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This photostory started off as a simple showcase for my latest 1:6 scale accessory, a blood bag, but then changed into something longer and more pointless.
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We had the biggest meetup ever this afternoon; five people attended: me, Lyrajean, vermont chick, goldi and Megan, a newcomer. Here are the best of the 177 photos I took:Read more... )
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I finalized his hair, lowering his hairline by adding a small strip of fur in front. Very anxious fire sprite below.Read more... )
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Redid Mellifer's wig after trimming down yesterday's pattern. I had the right size, but then decided to trim it down more, which made it a little too small when I rolled under the raw edges. Anyway, here are the results. Since Mellifer is not swapping hair, I think I'll just lower the forehead a bit by judicious application of small clumps of hair, then call it done. For my other dolls, though, I will use my new pattern without cutting it down even more.

Here is Mellifer as he currently stands. Because his wig is smaller, it has much better loft than the previous iteration, thus achieving more of a flame-like aspect. Yes, I am aware that I wore away his lip color with the constant handling of his head. I will replace it when I'm done aggressively moving his head around for this project.
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After successfully working with some of my faux fur [gluing it to Peter and Anna's heads], I returned to making a wig for Mellifer.
  1. I trashed my original attempt at a mockup and made another by tracing his head from the side and cutting out two semicircles. Then I sewed them together. The result was laughably minuscule.
  2. I revised the pattern by putting a central strip [like a mohawk] between the two semicircles. The mohawk bit was too wide.
  3. I narrowed the mohawk bit and achieved a relatively good fit in the felt mockup. I reproduced it in faux fur, hot gluing the pieces together because it was easier than sewing. Too small!
  4. I lengthened the mohawk strip and the ends of the semicircles, essentially making the wig deeper. I tried again with faux fur. It was still too big, but I reduced the size by trimming around the circumference and also turning under the raw edges a bit [and securing with hot glue, of course].
So here's the result. As you can see, the wig is still too large, especially around the ears. I may try tacking the edges under more or remaking it with what fur I have left. It suffices for now, though, and Mellifer is quite pleased that he has hair!Read more... )
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After dinner tonight, I finally got around to testing the easy peasy fur wig pattern I found on DOA recently. I made my mockup in felt, so as not to waste precious faux fur. Magic did not occur, so I'm trying to analyze what went wrong. Maybe Mellifer's snarkiness contaminated the proceedings.

He's acting like a little Jareth here. )
I'm thinking I should have either measured exactly [sigh] and/or used some elastic, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to sew elastic without a sewing machine.
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Lyrajean, vermont chick and I, plus a selection of our BJDs, descended upon the Koolvord Room of the Brownell Library, Essex Junction, VT, for pictures and geekery. Since we had a cloudy day outside and fluorescent lights inside, we didn't get wonderful pictures, but we tried our best. Here are the dolls I brought.
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Since I need only a small amount of fake fur to make wigs for 1:6 scale dolls, I hit and scored a bunch of 3" x 5" swatches of tricolor fur. Five of them were free with membership, and the rest were a dollar apiece, so this order set me back a whopping $2.00. You can see the colors I got below. The sole sample without hot pink, that is, the one in the far right corner, I got for Mellifer. I got two swatches of it in case I mess up. TACKYYYYYYYYYY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

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I found an easy peasy pattern for hand-sewing fur wigs for dolls. I will therefore hit Everafter Fabrics and pick up their most obnoxious furs containing hot pink and make my own fucking wigs!!!!

I would like to get the following:
I may bleed to death out my eyeballs, but I'll die happy DAMMIT! :p

P.S. Elizabeth Jr. suggested the most hilarious thing last night...that the zombie virus turns one's hair pink, which explains why so many of my zombies have pink hair. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

EDIT: Ooooooh, a $12.50 grab bag for which you can choose the color scheme! TACKY SHIT FOR EVERYONE, AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!

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Finally got around to making Mellifer his truly elaborate skirt out of some fabric from Andrea and a safety pin. While I was at it, I gave him a headdress made of a scrap of the same material held on by some clear rubber bands. Even though I like the effect, it's not what I'm looking for, so it will go away as soon as he gets hair.
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Oops. I realized after taking these that none of them really show his skirt, which was the whole reason I was supposed to be taking the pictures.

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The following items are on their way to support my doll crack habit:

First off, electric wheelchair parts! I ordered two ZC World Online office chairs, one pink, one blue, from their first series, not their weird, webbing-based second series. I also ordered two New Ray 1:24 scale Fortwos, color irrelevant, as they will be sculpted lightly over and repainted. Finally, I got two Iwako erasers in the shape of pencil sharpeners for joyboxes.

