz body. Round 2 was when she was an Elfdoll Kathlen head on an Obitsu 27cm torso with Obitsu 23cm legs. Since the large torso and the small legs didn't fit together very well, I got her a whole new Obitsu 27cm body with the intent to cut down the legs to an appropriate length. After all, I have experience doing so in the form of Geordie.

I'm currently stumped, though, since the Obitsu 27cm, despite its appropriate scrawniness elsewhere, possesses comparatively thunderous thighs. But Absinthe, being 13 when she died, is not supposed to have any curves. There's no way to get rid of the thunderous thighs unless I swap out her pelvis and legs for those from ANOTHER doll. Maybe a Volks EB Dollfie boy? Part of me just wants to get her a resin body, preferably Planetdoll Mini Riz'.

Right now she's in pieces as I try to construct a body for her. I am unhappy that one of my favorite characters is in pieces. After the many frustrations I am going through to make her, I am making her a primary character, just to get back as much blood, sweat and tears as I put into her.

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At 27cm, with a proportionate head, she is perfectly 1:6 for a prepubescent or barely pubescent girl. The sculpt is full of character and delightful details, such as the protuberant ears, the serious mouth, the swayback spine, the chubby legs and slightly oversize hands and feet. I wonder if Absinthe's head would fit on that body?
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That's the kind of offer I can get behind. Amazon keeps offering me a $30.00 credit if I get an Visa card, so, since I was feeling like acquiring things without spending money today, I tossed a P.F. Albee Barbie and an Only Hearts Club outfit in my cart. With shipping, my total came to $29.09, which means that these purchases will end up not costing me anything.

The P.F. Albee Barbie commemorates a door-to-door Avon rep precursor who was active in the fin-de-siecle period. She comes in a beautiful lavender walking suit for respectable sales calls. Into this outfit I intend to jam the portly Justine. Wish me luck.

The OHC outfit, a blindingly pink jogging suit, will be divided up among my small characters, such as Susie, Little Anneka and Absinthe. Poor Susie...Her lightweight and very slender Obitsu body makes her look hunchbacked and cadaverous, despite her chubby little face. Maybe she needs some plastic surgery this weekend. I tried to bulk her up with a turtleneck under her sweatshirt, but she still looks fragile.


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Absinthe, Submit and the antique girl went to doll club today, but I didn't take any pictures. The antique girl did, however, get some more appropriate hair, thanks to two members, Judy, who supplied the fuzzy fabric, and Anne Marie, who quickly sewed me a simple wig. I gave Absinthe a braided headband this evening to keep her hair out of her eyes. As for Submit, well, she still thinks she's the awesomest thing ever! Kathlen-based dolls below. )
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Here we go. Lucretia Maria Davidson (1808-1825) was one of the Beautiful, Virtuous, Dead Teen Poets I was talking about earlier. Margaret Miller Davidson (1823-1838), Lucretia's younger sister, was another. Margaret Jr. was named after her mother, Margaret Sr. (1787-1844), who acted as teacher, agent and career manager for both daughters, who, depressingly enough, she outlived. All three of them exploited and were further elevated by the aforesaid Soggy Cult of Tuberculosis, which romanticized the disease that both LMD and MMD Jr. died from. Seriously, there was a whole strain of early Romantic thought linking death by tuberculosis with great sensitivity, poetic skill and tragic beauty.

Interesting information and commentary about these individuals can be found in the following places:

Robert Southey, then the British poet laureate, wrote a very laudatory article (1827) in The Quarterly Review that gave the Soggy Cult more gushing power, but I can't find a copy of it online.

The Poetical Remains of the Late Lucretia Maria Davidson (1857) contains poems by LMD, but, more pertinent to our investigation into the Soggy Cult, a short dedication by MMD Sr. to Washington Irving, in which MMD Sr. reconstructs LMD's life so that it might conform to the lineaments of the Soggy Myth. There is also a very long biographical sketch by Catharine Marie Sedgwick that appears to draw on familial reminiscences, unpublished poems and LMD's letters. Amid the constant tendency to romanticize LMD, there appear many interesting details of her everyday life as a middle-class girl of the very early 1800s. These details are very important! Oh yeah, there's also some poetry in there.

