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Journey's song "Separate Ways [Worlds Apart]" came on one of Janna's Pandora stations a few days ago. A few lines caught in my head ["If he ever hurts you / True love won't desert you"], but I didn't know the source. So I banged out the words into a search engine and came up with the full set of lyrics, which I will now summarize as follows:

I'm so obsessed with you that I've been monitoring your activities since our breakup. "You'll never walk alone" -- literally. I'll be watching through my binoculars -- you and your current partner. If he ever hurts you, I'll be right there to comfort you...also to lay the hurt on him for mistreating you. In summary, I am a dangerous, deeply deluded misogynist who is very likely to kill you and your partner once I'm done wailing about how much I love you.

I would really like to believe that, like Sting's Every Breath You Take, Separate Ways is actually supposed to be a disturbing evocation of obsessive, abusive behavior, but I can find no evidence.




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