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Here's my latest person, Tara. She is a modded Apexplorers Ice head. I trimmed down her neck and hollowed it out so that she looked more proportional on the CG 2.0 body she currently has. I also wiped her facial tattoos with Pebeo. To reduce the vast expanse of her exceedingly receding hairline, I gave her a fluorescent green headband. I also trimmed some of her dreads into bangs and used Mod Podge to lie them flat against her forehead.

I love Tara's headsculpt. I love the way that her individual dreads are woven into cornrows, as well as a center part. I love her long, straight jawline that extends forward from her swirl-shaped ears. I love her big, wide, purple eyes, her pointy little nose and her full lips. She's such a wonderful woman of color!

She looks very curious in these pictures.
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modernwizard: (Default)'s 40% off Cyber Monday sale gave me the incentive I needed to purchase a nude Hot Toys/Apexplorers Ice for $65.00 shipped. As you can see, the overall concept of a Himalayan warrior/explorer and her loyal Husky is creative and well executed, but, as cool as they are, I don't care about the furry outfit, the weapons and the dog. I just dig Ice's head.

The styling of Ice's headsculpt -- bold, angular and full of character -- appeals to me. She has the huge eyes of an anime figure, but these features are balanced by her sharp cheekbones and wonderfully fierce mouth. My only complaint is that she doesn't appear to have any nostrils. I'll have to draw some on. The use of yarn for her dreadlocks also attracts me, since it's a technique I have employed, and the huge bulk of the dreads just complements her exaggerated features.

Not sure what I'm going to do with her yet, but I do know that her name's Tara. If her tattoos are just painted on the bare plastic of her head, I'm going to remove them. Thinking I'll also repaint her blue [?!] eyes. Might also thin out her dreads to reduce some of the bulk.



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