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Some frizzy wig is standing in for Thalia's wild mane of black mohair curls, interspersed with plastic snakes. I like the voluminous curls; they soften her square features a bit. I also like the hair pulled back because then I can see her pointy ears.

What I don't like are those pointy tits. I'm not sure why so many sculptors insist on aggressively projecting nipples. I can't wait to get her a shirt.

Just for the heck of it, she's holding Beth, my smallest articulated doll.

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Thalia is currently wearing a DollHeart neck corset, Ringdoll Frankenstein's robe, black handmade leggings and skull loafers. That's not her final outfit, but I'm still working on what indeed she will end up wearing.

I have multiple and often contradictory ideas at work here. My default impulse is to take a particular idea and run with it to the extreme, which would mean more black! As many shades and textures as possible! More corsetry! More boning! Paint it black! Paint it black, you devil!

On the other hand, the more clothes Thalia wears, the more difficult she is to pose. This argues for an ensemble that's either parsimonious or loose/stretchy.

I need something skimpy and stretchy, which means that the Ringdoll robe, being voluminous, won't suffice. I can also abandon my cherished hopes of jamming her into Jareth's platform stilettos. And no underwear.

Maybe some hot pants and a tank top? I actually used to have such an outfit that came with my Angelsdoll Hyang, but I sold it [with my Angelsdoll Hyang], so phooey.

EDIT: I see that I can procure a blank stretchy tank top for relatively cheap, so maybe a black tank with a rib cage on it would be good instead of pasties. [I've been on a skeleton kick for a while...]

While I'm thinking of it, I should also add that I'd like to make her eyes like Lucian's: black irises with white pupils. He has such small eyes that it was always difficult, when photoing him, to get the full effect of the unusual coloration, so I hope to carve open Thalia's eyelids so that her eyes are more visible.

And the ball gag -- don't forget the ball gag! I'm kinda surprised that no one else has come up with that idea before me [or, if they have, they haven't exhibited it publicly]. I have some squeezy stress balls to cut up for the gag, but I'm not sure what to use for straps. I refuse to make an elaborate harness, settling instead for a single strap -- maybe four-way stretch Spandex? Lord knows I have enough of that left over from Jareth's super expensive commissions.

I'm considering alternatives to a bunch of plastic snakes glued to her scalp for hair. I think a black mohair wig [like the one featured on Spirit Doll Stayne at the most recent VTDL meetup] with occasional snakes inserted might be more effective, as it would look like an average wig until closer inspection. Then surprise! Snakes!!

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Months after acquiring her head, I finally got around to doing something with Thalia this weekend. I took Janvier Jett's head off the Angelsdoll massive girl body, along with the Dikadoll jointed hands. I plopped Thalia's head on the Angelsdoll body and put the original hands back on and then dressed her in some stopgap clothes.

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Thalia['s head] came yesterday! She matches well with Janvier Jett's Angelsdoll massive girl body in Volks NS resin, so that's good. The proportions look good too. And, after all that excitement about the novelty of a doll with two tongues, I actually like her with no tongue and an open mouth best. [I may be saying this in part because it's really hard to get her licking tongue out of her mouth once it magnetizes in.]

I'm thinking about how I want to do her faceup. I've been really interested in duochrome faceups for quite a while now, mostly generated for Jareth with Instant Makeup and Geisha Builder. My attraction to duochrome probably stems from the fact that two colors and gradations thereof are easier to work with than a whole varied palette. So I'm thinking something duochrome for Thalia.

Actually, I'm thinking about grey, multiple soft shades of grey, not as stark as Timonium's black-and-white job, but something with less definite outlines, shadows suggesting haggardness and depth. In fact, I'm thinking a subtle skullface faceup in gradations of grey, kind of like Jareth did for Halloween. And since there's no way I could affordably duplicate these lovely bracelet restraint things in 1:3 scale, I'll try painting some stylized phalanges on the back of an extra set of hands.

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Well, Thalia's head, at any rate. That set me back $230.00, thanks to the free shipping event.

Now to acquire some supplies: rubbery plastic neon snakes for her hair and a squishy "stress ball" for her ball gag. 
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If I'm going to get an IOS Infernale head, which I am, then I need to stop calling her Tonsil Hockey Deux and start calling her by an actual name. So it's official: Tonsil Hockey Deux will hereafter be known as Thalia Hesperus Donaldson. No particular reason why -- it just sounded good. Thalia's name's origin as that of the Greek muse of comedy is irrelevant.

