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I just started a 90-day layaway for a 1:6 scale BJD on my want list [previously mentioned in "Oooh oooh!"]. Now that I have reserved her, I can be less cryptic about her identity. She is a Soom Mini Gem Garam, one of the rarest Mini Gems. As I may have mentioned, I have seen no owner pictures of her up until now, and this is the first time I've seen her available on the secondary market. I don't think she sold very well.

Anyway, I have no idea yet what I will do with her, but I have been toying with the thought of adding her to my pests fairies. She has an interesting face. She looks like she's on the verge of tears.
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As I have mentioned many times before, the first 1:6 scale BJD I ever loved was Soom's Mini Gem Uyoo. I went through several cycles of acquiring her and getting rid of her, ultimately always unable to resist her big-eyed, wondering expression.

At this point in my life, I've realized that Uyoo is the BJD equivalent of Takara CG02. I have an unreasonable attachment to this headsculpt, which leads me to own multiple exemplars. Just as I have a default AJ, I also have a default Uyoo, that is, one with the Soom faceup: Theophany [the annoying]. Just as I have an altered AJ, Steampink, so I also have a customized Uyoo, Novella, my Romantic one, that I faceupped. I also currently have a third Uyoo, MacKenzie, a Quite Rabbit LE who is up for sale on the DOA marketplace and who has never appeared except in whole-population shots.

Anyway, here are my two Uyoos from the same universe, i.e., Zombieville. On the left is Novella, a Romantic Uyoo in white skin, faceup and wig by me, outfit by the grab bag with help from Andrea.  On the right is Theophany [the annoying], a regular Uyoo in normal skin [fucking racist resin color names!], with a default Soom faceup, outfit by the grab bag with help from Andrea.Read more... )


Nov. 2nd, 2012 08:46 am
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Soom has its annual Xmas Kit sale going on, where they sell unassembled dolls [+ hooks + string] for cheaper than their strung ones. I'm most interested, of course, in the Mini Gem option. Aren and Uyoo are available in NS or tan [no extra charge for tan], while Elf Uyoo is available only in NS. The base price is $191.00. When s/h is added, though, one doll ends up costing $229.00, a few bucks less than the base price of an assembled one.

In comparison, an assembled Xagadoll Lara from Mint on Card costs $218.00 + $16.31 s/h = $234.31. Therefore, the Xmas Kit sale doesn't make much sense for me because I'm searching for a body for Kinneret, and I can get an assembled, double-jointed one from Xagadoll/Mint on Card for about the same price.

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I've been thinking about the relative rarity of all the 1:6 scale BJDs recently, since I just got Novella, who, as a Soom Romantic Uyoo, is the rarest doll I have. Also I saw a Unoa Light Fluorite on the DOA marketplace that I want, but do not have the dough for. :( Anyway, here's my spectrum of relative rarity for all the 1:6 scale BJDs:

Illusion Spirit Spirit, JAMIEshow bodies and Xagadoll Lara are so new that they haven't established distribution patterns or reputations, so I'm excluding them.


Whether these dolls are popular or not, they're still being sold on the primary market, so they are easy to get.
  • Dollmore Kidults and Cutes
  • Limhwa/Eosdoll Mari and Sara
  • Lumedoll Lumelights
  • Soom Aren and Uyoo
  • Tiny Bear Bonbon and Coco


These dolls appear regularly on the secondary market, so acquiring them is mostly a matter of a) patiently waiting and b) jumping on the opportunity.
  • Alchemic Labo Unoa Lights
  • Elfdoll Hana Angel and Devil
  • Notdoll Lucy
  • Soom Faery Legends
  • Souldoll Metel


Dolls in this category appear on the secondary market, but much more infrequently. Expect to wait years for one to come up.
  • Elfdoll Doona Soah and Ryung, as well as Hana Halloween versions
  • Limhwa/Eosdoll ToYou
  • Notdoll Miriam and Pandora
  • Souldoll Jandi, Kimmy and Vivi


I've seen dolls in this category appear on the secondary market only twice or thrice.
  • Batchix Nan Sook
  • Elfdoll Kathlen
  • Orientdoll Joong Wol


Dolls in this category have few to zero online owner pictures and/or have appeared on the secondary market not at all or once.
  • Leekeworld Jiny and Lani
  • Notdoll Yohimbin
  • Soom Garam, Romantic Uyoo and Sosle
  • Souldoll Licht
modernwizard: (Default) capitalize on the aforementioned architectural results of trying to do something complex with 1:1 hair in a 1:6 scale wig, is clearly a drag queen fairy. Ideally she would be inresinated by a male Soom Faery Legend to exploit the beautiful body sculpt, as well as the built-in wing slots. Another Metato would be awesome, as his lush features would be dazzling with stylized makeup. Kremer would do for a more androgynous look.

