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Here's what Theophany looked like before zingor on DOA [Robin Garcia] touched her up:
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Just for reference, here is a closeup of Theophany's current faceup in its worn-down state. She is an NS Soom Uyoo with default faceup.

Her eyebrows remain fine, and I've sealed the shit out of them so that they are impregnable.

However, her eyelid creases and eyelashes are rubbing away, particularly around her right eye.

Her lips have suffered the worst, with small rubs on the upper and large, obvious rubs on the lower.

I'm seeking faceup enhancement in the same style to restore her to a reasonable facsimile of her default, which I will then seal to hell so that it does not move.

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  1. Béatrice's faceup, especially her mouth, is rubbing off. [Maybe I forgot to seal it?] She needs redoing. She also needs her ridiculously large chandelier earrings...and maybe a hat. Her blindingly white skull makes her difficult to photograph.
  2. Theophany's faceup is also wearing away, about which I'm very sad, since I bought her in part for the delicate default Soom faceup. I don't do this light, layered type of look, so I suppose I'll have to commission someone on DOA to replicate the same style.
  3. I really, really, REALLY want a Life in the Dream House Raquelle. All the dolls in the Dream House series have a high level of articulation and, more excitingly, as far as I'm concerned, expressive, slightly cartoony headsculpts that reflect their computer-animated inspirations. The Dream House Raquelle first came to my attention when someone on Figurvore characterized her as the "Shopping While Constipated Raquelle." I immediately loved her smirk, wrinkled eyebrows and asymmetrical features. Picture below the cut.
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As I have mentioned many times before, the first 1:6 scale BJD I ever loved was Soom's Mini Gem Uyoo. I went through several cycles of acquiring her and getting rid of her, ultimately always unable to resist her big-eyed, wondering expression.

At this point in my life, I've realized that Uyoo is the BJD equivalent of Takara CG02. I have an unreasonable attachment to this headsculpt, which leads me to own multiple exemplars. Just as I have a default AJ, I also have a default Uyoo, that is, one with the Soom faceup: Theophany [the annoying]. Just as I have an altered AJ, Steampink, so I also have a customized Uyoo, Novella, my Romantic one, that I faceupped. I also currently have a third Uyoo, MacKenzie, a Quite Rabbit LE who is up for sale on the DOA marketplace and who has never appeared except in whole-population shots.

Anyway, here are my two Uyoos from the same universe, i.e., Zombieville. On the left is Novella, a Romantic Uyoo in white skin, faceup and wig by me, outfit by the grab bag with help from Andrea.  On the right is Theophany [the annoying], a regular Uyoo in normal skin [fucking racist resin color names!], with a default Soom faceup, outfit by the grab bag with help from Andrea.Read more... )

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Most of the time, there are just a few people on my bookshelf beside my chair: Janvier Jett, Submit, Araminthe and Sardonix.

They were recently joined by Zombieville denizens in various stages of completion: Béatrice, Chaz, Theophany, Novella and Absinthe, who is not an Zombieville citizen, but is hanging around because she is beautiful.

Because Me and My Muses is on hiatus and because I need the desk space for projects, I temporarily relocated the Me and My Muses people to this shelf as well, leaving only the fairies [Flower, Ginevra and Mellifer] and Jareth on my desk.

Here's a shot of the tiny hordes. I swear -- they multiply when I'm not looking. :p
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Theophany tries really hard to be cool, funky and interesting. She lives with the fear that people might find her dull, so she purposely tries to get attention with her name [legal name: Tiffany], hair and dress.

As you can see, she's chasing my signature style, but she doesn't quite get it. I'm much more about multiple patterns and warm, loud colors, while she's too matchy and cool in tone. Even her hair, while pink and abundant, is the dusty rose color that I find much less interesting than warm magenta or hot pink.

Please don't tell her, but she's like a knockoff or a wannabe. Such a comment would devastate her, however, since, in her heart of hearts, she dreads being outed as the shallow, worthless impostor she feels like.

P.S. That's an eminently sarcastic daisy on her shirt. It should say FUCK YOU, but I haven't gotten that far yet. :p
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I've been thinking about it, and I've made some name changes...

Kinneret is now Isabel Forrest.

Béatrice keeps her name and adds Doucette for a surname, as well as French Canadian ancestry.

Theophany keeps Theophany as a daily name, but her given name is Tiffany Marvin. [Tiffany was too boring.]

