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Bamboo placemat as backdrop. Plant stand as table. Miniature maneki neko, teapot and cork scene in a case from Chinatown. Food a combination of Rement, Iwako erasers and polymer clay. Cardboard bookshelf made out of a small box with books from, more Rement, etc. Altar made out of jewelry box tops and carpentry scraps with photos from  Read more... )
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Geordie: 6 in., 15.24 cm.
Little Will: 7.8 in., 19.81 cm.
Susie: 7.8 in., 19.81 cm.
Little Anneka: 8 in., 20.32 cm.
Margie: 9.4 in., 23.88 cm.
Davry: 9.8 in., 24.89 cm.
Absinthe: 10.4 in., 26.42 cm.
Chow: 10.4 in., 26.42 cm.
Tituba: 11.3 in., 28.7 cm.
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This weekend, I removed ZaeZae's original brownish hair and gave her a braid of purple and pink yarn attached to a new scalp of pink pulled-back hair. I also made her spectacles out of 20 gauge brass wire.

In other pink news, the pink count should eventually increase by 5:
  • I still need to remove Pippilotta's current hair and replace it with a sculpted scalp and wired yarn, of course!
  • Come to think of it, Marabou would look fabulous with a really deep magenta hair color similar to Andrew's!!
  • If I give Janet pink hair, then a majority of the core cast and most frequent secondaries will have pink hair. ^_^
  • UberBarbie is making me a fabulous teen boy with pink hair.
  • Susie was supposed to have pink hair, but I had such a fight with her current red wig that I have temporarily given up on changing her hair.

Pink Squad as of now.

Standing, back row, L to R: Davry, ZaeZae, Andrew, Anneka, Will, Rori, Sibley.

Sitting, second-to-front row, L to R: Baozha, Sarah.

Lying, front row, L to R: Zinnia Pascale.
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Since I have finally figured out how to force my new camera to default to memory card use, I hereby present the Pink Squad [not actually a real group] of the LHF cast. Read more... )
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I just bought some boring clothes for my dolls from War Toys, my preferred loose parts dealer. The damage was just around $54.00.
  • Carl Hages jeans: a baggy pair of blue denims with silly paisley accents. For Will and Anneka.
  • Attila the Hun shirt and pants: a simple loose white shirt and baggy black pants for figs who don't care about fashion. Pants possibly for Gemini.
  • Roscoe shirt and pants: light brown long-sleeved shirt and dark brown pants for conservative figs. Shirt possibly for Max. Pants possibly for Mark.
  • Dr. J. shirt: blue/grey long-sleeved shirt for conservative figs. Shirt possibly for Max.
  • Det. Chow outfit: light blue T-shirt and blue jeans for anyone that fits into them. Pants possibly for Sibley.
  • CJ7 shirt and pants: white long-sleeved shirt and black pants for slender, smaller figs. Shirt for Mamie. Pants for Chow.
  • Mme Marie skirt: a long black skirt for a conservative female character. For Teodora.
  • 4 pairs of cheap, nondescript boots. Slip-ons for Chow. One pair for Max.

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Preachers, Patriots and Plain Folks, sold by the Association for Gravestone Studies, covers the Granary, King's Chapel and Central cemeteries in Boston. Chow is buried in Central.

The Log of the Union
is a log of a global circumnavigation by Chow's employer, Captain John Boit Jr., in 1794-1796.

Tituba, Reluctant Witch of Salem Village is an educated reconstruction of Tituba's life before, during and after the Salem witch trials.

Food for the Dead is about rural New Englanders' folk medicine against the threat of tuberculosis. Absinthe's corpse was burned in this tradition.

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Lola is the first Triad Toys doll that attracts me. It's not the fetishy schoolgirl outfit, though I do like it. It's not the thigh-high black pleather platform heels, though they are perfect for Will. It's not the custom cartoony bomb and the match, though Baozha would love those. It's not the backpack with the teddy bear, though I can always use more backpacks, and I know Will wants the teddy bear. It's not the guns because, unless they are squirt guns, firearms are irrelevant to my LHF universe. It's not even the Otaku body, which sacrifices form over function.

It's her face, her weary, sarcastic, annoyed face. 

Get doll; keep head, hands, clothes, shoes, pack, bomb, match, teddy. Sell body, guns, holsters and other weapon-related crap. Body should go for $30.00. Guns should go for $10-15.00. Recoup ~1/2 of purchase price.

Give doll pink hair!!!
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I ordered last night from War Toys, and they're shipping out the order today! Wow, that was quick.

I ordered a nude Hermann Miller for Davry's body. It's an 11" DiD body that's supposed to be a young boy. I'll have to hack out the upper arms, upper legs and torso in order to make a convincing example of a person with achondroplastic dwarfism. As a bonus, the Hermann head that comes with the body is attractive, possibly usable in future for another character.