On the other hand, a Lumedoll Lumelight Lucas on a muscular body could also work. I am selecting this sculpt because of its strong, square jawline, although the piddly eyes would have to be opened slightly. Given that body's lack of wing slots, her wings would have to be fabric, which is fine, because male Faery Legend wings are exceptionally heavy; they throw the doll off balance. [Poor Flower.] I'd have to do something about those distressingly blocky, undersculpted Lumedoll hands, though.

Okay, sweetheart, get in line. I've got at least Novella and Lura to do before I get to you. [There could also be someone based on Elfdoll Doona Ryung, but nothing's definite at this point.]

Dolls are such bastards. They actively conspire to excite my lust and steal my money. :p
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There are very few 1:6 scale BJDs out there, as I have been pissing and moaning about in the past. I have decided, therefore, to create the most comprehensive list of these hard-to-find specimens, which I will add to and update as necessary. While "All the 1:6 scale BJDs" is not technically an accurate title, it sure beats "Most of the 1:6 scale BJDs that represent kids older than toddlers, as well as adults, that are on-topic for DOA, excluding artist dolls outside the US."

First, a BJD is defined as a ball-jointed doll. For the purposes of this list, a BJD is a highly articulated doll made entirely of resin and strung with elastic through hollow body parts. It comes without rooted hair, so that wigs can be used. It also comes without painted eyes; instead, eyes must be bought separately and inserted in the eyewells. A BJD can be customized through the addition of faceup/body blushing, eyes, wig and clothing. A BJD’s resin body can also be modified subtractively by sanding/carving and additively with sculpting compounds.

Second, 1:6 scale is defined as the scale in which dolls are one-sixth of life-size, which means that an average adult male fig is ~30cm, an average adult female fig ~27cm.

Third, 1:6 scale means something very specific to me. It means that the BJD’s head and body represent realistic human proportions, which scales down to a 3 to 4inch head circumference and 6 to 8mm eyes. My criteria thus exclude BJDs like Tiny Bear’s Mini Moona and Planetdoll Riz, both of which have disproportionately large heads.

Fourth, I’m only interested in certain types of 1:6 scale. I am not interested in 1:6 scale toddler and very young child dolls, like Fairyland Pukipukis and Pukifees. There are scads of those running around. I’m interested in BJDs representing kids older than 6 or 8, teenagers, young adults, etc.: the more mature end of 1:6 scale. Anything 20cm and taller is fair game.

Fifth, in the case of both Bluefairy Pepper/Sugar dolls, Lumedoll Lumelights and Soom Faery Legends, there are so many sculpts that I'm not listing them all.

And now…the list. I’m going alphabetically by company, with information about sculpts, availability and links where possible.

EDIT: As of December 26th, 2013, I have moved this information to a public Google Sheets spreadsheet for easy use.
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This may seem incredibly obvious, but I have recently concluded that 1:3 is not my scale. Even though I have several 1:3 scale BJDs, they represent a deviation from my true interest, which is 1:6 scale.

I should just stop buying 1:3 scale BJDs.

Anyway, my interest in 1:6 scale BJDs conveniently reduces the scope of BJDs I'm interested in to just a few types of dolls by a few companies, including, but not limited to, the following: Soom Minigems and Faery Legends, Dollmore Kidults, Lumedoll Lumelights, Souldoll Soul Littles and Dinkies, Elfdoll Hanas and Doonas, Unoa Lights, Notdoll Yohimbin, Miriam and Lucy, Xagadoll Lara, Illusion Spirit Spirit, et hoc genus omne. Of course, said interest also frustrates me, as most of the companies in this sub-realm offer female dolls, but not male ones. [I love you, Lumedoll!]

As far as I'm concerned, 1:6 scale is superior to 1:3 scale because there's so much more available in terms of clothing, furniture, accessories, sets and stuff. It's also less expensive on the whole and much less of a space hog, so I can cram way more 1:6ers into the same shelf space that would only fit a few 1:3ers. 
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Andrea is selling me Eudora, her NS Uyoo with a default faceup. I regret getting rid of my own NS Uyoo with default faceup some time ago, so this one is a substitute, and I will not let her go. Her name will be Theophany [thee OFF a nee], which I much prefer over the English bastardization, Tiffany.
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I'm purchasing on layway a WS Soom Romantic Uyoo. I've always loved Uyoo, but I've especially hankered after the "romantic" version with partly closed eyes. I've wanted her for 6 years, ever since her debut, but I never got around to ordering her promptly. By the time I was able to, she had been discontinued. Evidently, she was not very popular, which explains why I had never seen owner pictures of her until recently, when I came across one for sale on the Den of Iniquitous Temptation DOA marketplace.

