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Outfit 1
  • laced blouse with leg-o'-mutton sleeves
  • black vinyl corset
  • wrap skirt
  • cape with collar
  • leggings 1 [black stretch]
  • fishnets
  • underwear
Blouse, corset and wrap skirt rely heavily on Souldoll's Ruvo-Z with some differences. Jareth's version of the blouse has bigger shoulder poufs and no dangly ruffle things, but is otherwise the same. Corset is the same. Wrap skirt takes the tulle and ruffles that are part of the Ruvo-Z shirt and makes them into a separate item of clothing. There are about 5 to 7 ruffles to make it fuller than Ruvo-Z's. Colors of blouse and wrap skirt uncertain.

Cape is a full circle of very lightweight black fabric with slight train. Dull gold metal hook clasp at throat. See picture of NECA Jareth action figure below for design of collar only.

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Last year I discovered the quintessence of pinkitude, the Platonic Form of froofy pink dresses, and loved it [except for the price tag]. Now that I have the opportunity to commission Mr. Demandypants some clothes, the froofiness returns to my mind temptingly...

My version would be less lacy and flowery, but the same style.
  • top
  • bolero thing [see details]
  • sleeves
  • short balloon skirt
  • long layered skirt
  • leggings 2
The bolero thing is like a short leather vest with exaggeratedly large pauldrons.

I'm thinking a neon mesh tank for the top.

Color scheme undecided, though the bolero with pauldrons is definitely black.

Lace vomit

Apr. 9th, 2013 10:00 am
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Almost as amusing a phrase as "tonsil hockey!"

...Lace vomit is what happens when makers of BJD clothes get really excited about adding ruffles and frills everywhere to their pieces, ending up with results like Souldoll's ACH-ZM or Ruvo-Z, which are kind of stupendous in their commitment to rufflitudinousness [which is now a word because I just made it up].

I've been thinking about lace vomit in the back of my mind as I try to work out what outfits I'd like to commission Isabeau for Mr. Demandypants. He requires copious spills of scrunched-up trim.

So far I'm thinking about something combining elements from ACH-ZM and Ruvo-Z.

The Ruvo-Z shirt appeals to me, especially with the leg-o'-mutton sleeves and gratuitous slashing/lacing, but I'm thinking pale pink instead, although the white/pewter look is very classy. Jareth’s version needs to have bigger poofy parts on the tops of the sleeves.

I also like the Ruvo-Z corset because certain individuals can never have too many.

The best part of the outfit is that lace vomit of raggedy tulle and raw ruffled fabric coming off the lower hem of the shirt. I'd make it separate from the shirt and more like a wraparound skirt: fuller, more of a distressed slashed black tulle petticoat understory, topped with at least five or six raw squizzled ruffles.

From this outfit, I select several elements:
  • blouse
  • corset
  • wrap skirt

Doll news!

Jan. 15th, 2013 10:02 am
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1. I did not win the Soom Auber I put in for. Fine, all the more money for FAT DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. I'm trading Sarah [Souldoll Shiva-G who has been sitting on the DOA marketplace since mid-August] to Isabeau for two elaborate outfits for -- who else? -- Mr. Pointyhead McDemandypants, who is out of his mind with glee.

3. I just scored a second 5StarDoll tiny girl body for Isabel from the DOA marketplace. It wasn't as ridiculously cheap as the first one, which was like $80.00 shipped, I think. This one was ~$120.00 shipped, which would have been the price + s/h from Denver Doll, but without the indeterminate wait time. It's actually not just a body that I'm buying this time, but a whole doll, meaning that a head is included. I have no use for the head, so I'll sell it off, which will essentially reduce the second body to the price I paid for the first.

I have now acquired two 5StarDoll bodies for the price that I paid for the Fairyland LittleFee body. I sure wish that LittleFee body would sell, as I have half a mind to acquire MORE 5StarDoll bodies and make more than two fat dolls!

