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You may recall that I recently purchased a Phicen Military Fun action figure, with which I was pretty disappointed because it was neither military nor fun. I therefore decided to make her into a bash that, for me, would actually connote "military" and "fun." [Please note: No actual military facts were used in the making of this kitbash. Please don't tell me that anything is inaccurate. :p ] Here she is! [Yes, indeed, she does owe a great debt of inspiration to Takara CG Kat!]

Millie is a Phicen Military Fun head on a Takara CG 1.0 body with Phicen Military Fun hands on Takara CG 2.0 wrist pegs. She is wearing a Takara CG Aska fishnet bodysuit with a Takara CG Kat camo vest over that. Her shorts are custom from SithLord McGyver. Her boots are from the Phicen Military Fun figure, while her garrison cover is from Hot Toys' Sucker Punch Amber. Her ridiculously large gun is courtesy of Ronnie of fuzzheadquarters.
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Phicen is a maker of 1:6 female action figures and clothing, known for their "seamless" body, in which most of the articulation hides underneath a flexible skin. They are currently selling a figure called Military Fun which proves, without a doubt, that their designers have weird senses of humor.

Military Fun, shown here on Phicen's company site, consists of a seamless Caucasian female figure body with a blond headsculpt that looks vaguely like Scarlett Johansson. Her brown tube top and miniskirt are apparently too small to contain her white underwear. She also has thigh-high, lace-up, bright green boots and a trench coat that matches her top and skirt. Nothing about this get-up screams "Military!" to me, much less "Fun!"

A quick glance at Phicen's other products shows that their target audience likes pretty faces, long hair, big boobs, realistic poseability, revealing outfits and extremely high heels.

Okay, I can play this game.

Here's my concept for a surefire bestselling Military Fun: headsculpt with noted similarity to current actress of the moment, long hair, seamless body with extra large bust and standard poseability, camo midriff-baring low-cut bolero top, camo short shorts, thigh-high green fishnets, big stompy black leather boots, some sort of hat, goggles [because goggles are cool], fingerless gloved hands AND LOTS OF GUNS. Or maybe just ONE BIG GUN, like a Gatling assault cannon, or whatever the hell Cy Girl Destiny's big honkin' piece was. Maybe some grenades and bombs too. Don't forget the harnesses and holsters! There -- instant sell-out!

See -- I know my audience! :p

That being said, I find Military Fun hilarious, which is why I purchased her. [Also she was only $60.00 at SithLord MacGyver's, and when was the last time you got a complete figure with painted, haired head, body, alternative hands, clothes and shoes/bootfeet for <$90.00? No, you old farts, I'm not talking about the glory days of the early millennium when you could buy Cy Girls for $30.00. I'm talking about modern times.] And I like her head...and her long green boots.

I haven't purchased a new 1:6 action figure in YEARS. This'll be my first Phicen and first seamless body too. I'll definitely report back when I get her!
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I thought fer sure that the PB body or the articulated Barbies would be the first things to go from my updated sales list, but no. In fact, someone pounced on the bag of Barbie, Obitsu and Cy Girl body parts that I've had sitting around for years, just waiting for the occasion [= never] when I want to try some body bashing. Well, Godspeed, my friend. At least I don't have to throw them out.

I guess this just proves the old saw: "One man's trash is another man's prune Danish." Huh.
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I got my pink-headed Harumika today and promptly named her Bering Lusk. She's quite imperious [hence the quote from David Bowie's Within You, from Labyrinth], even with her limited articulation. However, she willingly donned an an42 creation made for a larger doll and allowed herself to be shot in the dying sun.Read more... )

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The first Cy Girl I picked up, back in 2001, was A.J. Mcleod. Her pale, melancholy face and brown hair reminded me of Jennifer Connelly as Sarah, but AJ looked more intelligent because her mouth was closed. I've loved and used the CG02 headsculpt [appearing on A.J., Blaze, Shadow and Destiny] many times in my collection, but, after customizing my last, I have no stock examples of this beautiful head. A fellow MWDer is selling me a MIB AJ, though, so I can enjoy her pure, unalloyed beauty as the second part of my "congratulations-I-successfully-moved" present to myself. I'll leave this one untouched, though I'll certainly change her clothes. I find AJ's default outfit uninteresting.

P.S. If anyone wants to send me more congratulatory gifts because I successfully moved, comment here, and I will E-mail you my new address. :D :D
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I painted Sophie's eyes black this evening in an effort to make her features stand out a bit more. What do you think I should do to her lips to make them more visible? In these pictures, she's meeting Ebru, my YNU Group Mixi Houda, who has a new hat. Both of them are wearing an42 dresses!Read more... )


Aug. 24th, 2010 06:19 pm
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Here is my latest 1:6 acquisition. She is a Comic Con 2003 special edition silver Cy Girl. Even though she was produced in small numbers, she's still available from Echobase Toys, who sold her to me for <$30.00 including shipping. There are only two unusual things about her: first, her color, and, second, her headsculpt, which, as far as I know, was used only on the Comic Con exclusives [there was a gold one too], but not on any flesh-colored dollies. Made completely of silver plastic [except for her joints, which are whitish], Sophie, as I have named her, is very difficult to take pictures of. She has the opposite problem of Velvette, my darkest doll, who swallows light; Sophie, instead, reflects everything. Forthwith, some photos.Read more... )