While I was on the site, I also ordered erasers in the shapes of a laptop, a tablet computer and a box of crackers that look suspiciously like Ritz. These will not be part of the electric wheelchairs. :p

Second, I got a 1:6 scale door!!!!!! It's a fancy wooden frame for a photo album, measuring about 8 x 13 inches, which is good enough for me. Needs a door knob, as well as the eradication of that wreath-like travesty up by the fan light, but that's okay. I also don't mind the dings and scratches because well-used front doors rarely look pristine. Best of all, this was just $15.84, most of which was shipping in a medium priority flat rate box.

Oh yeah, and, if anyone wants to search for a similar door, it's from House of Lloyd in their Christmas around the World series. I recommend searching for "christmas door photo album," though. Very few of the Ebay listings for this door mention its brand. It was incredibly hard to find that information, by the way, so you're welcome. :p
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As i have repeatedly mentioned, Theophany will be coming home from Andrea's house later this month, along with some neon ribbons for Novella's crop top straps and flame-like fabric for Mellifer's wrap skirt.

In other 1:6 scale BJD news, there's another one coming. She's a completed tan Nan Sook by Batchix, along with some damaged heads and a junk torso. I'm thrilled to have another addition [really cute, also really rare!] to my 1:6 scale resin hordes at an unbelievable steal, and Batchix is thrilled that someone wants one of her factory second BJDs. No name or character yet, but I would like to do some zombification experiments on her spare parts.... Muah hah hah! >:}

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Did Mellifer's eyes today. Prismacolor PC Raspberry [PC1030] for eyebrows, Yellow Ochre [PC942] for the yellow, Orange [PC916] for, uh, the orange. Here he is with his current wig and new faceup!
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Mellifer's new faceup so far, surrounded by some of my tools of the trade. Since this faceup was slightly more planned out than the way I usually do faceups ["Oh, this color looks good..." *scribble scribble*], there's my palette of possible colors on the left, though black got cut off. Prismacolor Crimson Red [PC924] is for the lip color, while the paint brush, Xacto, Prismacolor Colorless Blender and Pebeo are all for removing those really annoying particles of color that go where I don't want them to.
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Here's Ginevra in the golden DD-Anne eyeballs originally purchased for Mellifer.Read more... )

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About three months ago, I registered my disappointment with Soom Labas, a Faery Legend with [supposedly] a fiery theme. I said, "A good customizer with a vision [like me, if I cared to get him] could really improve this doll, but I'm not interested enough in such a bland headsculpt to pursue this project."

Well, the concept percolated in the back of my mind, as did the idea that Mellifer needed a makeover with a brighter palette. When Mellifer's hair arrived, along with some eyeballs slated for Ginevra, Mellifer spoke up. He informed me that he was the fire fairy that Labas should have been; furthermore, he was ditching his yellow eyes in favor of the reddish orange glitter ones. He said that Ginevra could have the golden eyes. He also asked for bright red clothes.

Annoyingly enough, I spent all that extra money on a default faceup [$30.00], body blushing [$50.00], wig [$20.00] and eyes [$8.00], as well as a Biweekly Clothes outfit [$57.00], and he's having none of it. He must be getting his demandypants from Jareth....

To add to my irritation, I suspect that Mellifer will end up with a cheap and simple outfit like Flower's, which is a floor-length skirt made out of a raw length of fabric held in place with a safety pin. Something like this Biweekly Clothes outfit for Mini Gem girls would be great in layers of orange and yellow, if I could figure out what it was made out of.
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Just like yesterday. First, in an effort to whiten Novella's head, I stuck her in a shot glass of 70% isopropyl alcohol with a plastic bag rubber-banded over the top so the alcohol didn't escape. I soaked her from 6 PM last night to 1 PM this afternoon, then cleaned her off for 45 minutes with a melamine sponge.
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So some 1:6ers are getting updated eyeballs. Mellifer is getting DD-Anne 8mm yellow imperfect glass eyes. Jamisia is getting the same in light blue, not shown on the site. Both of these are coming in trade from Kattunge on DOA. All I had to do was send her a bunch of Rements I never use! [We both think we're getting the better end of the deal. ^_^]

Meanwhile, Ginevra is giving her current Dreaming Tree silver 8mms to Lucian. Since she needs replacement eyes, I got her DD-Anne 8mm imperfect glass ones in light purple and also in red glitter. I couldn't decide which ones would look better, so, since I cold afford it, I sprang for both.

I had just enough $$$ in my PayPal account to cover Ginevra's two pairs of eyes and an improved wig for Mellifer. He's getting a long, straight, center-part maroon wig in size 4. I wanted a brighter red, but the maroon is close enough.

