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The topic of recast BJDs continues to provoke heated discussion; witness the entire Tumblr devoted to pro- and anti-recast people slagging each other under the cloak of anonymity. The creativity with which pro-recast persons justify their unfair and illegal actions boggles the mind.

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Jul. 24th, 2013 09:44 am
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Just came across a picture of Timonium on the BJD Showcase Tumblr, a collection of messily done BJDs. That makes...hmmm, let's many BJDs of mine that have been mocked on various boards and blogs?
  • Jareth 1.0 for looking deformed
  • Frank for being a defacement of a Volks LE
  • Sardonix 2.0 for having a schematic, indestructible faceup made of undiluted acrylic paint
  • Timonium for being messy
In a special subcategory is Araminthe. When B&G Dolls put out their LE Burrysa with neutral and snarling heads, a thread started on Den of Demons mocking the crabby expression on her snarling head. I didn't even know this doll existed until I saw the DoD thread, which inspired me to purchase Araminthe. No one has specifically mocked Araminthe, but her sculpt has been made fun of.

I'm quite sure that someone out there is heaving their guts out over photos of Jareth 2.0, but I haven't found proof of that yet.

Man! Just wait till I puke all over my color-mismatching hybrid between a super-expensive LE Iplehouse head and a mechanically recalcitrant, cheapo body! [That's Yamarrah, folks.] Maybe I can make the BJD Showcase again!

Actually, you know what annoys me the most about Timonium's appearance on that Tumblr? My photo was used without attribution. I told the blogger to either put a source link or take down the photo. Otherwise, how are Showcase readers gonna know where to fling their poo, huh?!?!?!?!?

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BJD Text Confessions anonymous bigot sez:

I hate MD Jinas like Kyoyaxl has. Fucking learn the difference between a girl and a boy.

For those of you who do not speak BJD code, the submitter is saying that they dislike the Jina headsculpt by Migidoll when styled by doll owners like DOA member Kyoyaxl.

Migidoll bills Jina as a "girl," but that doesn't mean much in the BJD world. Just because a company bills a head as "male" or "female" doesn't mean that doll fiends will abide by those distinctions. The majority of BJD heads demonstrate a distinctly androgynous aesthetic that doesn't swing in a stereotypically masculine or feminine direction. Ergo, there's a lot of putting "female" heads on "male" bodies [and significantly less putting "male" heads on "female" bodies, the way that I did with my Frank BJD].

There's also a lot of dressing "male" dolls in "women's" clothes [and significantly less dressing "female" dolls in "men's" clothes].

Incidentally, there are also a notable minority of breast removals ["girl to boy mods"] on "female dolls," as well as penis additions ["hermaphrodite mods"] on "female dolls" too.

All of this is to say that sex and gender presentation can be very fluid in the BJD world. And some BJD fiends, like our anonymous gender-policing bigot, are going to resist that fluidity kicking and screaming. Meanwhile, the rest of us are going to continue genderfucking while innocently asking, "And which differences, pray tell, are you speaking of?" :p

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BJD Text Confessions is fascinating sometimes. I never fail to be fascinated by the increasingly elaborate edifices of denial, justification and immaturity constructed by pro-recast people to support their knockoff habits.

Case in point: Someone submits a confession, decrying the negative judgments passed on pro-recast people: "... I have to say that I am absolutely appalled by the behavior of a majority of posters in the recent recast firestorm. I’ve seen grown women and men saying anyone who would buy a recast is evil, filthy, a thief, nasty, sick, stupid, immature, greedy, ignorant , horrible and many other 'fine' adjectives. ..."

Since everyone has a [very loud] opinion on the subject of recasts, the number of notes on the entry swells. kaffeeundsahne, a truly astute, insightful individual, makes the following observation, which I am quoting at length in case the Tumblr gets purged:

"How different is it to insult and degrade pro-recasters from insulting homosexuals or other races. IT. ISN’T. ANY. DIFFERENT. People are people and human beings have goddamn feelings, especially pro-recasters. We’re the minority in this community and when we’re shot down and insulted and humiliated like that, especially by GROWN-ASS PEOPLE, it hurts!"

