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His shirt and vest do not fit well, but they do represent the type of clothes he should be wearing. Why do I get the feeling that Isabel is snickering to herself over Carter's style choices?
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Here's Carter with his faceup done. The hat is definitely getting replaced, and I'm not a fan of the shirt either. But this is what his face looks like. Colors used were white, black, grey and brown.

Lightning-shaped sideburns are the awesomest awesome that ever awesomed!

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I did a rough draft of his faceup tonight. Not sure about the lips, but I definitely like his eyebrows and the way the bags under his eyes are looking. I have decided that he, as a voluntarily bald man, wears a hat all the time, either a racing cap or a fedora. That big ball of lint on his head is supposed to be a racing cap, but the heavy weight of its fabric ruins the execution.

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I strung Carter and dressed him this evening. Here he is with Isabel, aspiring toward unobtrusive average normalcy. I love how he and Isabel are obviously identical twins, but his facial expression is so much more open and sincere than her perma-skepticism.

Carter, like Isabel, has a faceplate from Elfdoll Doona Ryung for a head and a 5StarDoll tiny girl body in NS with modded neck. Still need to add his lightning bolt sideburns, bags under his eyes and shading around his nose.

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I really need to put him together. He's a cool guy, and Isabel needs her twin brother/best friend.

In one of my trades that has yielded an extensive wardrobe designed for fat bodies such as Isabel's [and Carter's], I got a button-up, collared shirt with blue dictionary text on white background. This strikes me as very Carterish: formal, but also offbeat and nerdy. I wonder if I still have a tie?

I'm seeing Carter as more conservative [not politically!] and quiet than Isabel, which cracks me up because, when he went to college, he was a radical dyke with multiple piercings and various hair colors who went bare-breasted in marches. It also cracks me up because he works as a tattooist at Champlain Valley Body Art, and employees of tattoo/piercing parlors frequently have lots of tattoos, piercings and other body mods. However, Carter eschews these.

Now that I think about it, Carter values stability, routine and peace. In pursuit of these goals, he strives to be unremarkable. He just wants to be a normal guy with his normal girlfriend. He really wants to marry Novella and have kids and be a normal dad. Normal normal normal, which neither he nor anyone around him really is.

As I mentioned, he has a past of radical activism, which he has set aside. He characterizes his time in college as a "selfish period," during which he was "wrapped up in identity politics." His break from activism coincided with his graduation, move to Vermont, realization that he was trans and anti-trans experience with some former friends, fellow Smith alums, who started crabbing about "butch flight." He no longer wished to be part of an acrimonious community; to him, they seemed jejune and puerile in their attacks, so he removed himself from those particular people, as well as the activism associated with them.

Frankly, he also started caring less about "women power rah rah rah" [his words] when he was trying to figure out how to become the man he had always wanted to be. He thought of his and Isabel's dad as a model for masculinity, a dude who was a stay-at-home father for the first 7 years' of the twins' lives and who always said that the measure of a man was not in his toughness or his strength, but in his respect, loyalty and love to those around him. He wanted to be like his dad, who thought that being a father was his most important job ever. He wanted to settle down with the right woman and have a family, which seemed to him incompatible with "running around and protesting shit all the time" [his words].

Carter's desire to be a good man is also strongly affected by pop cultural conceptions of masculinity. This mostly manifests in his long-running preoccupation with exactly how to marry Novella. He is currently hung up on what type of engagement ring to get for her and how to propose to her.

Novella and Carter have known each other for about 5 years and been living together for about 3. They have cats together. They co-own their condo and their car. They have joint bank accounts, and they have set up their wills, health care proxies and powers of attorney to default to each other. Everyone who knows them treats them as a pair, and friends and extended family have been bugging them about the possibility of having kids. In other words, they're pretty damn committed. They also obviously love each other and demonstrate it frequently, so they don't have the "Does he/she even love me???" question.

The thing is that both Carter and Novella are pretty shy and kinda passive. I mean, they didn't officially call themselves a couple until after their friends kept assuming that they were one, which led to the following conversation:

"Hey, Carter, are we dating?"

"I dunno."

"Everyone thinks we're together."

"Well, we DO hang out a lot." [Understatement: At this point, Carter was spending 5 nights a week at Novella's.]

"And like each other a lot."

"Yeah, and have lots of sex."

"Isn't that dating?"



This is what happens when you have two socially awkward people who find it difficult to talk about their feelings. :p

Novella currently has the exact same obsession as Carter: how to marry him, starting with what kind of engagement ring to get him and how to propose to him. Carter and Novella do not know that they share preoccupations, but Isabel does, since she is close to both. This secrecy is integral to the subplot, its climax and its fallout.
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I've been thinking a lot about this because I want them both to be obviously fat [and approximately the same shape], but I also want them to fit into clothes made for standard 1:3 scale toddler bodies. Ideally, they'd both have flabby upper arms, breasts bigger than their heads, round protruding bellies and thick thighs, but I don't think that's feasible.

I'm currently contemplating a combination of sculpted fats and fabric fats. I'd like to thicken their thighs and make their asses fatter, so I would do that with Aves Apoxie Sculpt or what the heck ever.

I would really love to make them both have big, pendulous breasts [yay, gravity!], but I'm still pondering how I would achieve a combination of fatness, mobility and compressibility. Maybe really tight T-shirts with little birdseed packages sewn into appropriate areas? As a secondary with no need to be naked, Carter will never take his shirt off anyway. But what about Isabel?