Anyway, since they're coming from China, God knows when they'll arrive. For example, I ordered Jareth's Captured in Glass eyes recently from Hong Kong. They were mailed on September 27th, and they arrived on October 2nd, which is truly impressive, especially since they were sent registered airmail across the ocean, as opposed to first-class mail across the country. It's even more impressive when you consider that, if you're sending registered airmail from the US, the USPS won't even give you an estimated ETA. It "varies according to location," which means that it usually ends up taking 1-3 weeks. I have problems with the USPS... >_>

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Finding the best eyes for my BJDs involves the consideration of more factors than non-doll-related people probably guess. In no particular order, here are my considerations.

Size. Will they fill the eye sockets without leaving gaps? Will the irises make the doll look younger [if larger] or older [if smaller]?

Material. Eyes can be made from urethane, glass, silicone or acrylic. Each material has its pros and cons, as well as price variations. I tend to go with cheap glass.

Color. Is the color visible in the doll's eyes? Is it accurate to the character?

Dome height. High-dome eyes have definite bulbous lenses over the iris areas, which means that the irises and pupils sit further back in the doll's eye sockets. Low-dome eyes bring the irises and pupils closer to the lids. I prefer low-domes because high-domes tend to create too many shadows.

Reflectivity. Do the eyes eat light or reflect light?


I'm currently frustrated by my lack of appropriate eyes for my 1:6ers. For some reason, I have way too many pairs of 6mm blue acrylics that photograph like mud. I really want to swap them out for highly reflective eyes in light colors.

Jamisia currently has a pair of said muddy blues. Anyway, she needs better eyes. She'd look great in 8mm light violet eyes, even if I have to remove some of her hair in order to install them.

Mellifer does not have the muddy blues, but he does have pretty dark brown 8mms that don't fit his character. He'd look great in 8mm light yellows, and I need to remove his muddy wig anyway.

I think Lucian might need some new eyes too. He has 6mm browns [I think], and they just photograph like black holes all the time. :( I should try swapping in Ginevra's 8mm silvers to see what they look like in his head.

Then Ginevra would need new eyes! I think she'd look good in 8mm light pink or red. Ooooooh...

DD-Anne sells cheap factory second glass eyes in 8mm.

Ooooh, I also see that the maroon 4-inch wig she sells is just the type I seek for Mellifer!

Too bad I have shit for money right now and can't buy anything.

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Poor Mellifer. Unlike my other Soom Faery Legends, he doesn't stand around looking cool all the time. He sits around looking inquisitive and slightly anxious. I don't play with him as much as I do with Flower and Ginevra.

I thought the reason might be his annoyingly messy hair. Whoever designed his default wig wasn't thinking very well. It's dark brown, with long ringlets to the back of his knees, except for two sections at the front of his center part that are straight and shoulder-length. Naturally, these shorter bits pop out almost straight from his head, looking silly. Furthermore, though the ringlets look very romantic, they're a real pain because they frizz really easily. It's a wig that does not look good right out of the box.

In an attempt to make Mellifer more photogenic, I restyled his hair slightly. I used some small butterfly clips to pin back the straight parts of his hair. I also trimmed the worst flyaways. Then we went outside on the porch to take some pictures.

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Lyrajean, vermont chick, goldi and I gathered for the Chittenden County Doll Club this afternoon. It was very exciting to have 4 people! :p Read more... )
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I'm bringing Nathaniel, August, Mellifer, Lura's talons [to see if they fit certain bodies] and Lura's head [if it comes today]. I will also be sure to put in a fresh camera battery so I can get lots of pictures of dolls!! vermont chick, goldi and Lyrajean have confirmed! \o/
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Since January, I have acquired the following people [in chronological order]. I'm talking about dolls I purchased this year, not ones that I purchased last year, but finally received this year.

Mellifer [1:6 BJD], purchased in April

Steampink AJ [1:6 action fig], traded for in June

Nathaniel [1:3 BJD], purchased in June/July

Millie [1:6 action fig], purchased in July

August [1:3 BJD], purchased in July

Lura['s head] [1:3 BJD], purchased in July

June and July have been very busy doll-related months for me, what with Too Many Dolls: The Exodus and the purchase of 5 of this year's 6 new dolls. Most of the purchasing frenzy stems from having money available after Too Many Dolls: The Exodus and therefore being able to indulge some 1:6 and 1:3 whims.

I can't keep buying dolls like this, though. I don't have a) the space or b) the money. Well, technically, that's not true. In terms of a), I could always bring some to work to put on my new bookcase, which should be coming any day now. In terms of b), I can pretty much always finagle it so I cover my necessary expenses and then whatever doll-related purchases I want.

But anyway...we are ignoring technicalities! I need to watch my discretionary spending because we are saving up to move next summer. We need to pay for packing supplies, movers and/or truck rental, first + security, pet registration fee [meow!], furniture and all those other things you don't know you need until you get to your new house and realize you don't have them. I've been socking away $$$ steadily for at least 6 months, so I have a nice chunk of change already, but I'd rather have saved too much than too little.