Biography and Poetical Remains of the Late Margaret Miller Davidson (1850) contains poems by LMD's sister, MMD Jr. In service of the Soggy Cult, Washington Irving wrote a long biography, ostensibly of MMD Jr., but also encompassing much about MMD Sr., who provided the notes on which the biography is based, and also about LMD, who of necessity enters into any discussion about the MMDs.

"Margaret Miller and Lucretia Maria Davidson" (1850) represents Edgar Allan Poe's critical response to the Soggy Cult's libations of praise for LMD and the MMDs. He thinks Sedgwick and Irving too effusive in their evaluation of LMD and MMD Jr. Apparently, Poe will employ the tropes of the Soggy Cult for horrific effect in his fiction, but he has no use for it in real life.
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I need books about life in the Boston metro area in the early 1800s, which is when Absinthe was active. I find a plethora of material about Puritan Boston [when Ethan was active], witchcraft Boston [when Tituba was active], late Victorian Boston [when Will was active] and 20th century Boston [when Materyllis was active], but I have a huge gap in my historical knowledge, except for Fire and Roses, by Nancy Lusignan Schultz, which is the story of how Absinthe's school, a convent school run by Ursuline nuns in Charlestown [now Somerville!], was burned by anti-Catholic rioters in 1834.

I think I need to find some of those soggy Romantic reports of the two young women who were poets in the early 1800s and who lived and died in Plattsburgh, NY. The lavish detail surrounding their portrayal, lives, deaths and poetry gives me a primary-source sense of the Romantic Cult of Tuberculosis, a disease that strongly affected Absinthe's life. [She died of it.]
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So I'm getting another Kathlen from Dolls & Friends. No one seems to be buying her [except me], though the price has hit rock-bottom, and she's so adorable. I felt sorry for the unpurchased Kathlens and yearned after them, mostly because the open-eyed face reminds me of a more mature Submit. Thus I made an offer to Dolls & Friends so low that I didn't think they would accept it, but they did, so another is coming my way, along with some miscellaneous Rement cosmetics and bakery items!

Anyway, each Kathlen comes with 1 body, 1 head back and 2 face plates. 1 head back + 1 sleeping face plate went to Absinthe. Since she is on an action fig body, I have 1 open-eyed face plate + 1 Kathlen body left over. I'm not sure what to do with the leftovers; they might become a Very Young Will, or they might become an original character. Anyway, I dressed the extra Kathlen and gave him/her the open-eyed face just to see what he/she would look like. Antique girl with purple eyes below. Awwwww....Read more... )
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While trying to banish several fur wigs from my life, I reexamined the pictures I took of Jennifer modeling them. The pictures are not that great because she has a little peanut head, so most of the wigs are too big on her. Nevertheless, I was struck by the glowing contrast of her electric blue eyes with her milk-colored skin. She photographs very well in full-spectrum light, and I should take more pictures of her.

I finished my reincarnation of Absinthe last night. You can't see, but she has a pair of jeans on that are the perfect height and width for her size. [She is 23 cm.] The jeans have no label, but I strongly suspect that they are Bratz Boyz clothes, which means that I have a character who can fit into Bratz clothes! She does not like Bratz girl clothes, though, so I have to find her some schlumpy casual wear among the Bratz Boyz stuff.

Speaking of Bratz Boys, I need to get some Bratz Boyz shoez and some screws. Then I will drill the screws up into the ankles of some of my dolls who don't have feet [a surprising number], and they can have shoes! Unfortunately, Bratz Boys stuff is not as easy to find as the girl stuff.
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So basically she's an action figure with a resin head. The thing I like best about her headsculpt is the small serene smirk.Picture below. )
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I made Absinthe a headcap out of plastic wrap and tape. Last night and tonight I glued wefts of white mohair to it. Here is the untrimmed result. I don't think I'll trim it, but I do need to get it out of her face. She looks so serene and wild, which is good, because both those traits are aspects of her character. Picture below. )
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Here's a mock-up of how I want Absinthe to look. I pasted a picture of her sleeping head onto a picture of old Absinthe, who has the type of hair that I want. She looks so sweet!

