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Jason Messina, who brought you Ugly Furniture, also did a parody commercial for Bankrupt Dollar Store. Favorite line quoted in subject. Bwah hah!
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I forgot how hilarious the Foremen's Hard Time to Be a Man was.

Now, this bar graph represents the thought processes of the average American male in 1957. We see, in descending order of importance, sex, sports, cars, and sex in sports cars.

But things have changed since the enlightenment, as illustrated by this 1993 bar graph showing that men now think about sex, sports, cars, and promoting the wellness of the planet and the humanness of all people by creating a caring and nurturing environment in which to have sex in sports cars.

P.S. How 'bout them Niners?

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As irritating and pretentious and unfunny as I find Gilbert Gottfried, I must admit that this fake commercial of him reading explicit excerpts from 50 Shades of Grey, less because of Gottfried himself and more because of the increasingly horrified expressions on the readers' faces. Needless to say, this contains explicit sexual language.
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...I ordered it, primarily because sources tell me it's based on Twilight Saga fanfic [!]. I had so much fun with the Twilight Saga [see "twilight" and "breaking dawn" tags if you really care] that I think I will at least have a little fun with 50 Shades.

Also, concerning 50 Shades of Grey, please see the related parody video by Flula: entirely ridiculous and safe for work. You're welcome.
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An extended pun, done to death, then revived and driven to death repeatedly. A zombie pun! More from Da Vinci's Notebook.
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...Brought to you by DaVinci's Notebook's The Title of the Song. Favorite line: "Drop to my knees to elicit crowd response." The same group also has in their repertoire a host of other humorous a cappella songs.

Also in the same vein is Britanick's Trailer for Every Oscar-Winning Film Ever. The accuracy of the parody is marred by useless ableism ["Said retard is now in your custody"]. Phooey. Why does otherwise good humor have to be so corrupted?
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This literal drug commercial parody is pretty hilarious, especially if you take drugs. Watch the little text on the bottom of the screen.
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Adult Swim characters have to go through a maze, but they have to put up with the prancing fop of a Maze Master and his therianthropic boytoys. This parody of Labyrinth is hilarious and kind of stupid and well-done and made with love, baby, love!

Favorite lines:

"Chains, these puppets are horrible stereotypes!"

"You lied! You never texted me!"

"How many babies are there in this song?!!!"

Thanks to Val for showing this to me.

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Colbert Report parody of that stupid National Organization for Marriage anti-marriage ad.
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A perennial favorite of mine, this scholarly study [with photos] documents Peeps wreaking small, fluffy havoc on Staley Library at Milliken University in Decatur, IL. I particularly like the expressions on the librarians' faces.
modernwizard: (Default) did a feature about the formulaic nature of House. It's amusing whether you've seen the show or not, no matter what your feelings toward it.
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The original post is a hilarious summation of depressing ballad plotlines, as sung in the British Isles. The comments, though, with their submissions of dry humor from hundreds of commenters, really elevate the original post to supernal heights. I'm giving this its own tag because I like to find this post periodically and laugh at it.
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Amanda Bussell nails the silliness of Twilight. Please note Edward's completely angular and impenetrable constipation and Bella's googly brainlessness. 

Jesus, there's an entire Twilight Sucks Web site.

For more mordant humor, look into her Headtrip manga-style cartoon about teenaged girls with sarcastic senses of humor. I enjoy the one-off jokes with recurring characters.
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Neil Jordan, director of Interview with the Vampire, introduces the film on the DVD by saying that the characters are "the saddest vampires you'll ever see."  I think he meant to say that the vampires were UNHAPPY, but I cracked up because they're actually the most PATHETIC and RIDICULOUS vampires I've ever seen. Needless to say, I enjoyed the movie a lot more than I enjoyed Bram Stoker's Dracula [a.k.a. Coppola's Love Fest of Heaving Bosoms and Red Water]. Here is the real screenplay:
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Keanu Reaves as Jonathan Harker: [brain is on screensaver]

Anthony Hopkins as Abraham van Helsing: I chew ze scenery, ja? Is between my tees, ja? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Bill Campbell as Quincey P. Morris: Goldurn it and tarnation! I'm madder than a riled-up hornet. Dadgum -- how many fake folksy expressions does a feller have to use to compensate for the fact that his Texan hick character has got as much karikter development as an advertising picture on the side of a feed sack?

