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Adult Swim characters have to go through a maze, but they have to put up with the prancing fop of a Maze Master and his therianthropic boytoys. This parody of Labyrinth is hilarious and kind of stupid and well-done and made with love, baby, love!

Favorite lines:

"Chains, these puppets are horrible stereotypes!"

"You lied! You never texted me!"

"How many babies are there in this song?!!!"

Thanks to Val for showing this to me.

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EDIT: I found a similar Photoshop for RHPS, but it's not as amusing.

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I'm about 10 years late to the game, but this checklist for writers of Laby fanfic makes me crack up. It reminds me of the episodically long fanfic via E-mail I did with one of my friends during my first year of college and into the summer. I don't even remember what the plot was, but Jareth kept dragging us back and forth out of the Labyrinth. If I recall accurately, the Labyrinth was losing magic, and, for some reason, my friend and I had to be the ones to fix it. 

The one clever innovation we had was that we would write each other messages and occasionally IMs as if we were in plot ["I just had the weirdest experience; Jareth yanked me into the Labyrinth again..."], and I believe there was some writing in character from Jareth's point of view too. He, by the way, was immature, selfish, explosive, infuriating, manipulative, annoying and thoroughly unredeemable, which proved problematic as we struggled to find a justification for helping out the King of the Dickwads Goblins.

Anyway, we stopped writing after HUNDREDS of single-spaced pages. As we trailed off, I was stuck in the Labyrinth with only a pink computer for a communications device! OH NO!!! The non-ending ending amuses me because it makes me think of something like Dispatches From The Labyrinth. 

Now I'm getting nostalgic. I should look back at that file. [Yes, I still have it all in one file and NO YOU CAN'T READ IT.]
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Witness the paltry fruits of last night's labor here. It's Part I of my stoopid Labyrinth parody, slightly rewritten by me, animated by Meez [I've made 105 at last count, but they aren't all in this short], set to the tune of clips from the Labyrinth soundtrack. Parts II and III are done, waiting for upload, and I have plans to do the rest of the movie. I don't promise that it will be more than mildly amusing, but it will be a good killer of half an hour.

P.S. If you do watch it, leave a comment and a rating [on the Google Video site, not HERE!], will ya?
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Sarah realizing it's 7 PM and she stayed out too late and she has to babysit, so of course she says her favorite phrase, "IT'S NOT FAIR!!" Shut up, you whiny bastard.

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Holy fork, I'm clearly a) brain-dead and b) obsessed with Labyrinth. I just made about 50 [?] Meez animations of Jareth and Sarah so I can create a little version of Labyrinth. Preview below of Jareth doing what he does best: playing with his balls. This should tell you what kind of movie I'm making.



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