Therefore I have made myself a resolution. I will not purchase any more 1:3 or 1:6 dolls until we move. Getting a body for Lura is fine. Trading for dolls is fine. Buying doll-related things [such as clothes + wig for Lura, 1:3 furniture and 1:6 stands] is acceptable too. Leaching from the bank account to increase the ranks, however, is not.

This way I can settle down and enjoy what I have. I will also ensure that I have plenty of $$$ to cover moving costs. It will be hard, but I can do it!
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We went to Oakledge Park, Burlington, VT yesterday. Mellifer came too, and I got some pictures of him on the rocks on the edge of Lake Champlain.
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Mellifer, my Soom Faery Keeper of the Heart Metato, came today. Here he is, alertly surveying his surroundings. I love his wings as aesthetic objects, but I don't think they're right for him as a character.

Just look at those lips!
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Soom just gave me a shipping notice for him! He should be here by early next week at the latest!
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I ordered a Soom Metato. Bet you didn't see that coming, huh? :p He's fullset except for the outfit, which, to me, looks like a really lazy skirt that couldn't decide whether it wanted to ride high or low. Instead, I'm ordering him this Biweekly Clothes outfit, which looks more dignified.

Mellifer, as, he has informed me, his name is, will arrive probably in July to join the local fairy troupe. At this rate, they've got to start earning their keep; they can't just stand around looking pretty. :p
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First, Soom made Sard, the May Monthly Doll for 2008. A typical Soom sculpt, he had pillowy lips, limpid eyes and androgynous lines. He was a limited edition with horns, hooves and wings. People went bananas over him, as evidenced by this actual comment made by a fan on Sard's sales page:

Is there any chance he will be restocked next year during the same time as his original release? I really wish I would have gotten this boy and I'm so mad I didn't. I'd be willing to sell my kidney for a Sard!

Tragically, Sard appeared for sale for a mere month, leaving many potential Sard owners distraught.

Then Soom realized they could get their racket on [as if they didn't already have so many rackets going] by, second, making Dia some time in the end of 2008. Dia has the same head as Sard, with the exception of the ears. Dia has human ears, while Sard has elongated, pointy ears. As an unlimited doll without a special outfit or body parts, Dia represented a less expensive way for Sard fans to get their fix, this time with no chance of the doll going out of stock.

But Soom wasn't done yet. They like to release the same or related sculpts in different sizes, so of course they came out with Metato, the Faery Legend doll for April, in 2012. Yes, he has the same headsculpt as Dia and Sard, only on a smaller scale [1:6, not 1:3] and with different faery ears. As an excited poster on DOA remarked, he's "Diet in fun size!" :p Though a limited edition with wings [resin ones, as opposed to Sard's feathery ones] and truly not that much cheaper than his bigger cousins, once you add up all the options, Metato represents yet another chance for Soom enthusiasts to get their Sard on.

I have no particular conclusion to make. I just admire Soom as a company, not only because I really like their aesthetic, but also because they know how to play the market, satisfying and tantalizing customers at the same time. It's really fun to watch and participate in the anticipation of new releases, the frenzy over teaser photos, the formulations of opinion when the thing goes on sale, the commiseration in the DOA "waiting room" threads, the increased excitement as shipping notices start issuing, the collective freak-out when the first owner pictures appear and the ultimate satisfaction of receiving one's own package and being Soomed all over again. [The most popular companies have adjectival forms of their names representing how enthusiastic one can be about them. I've seen people who are Soomed, Fairylanded and Iplewhelmed, but I've never heard of anyone being DollZoned or ImplDolled, presumably because the latter two companies sell less expensive dolls and thus have less prestige.] The fact that we're all being manipulated by a savvy business concern doesn't make the consumption any less fun.

I remain uncertain about whether to get Metato. On the plus side, I've always kind of wanted Sard because he was a Taurus doll, my astrological sign, and Metato is basically a smaller Sard with no hooves and better wings. Metato is in competition with Kremer [that's Flower's sculpt] for the cutest male faery so far, and he'd certainly play well with others, viz., Ginevra and Flower. Plus he's my favorite size! On the minus side, he's $485.00 without EMS shipping, which usually comes to about $50.00 to $60.00. 

P.S. Not that anyone cares, but I currently have 27 BJDs [OH GOD WHERE DID THEY ALL COME FROM?]. Soom is the number one maker, along with Elfdoll. I have 5 from each maker.
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I really like Soom's Faery Legend line. And look -- there's a new guy coming out: Metato, Keeper of the Heart!

You can't really see much from the teaser picture, except that it's a male doll, and he appears to have wing-like ears [like Flower, my Kremer] and REALLY AWESOME WINGS. I'm quite curious to see what his face will be like, as the headsculpt is always the determining factor for me in choosing a BJD. If I really like him, maybe I'll ask for him for my birthday!

Stay tuned...Metato debuts on April 12th. *fidget fidget*



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