Thalia needs some significant modification. First and foremost, that nose needs some serious reduction. It, of course, solidifies the sculpt's beautiful adherence to the conventional stylization of male anime characters, but it's way too much nose for my tastes. Here's my proposed deletion:
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There are two preorders for THD this fall: the one currently running [August 29th through September 30th] and one toward the end of the year [November 15th through December 15th]. The one going on now offers free shipping, which makes the cost of a head $230.00 instead of $256.00. Quick -- to the credit card!
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I'm at Dollism now [about which more later], but I just hit IOS' Web site now, and Tonsil Hockey Deux's head is in stock [or on preorder]?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? Well, there's an incentive not to spend any money here....
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I forgot to mention that I E-mailed IOS recently to ask if they would rerelease Infernale. They said yes -- this November. Whoo hoo! Tonsil Hockey come home! 
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Melface mentioned at the last CCDC meetup that she was getting an IOS 80cm body with a custom head on it. This news perked up my ears because IOS is the maker of Infernale, aka Tonsil Hockey Part Two, aka Put A Sock In It [Or Maybe A Ball Gag], a wonderful vampiric headsculpt with squinty eyes, open mouth and not one, but two [yes two!!!] tongues.

With Melface's incoming IOS hybrid in mind, as well as my current open-mouthed, tongue-showing doll, Yamarrah, being modded, I naturally turn my thoughts to Tonsil Hockey Deux. I still want that headsculpt, and I really, really, really want to make a kinky vampire with a ball gag in her mouth. In fact, my desire has rekindled to the point where I put up a Wanted to Buy thread on DOA, hoping that someone will sell me an Infernale head. Well, I can dream, right? :p

I really like dolls with closed eyes, open mouths, protruding tongues and pointy teefs. My ideal BJD headsculpt would therefore be a vampire with closed eyes, magnetic swappable tongues and a big, lopsided, smirky grin.

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As I may have mentioned earlier, certain types of therianthropic dolls are not allowed in the house. Janna has an aversion to some animals, and I do not want to upset her with hybrids containing features of these non-human animals. The list of prohibited creatures is as follows:
  • arachnids [both spiders and scorpions]
  • snakes
  • insects
Of all the off-limits animals, I most regret the absence of arachnid therianthropes amongst my small populations. Soom has a scorpion therianthrope, Vesuvia, with a lovely pointy and pouty face, platform stiletto heels with stingers and articulated scorpion tail. I've also previously lusted after Doll Chateau's recent release, Elizabeth, a spider girl. But these are not to be.

That said, all other therianthropic dolls are welcome. I even checked with Janna to see if my latest concept for Tonsil Hockey Part Two, the Medusa raver girl, would be objectionably snaky. She said that snakes on a doll's head do not bother her as much as a doll with the lower half of a snake. So...assuming I have the funds next week after my pay check, I hope to purchase Tonsil Hockey The Sequel and work her up into my kinky snaky raver.

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I have come to the conclusion that it would be a trespass of cultural appropriation to make an IOS Infernale/Angelsdoll massive girl body hybrid into a manananggal just because I think it's cool. So no Cory in resin for me.

That said, I'm still very keen on Tonsil Hockey Two. I might recycle my Medusa raver concept for her and throw in an excessive amount of piercings and a ball gag. Neon fetishy Medusa raver...
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Janvier Jett has never really cohered as a character for me in that way that, for example, Sardonix, Timonium and Yamarrah have. I'm now wondering what, if anything, to do with her.

Here are some options:
  • Keep her as is and invent a personality for her. The problem is that my dolls don't retroactively grow personalities. I always create a character first and then find a resin form for them.
  • Sell whole doll. But I spent so long putting together that outfit that is like the pinnacle of the meretricious style that I love. I think I like the outfit more than the doll.
  • Repaint. But, no matter what I do, that headsculpt is always going to be Janvier Jett to me.
  • Reconceptualize -- new outfit, new eyes, new hair, new character. Probably not possible, given my fixed association between the doll and the character.
Of course, I could always:
  • Get rid of her and acquire another doll.
There's this IOS Infernale head [no longer in stock on the site] on the marketplace, and I'm thinking that perhaps the population of BJDs who bug me could use another open-mouthed vampire who's really, really into fetish gear and who lacks social skills...even more than Timonium does! Hmmm...

EDIT: Or I could just, you know, not spring on any other dolls for the time being. Novel concept!!! Either way, Janvier Jett is just not doin' it for me anymore. :(



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