I decided to make Absinthe a hybrid with the Kathlen head and an Obitsu body. I'll order it tomorrow; tonight I need some sleep!Absinthe mock-up below cut. )

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Kathlen arrived today! She's such a cutie. Her head is perfect for Absinthe's upgrade, especially the serene sleeping face. However, Kathlen's body is much too short. Below, Kathlen stands in a line-up with some of the shortest LHF characters with my 1:6 Frank for comparison. From left to right, they are Kathlen, Susie, the old version of Absinthe, Davry, Little Will and then Frank [not an LHF cast member]. I'd like Absinthe's upgrade to be shorter than Little Will.Fascinating line-up below. )
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5 books resold
1 document box recycled
Total 5 riddances
Grand total 64 riddances

NOTE: I'm doing pretty well generating some extra money to cover Kathlen. Plus shipping, she was $231.50. I've done 2 Clarion reviews x $50.00 a review, so there's $100.00. I have also earned $58.58 so far from the sale of BJD items. [It would be more, but for damned Paypal fees.] Anyway, that's $158.58. I'm on the deck for at least 1 more Clarion review x $50.00 a review and 1 Kirkus Discovery review x $50.00 [less taxes] a review, so those two assignments should bring me up around the price of Kathlen.

About Absinthe -- as I mentioned earlier, she'll either be an Obitsu/resin hybrid, which will be cheap, or a hybrid of two types of BJD, which will be costlier. I did a lot of comparisons earlier this week and narrowed down potential resin body donors to the following:

Not Doll/Roxy Pandora/Miriam/Yohimbin. Pluses: Appropriate height, appropriate color, double-jointed arms. Minuses: Single-jointed legs, "droopy" headsculpt. [I might as well try to get another 1:6 kidsy out of this with a headsculpt that I like.]

Soul Doll Soul Little Jandi. Pluses: Beautiful sculpting, double-jointed arms and legs, cute headsculpt. Minuses: Not pale enough, a bit too tall, quite robust.

Orientdoll Joong. Pluses: Inexpensive. Minuses: Too short, just 20cm, no double joints, apparently not being made any more.

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Sadly, Dolls and Friends is closing early in December, so the U.S. loses another reseller of Asian BJDs. Happily for me, all remaining stock is deeply discounted, so I got Elfdoll Kathlen, a 20cm BJD with 2 faceplates [awake and asleep], outfit, eyes and wig, for $221.00 without shipping.  Her original price was $340.00, so that's 35% off. Picture from D&F and more details below )
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I ordered last night from War Toys, and they're shipping out the order today! Wow, that was quick.

I ordered a nude Hermann Miller for Davry's body. It's an 11" DiD body that's supposed to be a young boy. I'll have to hack out the upper arms, upper legs and torso in order to make a convincing example of a person with achondroplastic dwarfism. As a bonus, the Hermann head that comes with the body is attractive, possibly usable in future for another character.

I also ordered a nude US Navy EOD by Soldier Story for Sibley. He looks prissy and disapproving [it's the mouth], which is how I always imagine Sibley: better than you and cognizant of it. Poor Sibley...He irritates me so much as a character that I don't want to have a doll of him, but I have scenes planned involving him, so I need him. He'd better stop acting like a dipstick soon, or else he'll antagonize the entire cast. Wait...he already did.

I also ordered some atrocious clothes for Will, including a tropical print shirt, a white mesh tank top and an olive tank top. I think I ordered some normal jeans too.

My wife is helping me order Chow's body and a jukebox for my 1:6 Nightcrawler. I should work on dolls tonight, sculpting Chow's hair and taking some pictures of Absinthe, who is now done, and my 1:6 scenery in progress.

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As I am recreating the LHF cast in 1:6, I, of course, want to make their plastic avatars as accurate to their likenesses as possible in terms of build, relative height and general proportion. I don't have a problem with anyone over 18, since I can use CGs/PBs for the women and DMLs/Obitsus/BBIs for the men. I do, however, have a problem finding good, highly articulated bodies for children. Obitsu bodies are very flexible, but slight and frail in build, which means that they usually look out of proportion with the fashion doll/action fig heads I'd like to use for my kid dolls. What do I do?
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Damn you, Soom! Why do you have to make Uyoo so adorable? I'm gonna get a Romantic one eventually...her eyes will be much more proportionate to her head. It's such a young, attractive, expressive sculpt. With the slightly parted lips, she looks ready to speak. She's one of my favorite dolls.

Coming eventually to Love Has Fangs, it's Absinthe Lefebvre, ex-sadist and the vampire who made Will... She's a Soom Romantic Uyoo head [paper white, of course] with the default Angel Uyoo faceup on a Limwha ToYou body. Maybe she'll fit into all those Gothy Bratz clothes that I keep pining after...? Read more... )



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