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C'est a dire, I have purchased the doll who would play Scanty Sophie if the Intellectum Library project ever came to fruition: a Comic-Con 2003 special silver Cy Girl 1.0. She is part of my "Congratulations, you successfully moved!" present to myself. She will be part of LHF, a robotic creation of Janet's, and her name will be Sophie. I used to have a silver CG a long time ago, and I'm pleased to be getting one again. Thanks, Echobase Toys. Watch out for her eventual inclusion in LHF!
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In order of appearance...

Scanty Sophie is a ComicCon 2003 special silver CG01. $20.00 at Echobase Toys.

The book wyrm is a felted Chinese dragon. $200.00-$300.00, probably commissioned via etsy.

The library assistant is a Dollmore Melissa Hon BJD. $234.00 at Dollmore.

The head librarian is probably a square-jawed Obitsu head [W-03] on an Obitsu slender male body. Head is $6.99 and body $20.99 at JunkySpot.

The ghost is a Elfdoll Doona Ryung with the open-eyed head, preferably on a Notdoll Miriam body. Elfdoll Doona Ryung is somewhere between $340.00-$380.00 on the secondary market, while Notdoll Mariam is $310.00 at Notdoll.

The special collections assistant is a Elfdoll Doona Ryung squinty head, preferably on a resin [SoulDoll? Alchemico Labo?] 27cm male body. Prices for resin 27cm male bodies are unknown, as they are very rare.

The "little fucker" would be a DreamHigh Squee. $160.00 from Luxour Academy.

The sets would probably be comparatively cheap and easy!

The digitally rendered scene would serve as the exterior.

The book wyrm's room could just be a corner of grey foamcore, maybe with some painted cardboard tubing for a few pillars.

The Pierian Spring would be more grey foamcore for the backdrop, more cardboard tubing for pillars, painted pie tins and other shallow vessels for the fountain tiers.

The Discard Bin could just be suggested by one coffin and ye olde grey backdrop with a rose window drawn on it.

The ILL center could be ye olde grey background with colorful, grungy window frames drawn on and some computers added.

A set of stacks could be made with two large bookcases full up, facing, making an aisle between them. Making each book out of paper and wood would take the most time.

Why am I spending so much time on this idea? It'll never reach fruition.
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...I found one in my doll drawers...and it's explicitly a school uniform from a Catholic school, even! Said clothes came with Sideshow's Dead Babysitter, whose head I used for the indefatigably fabulous Zinnia Pascale. Pictures and 1:6-related blather below.
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...My innocent vengeful Catholic schoolgirl vampire with a cross burning into her skin and a red '50s flip. The best thing about her is her absolute seriousness about all matters of life, in contrast to her casual, chatty and very personal relationship with God, mediated by the Archangel Michael, who she firmly believes in, but who we never see. She has no designated role in any upcoming season, but I would like to bring her back. Here she is in (Un)Real Life, the previous incarnation of LHF, writing her column Dead and Devout for the vampire newspaper. The best joke of this whole episode is that I used a font called Catholic Schoolgirl for her handwriting! ^_^

Well, anyway, I have a Kisaragi Honey head that I could use for her; I just need to get that red flip and a schoolgirl outfit...something very demure.

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Goal: Scrawny 1:6 male body to accommodate standard action fig heads.

Detailed discussion of body types, pros and cons. )

Basic options: Bulk up a slender body. Trim down a muscular body. Transgenderize a fem body.

Because I am much better at reducing than adding, trimming down a muscular body would be better than bulking up a slender one. Because I am much more familiar with STEAK KNIFE MASECTOMIES than with trimming down muscular bodies, transgenderizing a fem body appeals to me most.

When I ever get some free time, I should compare the size of Will's head to the neckpost of a PB.

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Kathlen arrived today! She's such a cutie. Her head is perfect for Absinthe's upgrade, especially the serene sleeping face. However, Kathlen's body is much too short. Below, Kathlen stands in a line-up with some of the shortest LHF characters with my 1:6 Frank for comparison. From left to right, they are Kathlen, Susie, the old version of Absinthe, Davry, Little Will and then Frank [not an LHF cast member]. I'd like Absinthe's upgrade to be shorter than Little Will.Fascinating line-up below. )

Fat doll

Sep. 29th, 2008 09:34 am
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One thing that pisses me off about 1:6 dolls is the lack of variety in body shapes. In terms of easily available bodies for fems, you've got the Cy Girl shape [curvy, busty and hippy], the Barbie shape [scrawny and pointily boobular] and the Obitsu shape [slim and roundedly boobular]. However, the average woman is pear-shaped, therefore best approximated by a wider Cy Girl pulled down by gravity. Thus, I have no average-shaped women in my cast, though I do like to make them meaty and broad in the beam by using CG bodies as a base for most.