I need little sports bras that I can stuff. :p
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My original plan to make a fat 1:6 scale mature BJD body was to use a 1:3 scale toddler body and splice forearms/hands and calves/feet on it from a 1:6 scale mature body. However, I recently acquired a 5StarDoll 1:3 scale toddler body with surprisingly delicate hands and feet, so, being an eminently lazy individual, I wondered if I could just swap the 1:6 scale hands and feet onto the 1:3 scale body and call it a day.

This evening, that's what I did. I actually complicated matters a bit by modding the 1:6 scale hands to nest in the 1:3 scale wrist balls and thus provide a slightly smoother transition between the forearms and hands. I just stuck the 1:6 scale feet on the ends of the 1:3 scale legs, though, which is why they are slightly shorter than they should be, as they do not have the extra height provided by the 1:3 scale ankle balls [which were fused to the 1:3 scale feet].

Anyway, the result looks pretty good for about an hour of work, as far as I'm concerned. The ankles need modification, though, as the shapes of the sockets are preventing the feet from standing flat. This particular body also has horribly tight stringing, so it needs to be restrung more loosely. Other than that, it's pretty much good.

Here's a shot of Isabel [on temp body] next to the fat body in progress. It's obviously shorter, which I like, as it adds to the impression of what Isabel would call a "dumpy" shape. Not everyone is elongated and skinny!
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After some minor ankle mods and restringing, this body is good to go. I don't mind the rough modifications, as this will be for Carter, a Zombieville secondary who will not suffer as much scrutiny as Isabel. Now that I know what to do, I can buy another 5StarDoll body and make the appropriate mods with more finesse for her.

The head, on the other hand, will require some work. Below, I mocked up how Isabel might look on her appropriate body. Originally, I thought I would scrape down the neck to fit her head, but we fat people tend to have fat necks, so I'm keeping the neck the size that it is. Therefore, I must adapt the head, intended for a slimmer neck, to accommodate a wider neck.

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I have two options. First, since both Isabel and Carter have faceplates, I can create new headbacks for them that fit the wider necks. Second, I can just use their default heads on top of the narrow necks, disguising any ill fit with hair, clothing and/or strategic photography. I've done this before with LHFer Anneka, whose neck socket was way too wide for her narrow neck. Her choker and her hair [almost shoulder-length] distracted from the discrepancy. I also never shot her from angles where the difference would be apparent. I'm sure I can do something similar for Isabel and Carter. I think I'll try one of their heads on this body after fixing the ankles and restringing it.

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Awesome! I just scored a secondhand 5StarDoll tiny girl body for $80.00 total! It may be for Carter, Isabel's identical twin, or for Isabel, depending on color matching and poseability.

Cores: Fairyland LittleFee in "normal skin" and 5StarDoll tiny in "yellow"

Extremities [forearms, hands, calves and feet]: Lumedoll Lumelight in "normal pink" and Soom Mini Gem in "normal skin"

Somehow, I will get two fat dolls out of these parts. I'm thinking, though, of swapping out the "light pink" Lumelight extremities with Mazzy's "normal yellow" ones. I will then have two cores and two sets of extremities, all with similar yellow undertones.

Blah blah blah!!!

P.S. Isabel and Carter are identical twins because they are monozygotic. They were both assigned female at birth, a designation that Carter eventually rejected. I get the sense that they like to mess with people's heads by referring to themselves as identical twins and then waiting to see who objects, "But male/female pairs can't be identical!" :p

Fat doll II

Dec. 7th, 2012 11:35 am
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Decided that Carter, Isabel's identical twin brother, is fat too because fat dolls are fun to make. Unless I can get another LittleFee body cheaply, he'll probably have a less expensive body kitbashed on the same principles. I'm not even gonna worry much about resin matching between the forearms, calves and core, as Carter, a tattoo artist, has full sleeve tattoos. :p
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Dunno if I've mentioned this before, but the arrival of my Elfdoll Doona Ryung entails the creation of at least three full dolls.

As a default doll, Ryung is 20cm high, representing therefore a child 4 feet tall, who could convincingly be anywhere between 6 and 11 years old. She comes with four expressive faceplates: neutral, sleeping, half-closed and pissy.

I believe that Ryung's headsculpt could also work for a more mature doll. Therefore, to make Isabel, I want to mount the single Ryung headback + half-closed faceplate on a 27cm body.

For Isabel's body, I have chosen a Xagadoll Lara, who only comes as a full doll, that is, a body + head. When I put Isabelle together, I will thus be left with a Lara head, a Ryung body and three Ryung faceplates [neutral, sleeping and pissy].

I plan to put the Lara head on the Ryung body to make an as-yet-undefined kid.

I also plan to sculpt a headback for one of the remaining Ryung faceplates to create a head for Isabel's identical twin brother Carter, who is NOT a zombie. Carter then needs his own body; I'm thinking an Illusion Spirit Spirit with the chest sanded down, reflecting Carter's status as a trans guy [with, incidentally, a butch lesbian past at a women's college].

I'm thinking that one of the remaining faceplates would be for Isabelle's pre-zombie flashbacks, while the other could be her sleeping or something. Then I would have to film lots of naps to make good use of it. :p

Hey there, Carter. Hey there, unnamed kid. Welcome to the club.



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