4. I decided that Isabel, like all my major characters, rocks my signature style, marked by her own preferences. She especially likes leggings and dresses/tops in this style. [In fact, the colors and patterns in that dress are perfect for Zombieville!] Leggings for 1:3 scale toddler dolls are incredibly cheap on Etsy, so I plan to buy a bunch with which I can easily create new combos. As for tops, I'd love to work with Motylalka [maker of the pink/lime dress], sending her Isabel's body [or at least measurements] so she could make a few wonderful pieces that would be guaranteed to fit Isabel.

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...I'm on the verge of stupendous BJD fashion awesomeness, the likes of which have never been seen heretofore. I won't say any more, though, until it's confirmed, as I really dislike claiming a sale or an agreement or something, then having it fall through later. :p

P.S. Janna, I used "heretofore" just for you! ^_^
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Contemplating the purchase of studs and/or spikes here to make some studded and/or spiked stuff for Jareth by my own damn self.
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I have over $600.00 worth of stuff on my wish list at Doll Crack Peddlar, my latest discovery in US purveyors of doll stuff. 65.4% of that is another BJD and a wig for her, while 33.4% of it is clothes and wigs for Mr. Pointyhead McDemandypants. The remaining 1.2% is Rement because, even though I only use a small fraction of my hoard, I apparently neeeeeeeed this particular set.

It would be really nice if some of my marketplace listings would sell and allow me to get rid of my auto loan more expeditiously.
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Mr. Demandy McDemandypants wants the following, in no particular order:

some underwear [contemplating something like Dorsetclothing's retro black ruffled underpants on Etsy because they are FUCKING HILARIOUS]

the previously mentioned hot pink and black vinyl underbust corset and matching miniskirt

that Souldoll Ruvo-Z outfit for Zenith dudes

some weird black leather cropped vest with steel epaulets featuring studs and spikes

a froofy skirt with various black and pink layers [eyeballing one on the DOA marketplace]

Tata's Paradise Evildoer Punk black leather bolero jacket, also with spiked studs [yes, I know it's sold out]

Tata's Paradise motorcycle gloves ["theirs not to reason why..."]

a short red fur wig

a long hot pink wig

black leather collar with steel spikes

black leather wrist cuffs with steel spikes

I would get him a ball gag too if I thought that would stop him making demands, but he's here inside my mind, kind of like the Phantom of the Opera, only not abusive and with a much better sense of humor, so a ball gag wouldn't do anything.

FLE car: "Neener neener, I'm getting all of Elizabeth's extra money for the next two weeks!"

Jareth: "Curses!"

Me: "You do realize that you're demanding a wardrobe that costs hundreds of dollars that I could be spending on other dolls, right?"

Jareth: "It's all part of my cunning plan to have you forsake them all and have no other gods dolls before me."

Me: "You have no power over me."

Jareth: "La la la I can't hear you..."
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Wear the clothes you have, ingrate!

Check out this stunning outfit from Souldoll: Layers of floofy shit! Tulle! Laceups! Corsetry!

I saw; I bought; I came.

Wait...that's not how it's supposed to go.
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I just asked Angelsdoll if Jareth's head has shipped yet and, if not, when it should.

I also asked the Mannequin Store if the beautiful, lustworthy and attractively articulated Vanessa would even come back in stock.

And I'm exploring the possibility of commissioning the Ultimate Corset [and matching miniskirt] for Jareth: viz., the underbust number in alternating panels of black and hot pink 4-way stretch vinyl that the Frankenstein outfit needs I tell you NEEEEEEEEEEDS to finish it off.

Things are looking good!

Shoe porn

Sep. 30th, 2012 01:09 pm
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I'm not going to detail the big fight I went through trying to fit Jareth's shoes onto his body. I did succeed eventually, though, and I have pictures as proof. Behold the black vinyl thigh-high platform stilettos! They are pretty damn lustworthy. Janvier Jett is modeling again.