Anyway, here's my incoming Uyoo, Novella, as she looks now. She's from an LE, Black Rose Again, and she comes with the LE faceup, which is horrible, smeary, dark and unflattering. Rest assured that I will be repainting her in a paler palette with a much lighter touch. I'm also removing those wretched eyelashes. Photos by Mandragore.
Read more... )
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First, Soom made Sard, the May Monthly Doll for 2008. A typical Soom sculpt, he had pillowy lips, limpid eyes and androgynous lines. He was a limited edition with horns, hooves and wings. People went bananas over him, as evidenced by this actual comment made by a fan on Sard's sales page:

Is there any chance he will be restocked next year during the same time as his original release? I really wish I would have gotten this boy and I'm so mad I didn't. I'd be willing to sell my kidney for a Sard!

Tragically, Sard appeared for sale for a mere month, leaving many potential Sard owners distraught.

Then Soom realized they could get their racket on [as if they didn't already have so many rackets going] by, second, making Dia some time in the end of 2008. Dia has the same head as Sard, with the exception of the ears. Dia has human ears, while Sard has elongated, pointy ears. As an unlimited doll without a special outfit or body parts, Dia represented a less expensive way for Sard fans to get their fix, this time with no chance of the doll going out of stock.

But Soom wasn't done yet. They like to release the same or related sculpts in different sizes, so of course they came out with Metato, the Faery Legend doll for April, in 2012. Yes, he has the same headsculpt as Dia and Sard, only on a smaller scale [1:6, not 1:3] and with different faery ears. As an excited poster on DOA remarked, he's "Diet in fun size!" :p Though a limited edition with wings [resin ones, as opposed to Sard's feathery ones] and truly not that much cheaper than his bigger cousins, once you add up all the options, Metato represents yet another chance for Soom enthusiasts to get their Sard on.

I have no particular conclusion to make. I just admire Soom as a company, not only because I really like their aesthetic, but also because they know how to play the market, satisfying and tantalizing customers at the same time. It's really fun to watch and participate in the anticipation of new releases, the frenzy over teaser photos, the formulations of opinion when the thing goes on sale, the commiseration in the DOA "waiting room" threads, the increased excitement as shipping notices start issuing, the collective freak-out when the first owner pictures appear and the ultimate satisfaction of receiving one's own package and being Soomed all over again. [The most popular companies have adjectival forms of their names representing how enthusiastic one can be about them. I've seen people who are Soomed, Fairylanded and Iplewhelmed, but I've never heard of anyone being DollZoned or ImplDolled, presumably because the latter two companies sell less expensive dolls and thus have less prestige.] The fact that we're all being manipulated by a savvy business concern doesn't make the consumption any less fun.

I remain uncertain about whether to get Metato. On the plus side, I've always kind of wanted Sard because he was a Taurus doll, my astrological sign, and Metato is basically a smaller Sard with no hooves and better wings. Metato is in competition with Kremer [that's Flower's sculpt] for the cutest male faery so far, and he'd certainly play well with others, viz., Ginevra and Flower. Plus he's my favorite size! On the minus side, he's $485.00 without EMS shipping, which usually comes to about $50.00 to $60.00. 

P.S. Not that anyone cares, but I currently have 27 BJDs [OH GOD WHERE DID THEY ALL COME FROM?]. Soom is the number one maker, along with Elfdoll. I have 5 from each maker.
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There's a beautiful Soom Uyoo on the DOA marketplace now, and I waaaaaant her. Scratch my plans about having a Lumedoll Arine for my Muses protagonist and doing the faceup myself; this Uyoo is perfect.

I've long had a crush on Uyoo. I love her big eyes and her full lips. Her mouth always seem slightly open, as if she's about to speak.

I used to have one with a default Soom faceup that I loved; she was the first incarnation of Jennifer, but I sold her, which I shouldn't have done. I eventually got another to provide the body for Absinthe and the head for Little Anneka, but I never liked that one as much because she had a non-default faceup. This one currently on the MP has sweet, arched eyebrows and a delicately done mouth, very close to the default. WANT WANT WANT WANT.