Got it, people? The institutionalized discrimination and bigotry that constantly affects queer people and/or people of color to the point where some of us die because of it is just the same as calling out recast supporters on their unethical bullshit. We should not castigate pro-recast people for their support of morally bankrupt enterprises because we will then hurt the feelings of the morally bankrupt. And hurting the feelings of people engaged in immoral and illegal activities is the same as oppressing marginalized people unto death.

By the same "reasoning," apparently, we shouldn't call out bigots on their bigotry, because even worse than being a bigot is being made to feel uncomfortable. I actually experience quite a lot of rage when reading the pro-recast bullshit justifications because the arguments are  similar to those made by privileged people who want to maintain the oppressive status quo. There's also a crapload of appropriation going on in the pro-recast line of thought.

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I gotta say...I never see these types of "Fuck off and stop judging me!" comments on MWD. If I see someone's custom that's not to my taste in the world of 1:6 scale action figs, I, like pretty much all the other fanatics, either comment about some aspect that I do like or just avoid it. In over a decade in online 1:6 scale action fig communities, I have never seen there such critical sniping as I've seen on DOA.

The 1:6 scale action fig world has its own nasty aspects. For example, there's the pointless, recursive hostility toward likeness figs, as detailed in my discussion about the upcoming Hot Toys Selina Kyle. There's also the Cult of Triad, a group that remains determinedly hostile toward any legit criticism of the company. And, of course, there's the everpresent, inescapable, insidious objectification and misogyny. No sniping though, unless you're trying to bash some sniper from some army in some war with correct, in-scale camo and little bullets in his little gun and zzzzzzzzzzzz... 1:6 scale military crapola doesn't interest me at all, except insofar as I can exploit it for my kinky civilian ends. I am not, however, about to say that my mismatched, pink-haired suburbanites are more creative and therefore better than historically accurate soldier dudes.

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That was the point sailing over your head.

Yet again we have a BJD confession that confuses having an active, playful imagination with pathology. Sometimes these confessions really confuse me.

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A supremely clueless person on BJD Text Confessions just called the DOA mods "nazis" [sic].

How mind-bogglingly inappropriate. >_>

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They all look like depressed bobbleheads to me. And why do the special edition ones command such ridiculously high prices [at least double their initial price tags] on the secondary market? Do they shit diamonds? Is that why they look so uncomfortable -- because they have extremely hard substances moving through their excretory systems?
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Really? We have to explain to this poster something as elementary as one's BJDs being a vehicle for one's fantasies? Wow.

Jareth: "I'm a super-gay doll with long hair, and I approve this message."

Me: "You're super queer, not super gay."

Jareth: "To-may-to, to-mah-to."

Me: "I've never heard anyone actually pronounce it 'to-mah-to' unless they're using that particular phrase."

Jareth: "Excuse me...I'm going to the credit union to pay off your auto loan so you can buy me more clothes."

Me: "I'd like to see you drive."

FLE car: "Don't worry; I won't let him get anywhere."

Jareth: "Shit."
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Apparently some people on BJD Text Confessions are laboring under the delusion that we're living in a meritocracy, wherein the quality of BJD art is directly proportional to the amount of time one spends on something and the "best" BJD art automatically garners power, prestige and popularity because of its instantly recognizable awesomeness.

Hmm, by that "logic," my Jareth doll should rule the BJD universe. And yet it doesn't. It's almost like the submitter has no handle on how reality actually works.

Way to go, submitter. Take that ahistorical, non-contextual, oblivious-to-privilege-and-structural-inequality perspective and shove it up your nose. I bet you don't believe in institutional sexism, preferring instead to tell yourself the lie that "women keep themselves down," huh? Bigot.
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Since the summer, I've enjoyed following a few BJD-related Tumblrs, mostly, followed by and The first entertains me by applying animated gifs to hobby-related experiences. The second and the third bear anonymous witness to the barely coherent rage apparently simmering just beneath the surface of your average BJD owner. >_>

Recently, much of said barely coherent rage has concerned recasts, or bootleg, knockoff BJDs. When I first discovered that there was even a controversy about recasts, I did not understand. Recasts are clearly wrong. Don't buy them. How hard is that?