Not only do I have no really average-shaped women in my cast, but I have no fat women! I mean, God forbid that anyone make a doll with a double chin, wide neck, saggy tummy rolls, massive thighs and jiggly upper arms! I would totally get one.

Since no company I know makes fem dolls with realistic fats, I have to make one myself. She's going to be a minor character, Absinthe's sort-of foster mother, Margie, a mortal Native American hairdresser whose last name escapes me at the moment, but it's something French-Canadian, I think.

I'm thinking that I will use a male body, probably a Dragon one, for the base, since that will provide some bulk across the chest, arms and legs. I'm also thinking that her breasts and her fats around the upper arms, upper legs and torso can be created by cotton batting. The cotton batting will create the appropriate girth, while also being compressible and thus poseable.

As for Margie's head, I'm looking for a headsculpt that's full and round already. CG02 [Jet/Kat/Sky] is a possibility. Mattel's Rosie O'Donnell doll is also a possibility, but I really don't like that stupid smile of hers. I'm sure there are some male sculpts that could work with a little carving. [I many of the male sculpts have HUGE schnozzes.]

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Maybe I should figure out how to put his head on his body...or make him a new head or something??? 

EDIT: Hmmmm, maybe I should get an Obitsu Slim male body and put another Galadriel head on it...Or that Obitsu Slim Male head that I did as Jareth a while back... Or a Beka Valentine...I know I have one of those bonking around...  

EDIT 2: Or my blue Lilith doll, who already has the appropriate smirk and lots of makeup...or a CG01 head...The head matters less than does the fact that I find a 1:6 Will doll... Maybe the PB head I painted as Frank a while back?
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Back in January, I mentioned that I was getting a custom 1:6 fig from Twigling. Horsegirl eventually arrived, but I didn't get around to taking pictures of her until today when I brought her to doll club. Everyone admired her sculpting and her digitigrade legs. As she traveled to and from Burlington in my tote bag, some of her paint chipped, so I'll have to bundle her more carefully if she goes out again. See her hanging out among the potted plants below. I named her Epona, the Roman goddess of horses!


Sep. 7th, 2007 07:15 pm
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As I was unpacking my dolls, I put together a showcase for my favorite outfit.
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The much-enhanced Sabrina Sabrok looks like a CG 2.0 with a Bloody Rose body, especially in this photo. [Also here -- I really like this photo, actually, mostly because of the combo of flagrantly orange hair + black vinyl.] Part of me is pleased that this freakish body shape appears on a real, live human being, while part of me is repulsed by the unnatural sphericality of those...growths...on her chest.

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Frank and Jennifer's conversation is interrupted by an interloper. Note fur wigs on Frank and Jennifer. My current denizens keep stealing the hairpieces I have acquired for Will....

modernwizard: (Default) should have seen it before I cleaned it up with the paint remover. I am returning to my dolly roots lately with some 1:6 makeovers. Using BBI's latest issue of the Perfect Bodies, I'm making yet another head for my 1:6 Frank doll. I repainted the eyes brown and made them glance to the side. I also added shading around eyes and nose with paint. The eye shadow, blush and lip shading is done with pastels. Stupendously enough, I'm actually much better with pastels now than I used to be. I still need to find some appropriately curly, dark brown hair with in-scale, small curls...
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I ordered BBI's Goth doll Angel, mostly for her multi-layered Gothy French maid's outfit. Anneka will like the dress and stockings, while Will will use the arm sleeves, awesome witchy shoes, chains and the stockings too. As usual, my supplier is Good Stuff to Go, which has great stock and lowest prices.
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I mentioned a few months ago that I would probably be buying Takara's Best of CG Cutey Honey Kisaragi Variant. Read more... )
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Best of CG Cutey Honey Kisaragi Variant. The CH sculpt always charms me with the truly epicanthic eyes and slightly parted mouth, as if she will speak up. Despite my tergiversation about Kisaragi vs. Triad’s upcoming bodies, I guess I will be purchasing Kisaragi after all.
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Due out in March of this year, Best of Cool Girl Gatchaman G3 Jun in CG Dark Version can be yours for a measly $85.00 from HLJ, not including shipping.

Takara's Best of... line pisses me off. Read more... )
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On my way to a doll club meeting at the Burlington [Massachusetts, not Vermont, unfortunately] doll club meeting yesterday, I took along 1:6er Lilith. While I waited in the rainy train station at Alewife for the 350 bus, she enjoyed lounging around and showing off her bust. More below the cut.

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Takara disappoints me these days [yeah, old news, right]. I haven't bought a new CG since I think the original release of Blue Lightning [when she was AFFORDABLE] State-side. Now that new CGs appear only in Japan in limited quantities, I don't buy them at all, even if they DO come with small chests, a la Protect Gear Midori. [Yeah, I still want one for variety in cup sizes.] Then the upcoming release of Cutey Honey as Kisaragi appeared. Read more... )
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I see this discussed on DoA a lot. It refers to an owner's response toward her BJD. Read more... )



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