EDIT: Inquired to see if she was still available. If all goes well, I will soon on the road to HELL, no turning back, since I'm now buying dolls for Me and My Muses.
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After I move, I think I'm going to get a new 1:6 BJD. I certainly don't need one, but I want one. It will be one of the following:
  • Elfdoll 14cm Olivia. She is a sleeping elfy dolly, the same size as Waverley.
  • Elfdoll 20cm Doona Ryung. She is the same size as Submit, but with a headsculpt like the 60cm Elfdoll Ryung.
  • Soom Mini Gem 27cm Aren. She has a sweet face.

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Damn you, Soom! Why do you have to make Uyoo so adorable? I'm gonna get a Romantic one eventually...her eyes will be much more proportionate to her head. It's such a young, attractive, expressive sculpt. With the slightly parted lips, she looks ready to speak. She's one of my favorite dolls.

Coming eventually to Love Has Fangs, it's Absinthe Lefebvre, ex-sadist and the vampire who made Will... She's a Soom Romantic Uyoo head [paper white, of course] with the default Angel Uyoo faceup on a Limwha ToYou body. Maybe she'll fit into all those Gothy Bratz clothes that I keep pining after...? Read more... )
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This is probably the only time you'll ever see all my 1:6 BJDs together, since Jennifer belongs to the 1:3 universe with Jareth and Frank, and Daisy and Geordie belong to the Love Has Fangs universe. They are making cross-dimensional connections for the sake of your edification, though. :D
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Back in the olden days when I purchased my first BJD [that's spring, 2004], most BJDs for sale were 1:3.
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I didn't notice, but apparently Soom came out with a sleepy Uyoo head called Romantic Uyoo. While I titled the post "Sleepy Jennifer," it doesn't really look like Jennifer at all... She is lovely, though, and I want her head, even though I have no use for it. She has an Anneka Elizabeth look to her... I'm E-mailing Soom now and asking if it's possible to get the Romantic head sold separately with faceup. It would be cheap too, $80.00, which is how much I paid for Velvette's head. [Actually, Velvette was one of those super limited edition Mbili Barbies that I bought for $100.00, and I ended up giving away most of the designer costume, tossing the body, taking down her hair and transplanting her onto a poorly painted CG body. She's one of my favorite and most beautiful dolls and absolutely worth what I paid.]

While I'm linking to things, I should note that Orient Doll has an affordable 1:6 toddler BJD at 4.65". At $109.00 excluding s/h, an unpainted So is about half the price of Jennifer! I have plans for a toddler in the future of Love Has Fangs, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to invest that type of money in a tertiary character. He'd have to be a central character for at least a season [or he'd have to have a recurring secondary role like Velvette the hot and expensive!] to justify that expense.
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I'm making a deal with Lia on DOA to get my third and final BJD, a Soom Uyoo. She comes with the soft, natural Soom default faceup, blue eyes and a completely blushed body. I've never had a fully blushed doll before; from the pictures, the light blushing gives her an added delicacy. See my Uyoo, pre-Jennifer, below. Read more... )
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DEDF now boasts $248.64, just enough for a Uyoo! buy...Jennifer... I realize that, with Sardonix' departure, I have no one to photograph in the cemeteries, and, given Jennifer's current interest in graveyards, she'd be perfect. But what's a Jennifer doll without a Frank doll first?

In future doll news, Kallisti has pics of the new Unoas up on Blastmilk . Nope, no Unoa for me, but I think Frank's breasts should be similar, only scaled up in proportion to the Afghan base body. [Heck, I think Afghan should have had a rack like that originally, possibly even bigger. Then again, my preferences for dolls' chests are heavily influenced by top-heavy CGs.]
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Sardonix' body went into the DEDF. I thought I wouldn't give up her head, but then decided that, however devilishly charming she is, she is not the doll[s] that I want. I want my Jareth and Frank dolls. Bye, Sardonix. Nice knowin' ya. I doubt that Sardonix will truly disappear. Zephque will probably hang around too. After falling back into the great melting pot of aborted characters, their traits shall surely resurface in future creations.

I still want a Uyoo. She's so innocent and cheerful-looking, which would make her a good representation of Jennifer.
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I would have a modded SA Haund for Jareth, like I already do [only he's not in my possessive little mitts yet]. Frank would be a modded regular Haund head on an Afghan body with severe breast augmentation. And Jennifer would be a Uyoo. Then I could have the whole Stichomythy in manipulable format! *...pauses to wander among thoughts...* Wow, I hope the D.E.D.F. (Disgustingly Expensive Doll Fund) receives an infusion this Xmas.
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I really like the Soom Mini Gem. Sweet face, realistic boobs, great posability and CHEAP CLOTHING OPTIONS! However, I'd just use her the same way I'd use much cheaper dolls, so I'm not sure the investment would be worth it.



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