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Jareth's head hasn't come yet, so Janvier Jett took over his body to display the glory that is the Ringdoll Frankenstein outfit. Interestingly enough, even though she is much pinker than Jareth's body, Janvier Jett looks rather elegant and well-proportioned. She's not particularly impressed, though, because the outfit she's modeling does not have enough color, pattern and texture for her variegated tastes. :p

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One of Jareth's outfits, the Ringdoll Frankenstein default, which I previously discussed, arrived today. These are its parts:

one pair of black vinyl hotpants with swallowtails and a long, layered train of some tattered diaphanous material and various chains and pendants

one pair of tattered black fishnets that attach with snapping front garters to the hotpants

one pair of stretchy black armwarmers with various holes

one hooded black robe with long, loose sleeves, open in the front

one small key pendant on a choker-length cord of medium thickness

one black bowtie with strings on it to fasten around the neck

It's even more hilarious in person than in photos. I love how the train doesn't represent the rags worn by a feral creation, but instead a meticulously constructed set of layers that were purposely made long enough to trip over. I love how they aren't just slipshod socks, but gartered fishnets. What really cracks me up is the bowtie, since it really doesn't go conceptually with the rest of the outfit. Most of all, I appreciate how this outfit clearly communicates Ringdoll's concept of its Frankenstein [sic] doll as broody, kinky sex object and fashion plate. He works hard to look this good, people!

Now that I have the outfit in my hot little hands, I want to modify it before I pass it along to Mr. McDemandypants. I need to abandon the bowtie. I also need to improve the cape by removing the sleeves and adding some sort of clasp [which, knowing my caliber of tailoring, will probably be a safety pin]. Finally, of course, I at least need to get a locking leather collar, if not a collar and a corset.

If the thigh-high platform heels and the buckle-studded calf-high platform heels ever come, either pair would look very nice with the whole ensemble. I have no idea what's going on with this package, however, since it's apparently still running around the state of New York, being "processed" through "sort facilities."

I've got to take some detailed photos of the pieces this weekend...if I can ever stop laughing at it.
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...that dances by bouncing up and down while moving its fists to the left and to the right. I'll have to download it and stick it here because that's about how I feel right now. One of Jareth's outfits and two pairs of Jareth's shoes are arriving this week! Right now I'll settle for raising my arms in victory: \o/.
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Jareth's body [with non-Jareth head attached] and shoes arrived today from Mint on Card! By the time I collected Cyril [the name of the head] from the office, deboxed him and shoved him in some of Jareth's clothes, it was too dark to take pictures, so I'll provide some tomorrow.

In the interim, I have a few comments.

1) Doll Chateau's adult male bodies are freakin' scrawny. The limb circumferences, hands and feet are more in line with the proportions of a ~45cm "mature mini," or 1:4 scale BJD. The arms and legs look especially delicate, so I'm taking extra care when bending them. The DC adult male body looks stunning and also kind of ridiculous when naked, while the addition of clothing changes its bulk to that of an appealing gauntness.

2) Cyril [so named because he's currently a full doll] is strung a little tightly, but keeps all his limbs straight, without any snapping into hunched, praying mantis positions. The wrists and ankles flex and lock at a variety of angles, while the head has a nice range of movement up, down and to either side. I hope Jareth's head moves equally well on this body!

3) Bastard demands more shoes. The ones I got with Cyril, unlike most BJD boots, DO NOT zip up the back. Therefore I must rely on the stretch in the vinyl to accommodate his feet. When trying to tug the boots on over Jareth's socks + pants, I encountered a lot of resistance. I don't want to tug too hard and chip one of his delicate limbs, so I'm saving these boots for use over just, say, fishnets and springing for some with zippers from Alice's Collections after all.

4) Cyril's a beautiful sculpt. He's got a narrow face, a long and prominent nose, a wide mouth. Mint on Card threw in some nice silver eyes for him that really add to his air of Ultimate Bishounen. He kinda reminds me of Ivan Doroschuk.... <3 <3 Too bad he's going away.
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Well, I don't exactly want that, but a commissioned approximation thereof, custom fit for Jareth and constructed of alternating panels of black and hot pink four-way stretch vinyl, coming to just under the nipples. HAWT DAMN. :p
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Because I am incredibly impatient and possessed of a credit card, I decided not to preorder a Doll Chateau adult male body in white resin, but instead get a whole doll, Cyril, in stock from Mint on Card. That was $100.00 more than I planned because the body comes with a head, but it also comes next week, as opposed to 2.333333 months from now.