I also ordered a nude US Navy EOD by Soldier Story for Sibley. He looks prissy and disapproving [it's the mouth], which is how I always imagine Sibley: better than you and cognizant of it. Poor Sibley...He irritates me so much as a character that I don't want to have a doll of him, but I have scenes planned involving him, so I need him. He'd better stop acting like a dipstick soon, or else he'll antagonize the entire cast. Wait...he already did.

I also ordered some atrocious clothes for Will, including a tropical print shirt, a white mesh tank top and an olive tank top. I think I ordered some normal jeans too.

My wife is helping me order Chow's body and a jukebox for my 1:6 Nightcrawler. I should work on dolls tonight, sculpting Chow's hair and taking some pictures of Absinthe, who is now done, and my 1:6 scenery in progress.

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I got a beautiful digital Chinese dragon today, and I was going to throw together a quick comic of Chow and Baozha remarking over it, but I got lazy, so here's the picture.

LHF toons

Jan. 20th, 2008 10:28 pm
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So I put my favorite LHF characters into toon form and arranged them all together for a group shot. Their poses and facial expressions, as well as who they are watching, give you clues as to their characters....
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Wow! Finally, after months of tinkering with 3-D modeling, I finally rendered one of the basic units of an LHF comic: a fully stocked interior scene with a character. Below Chow sits in his study, reflecting. [Please note his poster of the Chinatown gate on the wall! I took that picture.] I overcame my difficulties with lighting by cheating. I stole some lights from a daytime exterior set. They were set not to cast shadows, so I added a spotlight over Chow's table and set it to cast raytraced shadows. Oh yeah, I also removed the ceiling from Chow's study so I could actually shine lights in because my skills are not sophisticated enough to illuminate a room with a roof.

There's also a view of the full set below. Yes, I'm aware that Chow's boot is running into the mat. But that's never showing up in the final pictures, so I'm ignoring that comment.
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From left to right, Geordie, Baozha and Little Will demonstrate variations on my favorite clothing package, the Storytime dress and pantaloons. Geordie has the Clematis style dress and shoes. Baozha has a customized blouse and harem pants based on the bodice and pantaloons, and Little Will has the Rose style dress, pantaloons and shoes. Yup, it's a versatile and pretty awesome clothing set.
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Chinatown Gateway Coalition A grassroots org to preserve and accentuate Chinatown's geographic, historical and cultural heritage through strategic development of the Chinatown Gate area.

The Chinatown Blog A relatively new blog written by younger residents of Chinatown. 

Chinatown Main Street A business directory.

South Bay Planning Study Documents Documents about development plans for Chinatown, Fort Point Channel and the Leather District, including the Chinatown Masterplan 2000 [which is not, as the name implies, some sort of blender], Chinatown Community Plan 1990, etc.

Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center Providing social services to residents of Chinatown, the South End and South Cove.

Nightly patrols reduce crime in Chinatown An article about the volunteer Chinatown Crime Watch. A firsthand account of the Chinatown Crime Watch delivering the smackdown on some fighting idiots.

Chow again

Nov. 6th, 2007 10:22 pm
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The inimitable Chow, redesigned, with better mesh and more appropriate clothes.


Nov. 1st, 2007 06:46 pm
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I'm having some problems with the M3 mesh, so this is the only angle from which he doesn't have strange lumps on his arms poking through. It's also a characteristic posture. I would like everyone to know that I successfully subdued the V3 Ultimate Changing Ponytail and made Chow's hair. He's supposed to be dressed in a subdued and somewhat antiquated manner, befitting his personality.
modernwizard: (Default)'s Bang Ping, otherwise known as Baozha [meaning "explosion"] Bang. This is my first all-around accurate iClone render of an LHF character. [Previous ones of Will were experimental and thus didn't count. I also did Janet earlier, but she doesn't have appropriate hair.] Everything about Baozha's build, features and even clothing is accurate to her character. Her outfit represents my earliest pathetic attempts at customized clothing design. For example, her pants were made with a downloaded texture, originally in green and opaque, which I tweaked to look like bleached denim. Her shirt is an application of a fantasy industrial scene jpg with a clear reflection + yellow glow so it looks like it's made out of plastic. [I foresee lots of shiny, slick and plasticky clothes for my characters.] As you can see, her face is going to freeze in that expression...
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Once upon a time, I fell in love with Boston's Chinatown. Devoted to its yummy, cheap restaurants and fascinating import shops, I decided to learn more about one of the city's most distinctive neighborhoods. I began to search the library and the Web for information on the history of Chinese immigrants in Boston and unearthed a much cooler story than I ever could have hoped. Read more... )



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