Pretty hard, apparently. Defenders of recasts have loads of justifications for their immoral and illegal deeds, including the following:

"I can't afford a legit one."

"Only the recasters supply the resin color that I want."

"It's just like downloading music."

"You're just being elitist." [In the BJD community, calling someone the E-word is just about the worst insult ever. I could write a whole entry about that, but it's kind of a tangent.]

And my favorite: "[Keep your] noses, moral choices, and all that jazz out of everyone elses dollie buying decision." Because right and wrong are completely irrelevant to human social activities! Whaddaya mean -- you didn't know that?!

Interestingly, most arguments in favor of recasts boil down to, "You're not the boss of me! PPLLLBBBHHHTHTHSSSSST!" Historically speaking, this has never been an effective rhetorical strategy.

The amount of poo-flinging generating by the subject of recasts [see this thread, for example] fascinates me. O_O
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I get so irritated when I post dolls for sale on DOA, and then people try to trade me their dolls for mine when I have explicitly stated that I'm not open to trades. No! I don't want your f'in' doll!
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Sellers on the DOA marketplace who say, "Please add 4% for Paypal fees." No, you add it. Price your items to compensate for the fees. You're not supposed to blatantly ask buyers to cover your damn fees. Suck it up as a cost of doing business.

I also really dislike sellers on the marketplace who specify that buyers should send payments as "personal." No, I will not send you a personal payment. If I do so, I forfeit my buyer protection and my ability to make a claim and possibly get a refund if we have a problem transaction. I know you're trying to avoid fees [again], but I mistrust anyone whose business practices make it easier for them to abscond with my money.
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[No, I'm not outraged right now.]

Doll clothing with out-of-scale buttons. I see this a lot on clothes for 1:3 scale BJDs [i.e., ~60cm or 2 feet tall]. Makers of doll clothes will go to incredible lengths to replicate and scale down all the details of, say, a shirt or a jacket, and then WHAMMO! They'll completely spoil the whole effect by using 1:1 scale buttons [suitable for human clothes] as fasteners.

And they're not doing it for a purposeful aesthetic effect either. This is serious, unfunky clothing that they're making, insofar as doll clothes can be serious. It's especially hilarious when you're looking at suits for BJDs: "Oh I like the structure of this jacket. The detail on the lining makes it look almost GOOD GRAVY WHO PUT BUTTONS THE SIZE OF SAUCERS ON THE CUFFS???"

In-scale buttons exist! I know this because I see them with some regularity on 1:6 scale clothes. I know they exist for 1:3 scale clothes as well, but I'm not sure why they aren't used very much by makers of doll clothes in 1:3 scale.

I mean, surely, if you can be arsed to put in-scale zipper flies and functioning pockets on your denim dolly jeans, you can put freakin' in-scale buttons on your dolly shirts, right?

You know what...while I'm pissing and moaning about BJD stuff, let me get this off my chest. Asian BJD companies can now officially stop with the Alice in Wonderland [sic] special edition dolls and/or outfits. Way too many doll studios have done or are doing something with this concept. Boooooooring.

If Asian BJD companies want some non-Alice concepts, I can supply some. Let's try the Chinese zodiac, the months of the year [not the same as the non-Chinese zodiac, more of a personification theme], celestial bodies [again not the non-Chinese zodiac, more of a personification theme], fairy tales, seasons [mud season!], weather, trees/flowers, the Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, ceremonial dress from different cultures, the Major Arcana of a Tarot deck, medieval Western European character types [king, queen, knight, damsel, jester, maid, serf, etc.], characters from famous ballets, et hoc genus omne. Some of these concepts have already been appropriated by some companies, but I think they still have a lot of life in them.

Furthermore, we need more therianthropic characters. I'm not just talking dolls with resin ear attachments; I'm talking dolls with non-human limbs and torsos and such. We have not yet reached market saturation on centaurs, especially female ones, and merpeople. I also strongly advocate for naga [human/snake hybrids], human/bear hybrids and human/zebra hybrids. We definitely need more human/arachnid dolls [Soom Vesuvia and Impldoll Colin being the only ones I know of]. And we're also seriously lacking in human/insect hybrids. That's just for starters...
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