While I was there, I checked for appropriate shoes and, lo and behold, they had the exact type of shoes I was looking for: calf-length black pleather platform high-heeled boots by Yuhao for $15.00! Great! Now I don't need to settle for approximately what I was looking for from Alice's Collections. I can get exactly what I'm looking for.

\o/ \o/ Cyril can be my clothing model while I wait for Jareth's head and eyes. Then I can sell him [Cyril's head]. Anyone want a Doll Chateau Cyril head, blank, in white resin?

EDIT: Looks like FedEx Ground [how the package is coming] takes 2-3 business days to get from there to here.
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It has 2 swappable skirts, a separate bodice and separate sleeves, so the fashion possibilities are endless slightly less limited than they would be if it was all one piece. It's stupendous in its commitment to pinkitude, and, because it's made by CheeryDoll, you know it's high quality.

It is very beautiful, but I am never, ever, ever getting it because it costs ~$390.00 excluding shipping. I've bought whole dolls for less money than that. The entire cast of Me and My Muses cost ~$260.00 a piece, while Lola Paprika, Janvier Jett and August were all around $300.00. I am willing to drop loads of money on dolls [see cost projections for Jareth 2.0, for example], but this is where I draw the line: buying clothes that cost more than your average BJD. $200.00 for a BJD outfit? Fine. Double that? No.


Aug. 21st, 2012 10:35 am
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I think I just bought Jareth's shirt and jacket. I was trying to just figure out shipping and handling, but I seem to have finalized a purchase instead. I detest online ordering systems that hide shipping and handling fees at some obscure point in the checkout process. And I really detest online ordering systems that calculate shipping after you place your order. [I'm looking at you, Denver Doll. >_> ]
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Angelsdoll custom headsculpts [2] in white resin: ~$600.00-800.00 ended up being $717.80

Doll Chateau adult male body in white resin from Denver Doll:  $480.00 with est. s/h

Mid-calf laceup black platform-heeled boots and thigh-high black regular-heeled boots with buckles from Alice's Collections: $47.79
turned out to be Doll Chateau adult male Cyril whole doll and and Yuhao black platform high-heeled boots from Mint on Card for $597.19 with s/h MINUS $120.87 from sale of Cyril head = $476.32 

Faceup: $0 [will do myself] gonna end up getting some expensive Pan Pastels

Pants: $0 [already have]

Red frilly blouse and long black tailcoat from CheeryDoll: $156.11 with est. s/h turned out to be $150.11

Calf-high black platform heeled boots and thigh-high black platform heeled boots = $45.98

Ringdoll Frankenstein outfit = $124.00

Eyes: Y10 [Normal Eyes set] 14mm and ET59 [Special Eyes set] 14mm, both low dome, from Captured in Glass: $16.38 ended up being ET59, 14mm, low dome: $10.38 with s/h

Wig: wavy long blond 7-8inch from LeekeWorld: $49.00 with est. s/h turned out to be a Monique Ginger wig in blond from the DOA marketplace: $22.00 with s/h

Total: $1549.28 [assuming $800.00 for the custom heads]

It would be really nice if the custom heads cost on the lower end of what I've projected.
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I have a pair of rather lightweight black leggings from Jareth 1.0 that 2.0 can use, but I've been recently poking around for a default outfit for 2.0.

I love this CheeryDoll shirt in red ["maroon"]. It looks delectable with this CheeryDoll long coat in black.

I also found some nice boots on Alice's Collections: mid-calf laceup platform heels in black, mid-thigh laceup regular heels in black or red, mid-thigh regular heels with buckles in black. I'm sure that the last linked pair would inhibit poseability, but I kind of want them for the LOLs. Naturally, I would have to swap out heeled feet from one of my 60cm girl dolls to 2.0 for these to fit.

