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 I have just revised my concept for Infinity [who is inevitable, now that he has a name]. Instead of being black and wearing white, he would have alternating black and white parts like so:
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Body picture is from Lumedoll's Web site, a photo of Lumedoll Lumelight Koit on the slim body. Head picture is from a photo of Lumelight Mini Zero on same site. Please ignore the wig. Infinity will have a fur wig, black on the left as you look at him, white on the right as you look at him, of course. No clothes or faceup, just selectively spray-painted limbs.

I imagine that Infinity will disturb the small populations even more than Timonium, especially because he is a playful ham who likes to pretend to be a zombie/puppet/shadow and follow people around, mimicking them. I see him becoming good friends with Ginevra, however, and with Submit, who's one of the most open-minded on the shelf. I also see him especially pestering Mellifer, since he can get a big reaction out of him. I also see everyone having a group discussion in which they tell Infinity that he has to stop freaking out Mellifer.

He also doesn't speak, which means that putting him in photostories will be interesting. I foresee subtitles or special effects [motion lines? blurred body parts?] for "[nodding]," "[shaking head]," "[waving]," etc.

Mellifer: "Stop pretending to be some sort of creepy doll."

Infinity: [puts hands on hips, cocks head]

Ginevra [to Mellifer]: "You do realize that you can't ask people to stop being what they are, right?"

Infinity: [points thumb at Ginevra, nods head to the side in her direction]

Mellifer: "Never mind..."

Ginevra [to Infinity]: "And you... You do realize that I'm your only friend around here because everyone thinks you're an annoying pest, right?"

Infinity: [hangs head, clasps hands behind back]

Mellifer: "See? Now I have no idea if you're really sorry or if you're just pretending to be as one of your tricks."

Infinity: [continues to hang head]

Mellifer: "Are you actually sorry?"

Infinity: [nods slowly]

Mellifer: "How can I tell?!"

Ginevra: "He's sorry. He's trying to show you that he's serious by nodding slowly."

Infinity: [points to Ginevra, applauds, nods more quickly]

Mellifer: "How do you know? The dude has no face!"

Infinity: [holds up middle finger to Mellifer, stomps off]

Ginevra: "Because I actually pay attention to people and get to know them, unlike some of us that I COULD mention!"

Mellifer: [throws up hands] "Arrrrgh!" [stomps off in opposite direction]

Ginevra: "Well, that went well."

Oh yeah, and apparently he doesn't pester Timonium because he has a huge crush on him, which means that he constantly enlists other people to give Timonium presents from him.

Infinity: [taps Jareth on arm]

Jareth: "Hey, what's up?"

Infinity: [gives pretty marble]

Jareth: "Ah...thank you."

Infinity: [shakes head, points to marble, then points to Timonium]

Jareth: "You want me to give it to him?"

Infinity: [nods]

Jareth: "I don't understand why."

Infinity: [makes shooing motions]

Jareth: "Wait a minute...YOU give it to him."

Infinity: [shakes head vigorously]

Jareth: "Why not?"

Infinity: [shivers exaggeratedly]

Jareth: "You're cold? You're scared?"

Infinity: [nods]

Jareth: "Why?"

Infinity: [looks down]

Jareth: "Did he upset you or hurt you or something?"

Infinity: [shakes head]

Jareth: "You need to tell me a little more here. I'm confused."

Infinity: [blushes]

Jareth: "You're embarrassed? Worried?"

Infinity: [nods a little bit, blushes more]

Jareth: "You didn't have a problem giving it to me. What is it about Timonium -- ?"

Infinity: [blushes even more]

Jareth: "Got a crush on him, huh?"

Infinity: [immediately vacates premises]

Jareth: "Hey, you forgot your marble!"

Oooh oooh!

Sep. 12th, 2013 11:29 am
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A 1:6 scale BJD on my want list has appeared on the DOA marketplace. She's in the You Wish! category of relative rarity, and this is the first time I've ever seen her for sale on the secondary market. I would like to get her right now, but the price is a little steep.

Furthermore, I have a drawer full of 1:6 scale BJD parts that I have acquired, but not done anything that second Soom Aenigma head. Hell, I completely forgot I had that. I am not quite sure why I purchased it in the first place. Anyway, I feel slightly guilty getting someone else when I have little populations lying in wait, unused.

Obviously not that guilty, though... :p

While my idea for a 1:6 scale dryad BJD has fallen by the wayside, I've recently been thinking about a concept for a Lumedoll Lumelight Mini Zero that I had back in June. [I initially called him Silencio, but I think that a gender-neutral abstract noun might be better: Infinity.] I find the half-finished facial features on Mini Zero very cool and evocative. I think a truly black version of him with stark white robes would be fucking amazing. I would need to paint his body...
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There are three completely new sculpts: Fionn [sleeping dude], Kiran [awake dude], Helena [open-mouthed fem]. There's also Mini Zero, a smaller version of Zero, a sold-out 1:3 scale Lumedoll notable for his inchoate, in-progress face.

There are also some new resin colors available: ebony [a darker, more intense brown than the very light tan], bronze [a deep brown with gold undertones] and, finally and most amusingly, "zombie" [a greenish grey that I cannot distinguish from the regular grey Lumedoll offers].

Now I regret ordering a bunch of Lumedoll heads before these new sculpts came out! I especially like Helena and Mini Zero, who would be great as some disturbing, lurking embodiment of silence or something. I wish I could get him in completely black resin. Then I would dress him in ridiculously long white linen robes and a white fur wig and call him Silencio. He would stand around freaking out all my fairies. :p Ebony would also work as a resin color for him, just as long as there was a stark contrast between his skin color and hair/clothing color.



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