??? is now Chaz, short for Chastity, Loving. It should be obvious why she goes by Chaz. :p

I notice that there are no cis dudes in the Vermont zombie community yet, and I'm perfectly okay with leaving them out. That's because cis dudes are incredibly boring. They've been done before.
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The following items are on their way to support my doll crack habit:

First off, electric wheelchair parts! I ordered two ZC World Online office chairs, one pink, one blue, from their first series, not their weird, webbing-based second series. I also ordered two New Ray 1:24 scale Fortwos, color irrelevant, as they will be sculpted lightly over and repainted. Finally, I got two Iwako erasers in the shape of pencil sharpeners for joyboxes.

While I was on the site, I also ordered erasers in the shapes of a laptop, a tablet computer and a box of crackers that look suspiciously like Ritz. These will not be part of the electric wheelchairs. :p

Second, I got a 1:6 scale door!!!!!! It's a fancy wooden frame for a photo album, measuring about 8 x 13 inches, which is good enough for me. Needs a door knob, as well as the eradication of that wreath-like travesty up by the fan light, but that's okay. I also don't mind the dings and scratches because well-used front doors rarely look pristine. Best of all, this was just $15.84, most of which was shipping in a medium priority flat rate box.

Oh yeah, and, if anyone wants to search for a similar door, it's from House of Lloyd in their Christmas around the World series. I recommend searching for "christmas door photo album," though. Very few of the Ebay listings for this door mention its brand. It was incredibly hard to find that information, by the way, so you're welcome. :p
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As i have repeatedly mentioned, Theophany will be coming home from Andrea's house later this month, along with some neon ribbons for Novella's crop top straps and flame-like fabric for Mellifer's wrap skirt.

In other 1:6 scale BJD news, there's another one coming. She's a completed tan Nan Sook by Batchix, along with some damaged heads and a junk torso. I'm thrilled to have another addition [really cute, also really rare!] to my 1:6 scale resin hordes at an unbelievable steal, and Batchix is thrilled that someone wants one of her factory second BJDs. No name or character yet, but I would like to do some zombification experiments on her spare parts.... Muah hah hah! >:}

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They eat your bank account and spit it out.

In BJD news, Nathaniel is leaving, and Béatrice [that's bay-ah-TREECE, the French pronunciation], a Tinybear Bonbon, is arriving in partial trade. As I've mentioned before, while I do have 1:3 scale dolls, 1:6 scale is my first love. Swapping a 1:3er for a 1:6er benefits me, as well as the buyer darthmissy, who is extremely excited about having a Volks Emma.

I now have a nice chunk of change in my Paypal account, some of which will go toward bubble wrap and s/h for Nathaniel [who is going unstrung in a large flat-rate priority mail box to save on shipping], the rest of which will go toward...

Jareth: "...My wardrobe, obviously! You'll have enough to get me everything on my wish list and then some!"

FLE car: "STFU noob. $350.97 of that is mine."

Theophany: "Yeah, plus she still owes Andrea $106.50 toward me. Wait your turn, person who cost an ungodly amount of money to put together!"

Putative doll based on Elfdoll Doona Ryung: "Yeah, quit pissing and moaning! I don't even exist yet. I am definitely a higher priority than another pair of demandypants for you."

Me [thinking]: I should take a picture of Jareth looking at my checkbook with the caption "SOON..."

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The last time I discussed paying the shit out of my auto loan, I had $508.39 and about eight months left on it. Since then, I have made two principal payments, bringing it down to $415.18.

I've been spending disgusting amounts on doll-related stuff recently, so I'm thinking of NOT doing that for the coming pay period [October 28 through November 14th]. Of course, I will continue with my layaway to Andrea for Theophany etc., but I will not get anything new. Instead, I will direct all the money that has been going toward doll-related stuff to my auto loan. I estimate that I should be able to pay about $150.00 to $200.00 toward it.

Jareth: "I'll just be over here, suffering in silence." *presses inside of wrist to forehead in melodramatic gesture*

Me: "You do that."
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I've been paying her off since September 17th, which is ages ago, as far as my impatient self is concerned. I have two $35.00 installments left, and I so want to pay her off early and get her here, but I've already promised a portion of tomorrow's paycheck to Theophany, the other incoming Uyoo [from Andrea], as well as some other stuff from Andrea that just had to come home with me.

This is the dance of excitement + antici...PATION!

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Andrea is selling me Eudora, her NS Uyoo with a default faceup. I regret getting rid of my own NS Uyoo with default faceup some time ago, so this one is a substitute, and I will not let her go. Her name will be Theophany [thee OFF a nee], which I much prefer over the English bastardization, Tiffany.



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