DollHeart has a lovely outfit for male 70cms, My Mother Has Killed Me. [Thank you, bonus fairy tale reference!] I especially like the ruffles and flounces on the jacket and the pleather corset.

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[No, I'm not outraged right now.]

Doll clothing with out-of-scale buttons. I see this a lot on clothes for 1:3 scale BJDs [i.e., ~60cm or 2 feet tall]. Makers of doll clothes will go to incredible lengths to replicate and scale down all the details of, say, a shirt or a jacket, and then WHAMMO! They'll completely spoil the whole effect by using 1:1 scale buttons [suitable for human clothes] as fasteners.

And they're not doing it for a purposeful aesthetic effect either. This is serious, unfunky clothing that they're making, insofar as doll clothes can be serious. It's especially hilarious when you're looking at suits for BJDs: "Oh I like the structure of this jacket. The detail on the lining makes it look almost GOOD GRAVY WHO PUT BUTTONS THE SIZE OF SAUCERS ON THE CUFFS???"

In-scale buttons exist! I know this because I see them with some regularity on 1:6 scale clothes. I know they exist for 1:3 scale clothes as well, but I'm not sure why they aren't used very much by makers of doll clothes in 1:3 scale.

I mean, surely, if you can be arsed to put in-scale zipper flies and functioning pockets on your denim dolly jeans, you can put freakin' in-scale buttons on your dolly shirts, right?

You know what...while I'm pissing and moaning about BJD stuff, let me get this off my chest. Asian BJD companies can now officially stop with the Alice in Wonderland [sic] special edition dolls and/or outfits. Way too many doll studios have done or are doing something with this concept. Boooooooring.

If Asian BJD companies want some non-Alice concepts, I can supply some. Let's try the Chinese zodiac, the months of the year [not the same as the non-Chinese zodiac, more of a personification theme], celestial bodies [again not the non-Chinese zodiac, more of a personification theme], fairy tales, seasons [mud season!], weather, trees/flowers, the Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, ceremonial dress from different cultures, the Major Arcana of a Tarot deck, medieval Western European character types [king, queen, knight, damsel, jester, maid, serf, etc.], characters from famous ballets, et hoc genus omne. Some of these concepts have already been appropriated by some companies, but I think they still have a lot of life in them.

Furthermore, we need more therianthropic characters. I'm not just talking dolls with resin ear attachments; I'm talking dolls with non-human limbs and torsos and such. We have not yet reached market saturation on centaurs, especially female ones, and merpeople. I also strongly advocate for naga [human/snake hybrids], human/bear hybrids and human/zebra hybrids. We definitely need more human/arachnid dolls [Soom Vesuvia and Impldoll Colin being the only ones I know of]. And we're also seriously lacking in human/insect hybrids. That's just for starters...
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I bought Lola Paprika some black loafers with white skulls on them especially for her relatively large feet. She can't stand in her high heels [except for that one time she magically stood somehow during my first photoshoot], and that's why I don't take her places. Soon she'll be able to go outside for photos!

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I bought my Souldoll Zenith Shiva G with the express purpose of making her look like Jennifer Connelly's character, Sarah, in the 1986 fantasy film Labyrinth, which is my favorite in the whole world. My Sarah is not exactly the same character as Sarah in the film, but she is bookish, fantastical and quiet, like her film inspiration. Anyway, I wanted to give her the outfit that Sarah wears for most of the film when she is questing through the Labyrinth to rescue her baby brother Toby.