Gary Oldman as Dracula: I am sensitive. Note the deep wells of feeling in my large liquid brown puppy-dog eyes. Well, actually, they're more like the eyes of a hairy horny werewolf, given that I screw Sadie Frost's character on a sundial in a labyrinth while looking like a monkey/bat combo. But pay no attention to my furry palms.

Winona Ryder as Mina Murray: Sure, it makes no sense at all that an unaccompanied fin-de-siecle woman engaged to be married to an utter twit would a) be walking around scummy London unaccompanied and b) allow herself to be accosted by a mysterious "Prince Vlad" and then c) go see nudie movies with him and d) pet wolves, but THROW ME A BONE HERE! I'm doing the best I can with utterly stupid material.

Bosoms: [heave heave]

Red Water: [gush gush]

Scenery: Hello! We are obviously matte paintings and sound stages and overly employed dry ice! Not to mention soap flakes for snow. But you should give us an Oscar anyway. Or two. Or three. PLEAAAAAASE.

Crosses: Watch how we break. This is Very Symbolic. VERY SYMBOLIC.

Annie Lennox: You know, I'm just going to ignore the entire movie and write a seriously awesome love song for the end credits that transcends any of the efforts put forth by the cast in terms of quality. 

EDITED TO ADD: Viewers: Mmm, this cheese tastes good.
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A perfect explication of how the comment "That's so fucking dumb!" actually = "I do not comprehend this thing; therefore, I will dismiss it as pointless."

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More Big Gay Sketch Show. You could insert any characters of your choice, though. The sound in the background was me falling out of my chair in laughter. 
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Lesbian phone sex, courtesy of the Big Gay Sketch Comedy. Please watch the woman who makes the call; her practically boneless wriggling shows what a gifted physical comedian she is. Watch her feet....

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Original by Sir Mix A Lot. Depressingly literal in its music-video interpretation.

Remixed to be like a Gilbert & Sullivan song...highlighting the similarities between the rhyme scheme of rap and classic Broadway musicals.

Jonathan Coulton does it sensitively. Genius!
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Given the huge popularity of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this Chick tract about a kid named Buffy who hates spiders, vampires, Halloween because it's the "Devil's holiday" is really, really funny. Trick or treat...would you like some irony with your waxy candy corn? Site contains full text and pictures of all other Chick tracts. As a bonus, here's an MST3K version of Dark Dungeons, about an anti-D&D Chick tract.
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Sometimes The Onion is funny, but, when the writing committee combines its historical perspective and incisive sarcasm, as in this article, their satire can be almost sublime. I especially like the ways in which the conventions of genocide and execution have been adapted for toys, with the Barbies being "separated from their Kens" and "leaned against the wall" for the firing squad [because they can't stand up by themselves]. The best detail, however, is the nonchalant, almost bured mention of civilian deaths. Genius!
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Hah! I know people like this. Not me, though. I just drone on about Labyrinth.
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Witness the paltry fruits of last night's labor here. It's Part I of my stoopid Labyrinth parody, slightly rewritten by me, animated by Meez [I've made 105 at last count, but they aren't all in this short], set to the tune of clips from the Labyrinth soundtrack. Parts II and III are done, waiting for upload, and I have plans to do the rest of the movie. I don't promise that it will be more than mildly amusing, but it will be a good killer of half an hour.

P.S. If you do watch it, leave a comment and a rating [on the Google Video site, not HERE!], will ya?
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The Onion launches a barrage of zingers at the radio show This American Life. It is a very funny article. All the zingers find their mark as the piece deflates the bombastic, precious excesses of TAL. Here's my favorite part, a fictional quote from TAL producer Alex Blumberg:

"At first, we were getting a lot of stories from recovered drug addicts and East African refugees living in the States, which had their compelling elements but came off a bit cloying...But then we realized that if we had overeducated people with voices rather unsuitable for radio narrate the stories with clever analogies and accessible morals, the whole thing would come off far less depressing."



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