Arianne02 did the faceup to look like a young, freckled Jennifer Connelly, while the talented Isabeau made Sarah's blouse and vest as accurate to the film as possible. The wig is a size 7-8 "brown black" from Monique. Soom supplied the Mecha Angel jeans [yes, I know they are sparkly], while the inaccurate [but still cute] stripey socks came from Obitsu, the black loafers [should be brown] from Dollmore. Just for an in-joke, I gave Sarah a button with a picture on it of Jareth, the Goblin King, who seems to be in love with her and who serves as her antagonist throughout the film.Read more... )

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I just ordered Janvier a black fur wig with a kind of mullet style and also some cat's-eye glasses [2 pairs, in case I break one]. Catty glasses for my Cat Avatar, hee hee hee!
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I got Araminthe a frilly and obnoxiously colored dress set, Watermelon Idol, from Tenshi on DoA. Isn't it fabulous? Also please note that Noodge apparently likes Araminthe's shoes too.Read more... )
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Araminthe has yet to arrive -- her putative date is the middle or end of February -- but I have been collecting her clothes, wig and shoes, everything but the red eyes, which she comes with. Behold now her shoes of awesomeness, which are the highest of femme in all details. They even have butterflies and flowers on the soles. Can you imagine a bad-tempered vampire wearing these? You will soon see one in the person of Araminthe.
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I always thought that Junebug's original outfit, with a skirt and tights, was impractical for all the activities she likes to do, so I finally got her some pants and an overshirt yesterday. Here she is in all her bright, non-matching glory.Read more... )
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You know where most of my time, energy and money goes regarding my dolls? This goes for 1:6 action figs, BJDs and my digital models. It goes to CLOTHES. I spend the most money not on the basic figures themselves or sets or accessories, but outfits. And I spend time not on scripting, lighting, posing, shooting or editing, but dressing and undressing.

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I've seen Just The Right Shoe shoe sculptures in tchotchke shops. The designs have attracted me, but the fact that there is only ONE shoe has annoyed me. However, now that I see that they are 4 inches long, I think that there might be an actual use for these frustrating collectibles. You see...4 inches = 10.16 cm, which is about 2 cm longer than Sabik's feets [8.3 cm] and generally about 1:3. Perhaps it is possible to modify some of these JTRSs into fabulous footwear for my dolls...namely WIll, for whom I cannot find a decent pair of atrocious heels to save my life... JTRSs sold here.

Fete miniature shoes are sold through Amazon.

Disco sandal keychains...?

High-heeled pump keychains...?

And these...oh, these...are the ultimate in coolness: Disco Diva JTRSs. Cheap here.
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DollMore's latest Model Doll Girl outfit has clearly lost something in translation. Sex is pretty funny...

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Doggles sells eyewear for dogs. There are many different colors and sizes, as well as swappable lenses!! The sizing chart seems to suggest that an XS size would fit your standard 60 or 70cm BJD's head. [I assume that the "head size" refers to circumference.] According to some more detailed stats, the XS head band adjusts from 5 to 13 inches, and the lenses are 1 inch high and 1.25 inches wide.

Doggiduds also sells goggles for dogs. No changeable lenses, but slightly cheaper.

EDIT: I just bought a pair of the XS smoke/chrome ones...strictly for research purposes, you know. $18.00, free shipping...and that was the lowest I could find after shopping around. Hopefully I can customize them with steamy, punky gimcracks... EAT MY PRICE TAG, ANOTHERSPACE!
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I have learned from my survey that clothes for male dolls, just like mainstream clothes for male people, tends to be boring and conservative. According to most designers, black is about as edgy as it gets.


Ideal purchases:

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Today I got DollHeart's Kala outfit in the mail. I combined pieces from each set to make Sardonix an appropriately regal and slightly menacing emsemble. Choker, skirt and severely awesome shoes are from the Kala outfit, while the bodice and the peignoir are from the Hell Queen outfit. The Devil card is from my miniature Rider-Waite set, while the Death card is from the New Palladini Tarot by David Palladini. Pictures below.
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I could probably make these, right? I mean, I can fold paper. HGTV has a link to origami shoes. Presumably these are for lazy asses like me who can't sew...

EDIT: Another link, possibly clearer, since HGTV's model baffles me:

EDIT: Animated instructions with pictures for making zori:
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This is more like a private notebook of reminders to myself. You just happen to see it.


Case in point: Here is me reminding myself what clothes are in the mail to me.

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Did you know that you can E-mail the US Dollmore dealer, order clothing and pay only US Priority s/h if you live in the US? Neato!

There's a lot of sharing amongst my 1:3 crew. The 2 70 cms, Jareth and Frank, share pants. The 2 60 cms, Jennifer and Sardonix, can wear each other's clothes, but have radically different styles. Since I have a lot of 60 cm shirts, skirts, dresses and socks, Jennifer, Sardonix and Frank share them. I would like to get Jennifer and Frank one or two basic pieces that are tailored specifically for them, though, hence the brainstorming below...
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So I'm buying Sardonix yet another slightly used DollHeart outfit from a DOAer. This one is Kala. With a hat, a necklace, a blouse, a corset, an underdress, a sash, a pair of leggings, shoes and a turban, it provides many mix and match opportunities. I can't really tell if all the blue parts are detachable from the cranberry-colored parts, but I think so. The bestest thing about this set is the shoes: red shoes with upturned toes and a slight heel. They look unusual and fanciful, all at the same time. I dislike the turban; I would have gone with an elaborate veil or snood. I can't wait to run Hell Queen pieces together with Kala pieces. That should be fun...

As an aside, Kala was one of the many winners of DollHeart's first design competition, but it's been very unpopular. Many other designs have sold out, particularly in the EGL, goth/loli, punk lite or cutesy-wootsy animal genres. Yet Kala, distinguished from the hordes by its innovation [relatively speaking], was shunned by buyers. It's disappointing to see that so many owners just seek the froofy or punk stuff. I'm surprised that Kala hasn't sold out; I mean, wouldn't it appeal to those who like Ye Olde Flowinge Fantasie And Renaissance Type Stuffe? I know it speaks to the YOFFARTS interest in me.

If I ever have a clothing line for dolls, I will call it YOFFARTS. Yo, farts!
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I'm getting DollHeart's sold-out Hell Queen outfit from someone on DOA. I bought it with Sardonix in mind [how fitting for a succubus to be wearing an outfit by that name], but I foresee her fighting over it with Frank. Outfits with many pieces seem to be the best investment to me because they can be selected and recombined in many different ways. For example, Frank has already claimed the peignoir and stockings. Sardonix has already claimed corset, bloomers and frizzly sleeves. My BJD universe is uniformly baffled by the single goggle and the ridiculously small top hat.
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Jareth and Frank would play endlessly with the pieces in this outfit by Cheerydoll. I can imagine CERTAIN PEOPLE [that means you, Frank!] prancing around in the skirt with just underwear underneath. :D
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...please see Dollmore's recent additions to the clothing line for their 70 cm Model Doll [Frank's body].

It's summer time, and you know what that means?! It's the season of sexual provocation, during which you reduce admirers to quivering lumps of admiration with your blatantly tantalizing and perfectly tailored wardrobe.
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I've successfully paid for an unpainted Bella Auden, to be shipped to Armeleia, and a selection of the fabulous DM clothes: the rose-colored velour warm-up set, a pink-and-white-striped long-sleeved T and matching shorts, "slash jeans" for Haund, black lace underwear, black leather masc shoes and black leather fem shoes. Soon [relatively speaking] my BJD collection will be complete!
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Since it was so warm on Saturday, I frolicked outside without a coat on to capture the balmy morning. Jareth modeled a full-circle black cape made by MissMerrythe3rd and turned his face up to the light. My pictures lately tend toward the abstract and black and white. Read more... )
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So I'm thinking that the DM Bella would be the best for Frank. Armeleia would mod the neck to make it fit his head. Then I'd sell the default head and buy a Uyoo.

While I'm lusting over DM merchandise, I would like to point out that they have a huge selection of afforadable and versatile clothes. I want a bunch of pieces for Jareth and Frank:


Jan. 5th, 2006 01:43 pm
modernwizard: (Default)
fragileshell has a pirate hat pattern that I think I could actually follow, even given my complete impatience with the sewing machine:



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