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There's a person on the DOA marketplace who has an Elfdoll June for sale. She's a 58cm, single-jointed BJD from 2009, "no damage," coming with default faceup, wig, eyes, box, earrings. As you can see, she originally sold for $500.00 + s/h, but the seller has listed her for $180.00 + s/h.

That's the first thing I don't understand. The secondary market for Elfdolls is pretty soft in general, especially compared to, say, that of Volks or Soom, but other Junes have gone or are going for at least $350.00, more like in the $400s. Why is this one so cheap?

And then there's the shipping quote. The seller says that priority shipping in the US will be "approximately $85.00."

That's the second thing I don't understand. "Approximately $85.00" for shipping a BJD by priority mail in the US is patently false. For one thing, you could unstring her and stick her in a large flat rate priority box, which, with insurance for $200.00 and delivery confirmation, would come to a total of $19.10. For another thing, even if her box were oversized [say, 36"x12"x12"] and 8 pounds [which is overestimating everything], priority shipping from California to Vermont with $200.00 of insurance and delivery confirmation would come to a total of $70.20. $70.20 =/= "approximately $85.00."

It's kind of despicious. >_> I suddenly feel a great desire to rescue this doll from her current owner.
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This weekend I bought an Elfdoll tiny Winky, one of the original releases, with regular [as opposed to elf] ears. Here's a picture of what she looks like on the official site, but mine has a cuter faceup, with raised eyebrows and little freckles.

The Winky that I bought, whose name is Jujube, does not have any purpose in my amassment other than to be cute. I decided that she can be my at-work BJD, making me smile while I'm at my desk. Even though I already have non-BJD Junebug and her BJD Precious Little to keep me company, I can always use another, especially one as adorable as Jujube.

The technical definition of a jujube is "a cough drop of gelatin, sometimes made with berries from the jujube tree."
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After I move, I think I'm going to get a new 1:6 BJD. I certainly don't need one, but I want one. It will be one of the following:
  • Elfdoll 14cm Olivia. She is a sleeping elfy dolly, the same size as Waverley.
  • Elfdoll 20cm Doona Ryung. She is the same size as Submit, but with a headsculpt like the 60cm Elfdoll Ryung.
  • Soom Mini Gem 27cm Aren. She has a sweet face.

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Here's Waverley, who arrived today! She's an Elfdoll tiny Kai with default faceup, eyes and wig. Her shirt is from a mini Bratz boy. Her shorts are from a Tommy doll. I wired her legs with a pipe cleaner and her arms with half of an unwound pipe cleaner. [Pipe cleaners are made of two slender wires twined together with fuzz in between the twines. I used one slender wire from a pipe cleaner to wire her arms.]

During hot weather, most of us like to relax with a cool drink. Waverley's beverage of choice is beer. Just a few sips! Read more... )
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Here's Waverley's studio, perfectly customized for her 14cm frame. Since Waverley is not here yet, my Dollmore Banji, which has no character as of yet, provides an idea of scale.

Yellow end table with lamp is from Rement. Bed/seat is an Orientdoll box topped with 1:6 pillows made by a friend. The end tables are made from carpentry scraps thatI hot-glued together. The plants are bits of fake greenery glued into wooden spools. TV stand is a ring box. TV is from Rement's Merry Strawberry set. Books are 1:6. The penguin is an Iwako eraser. The stuffed bear is a modified Only Hearts Club Little Pet. The briefcase is probably something from Barbie, and the mini computer is a Playmates Uhura communicator.

Read more... )
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As I now have a job, Waverley is on her way to me, bringing with her from Denver Doll Emporium some crack cocaine Rement that I have long pined for, such as Eggs Etc. [eggs! bacon!] and Mexican dinner [tacos!]. Also on its way is a Dollmore Banji, bought secondhand so as not to support a cheatin' doll company. The Banji was an impulse buy and, as such, it does not have a designated character. It may become Will's cherished Bru doll. Then again, maybe not.
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I hope to get an Elfdoll Tiny Kai soon, 14cm of awesomeness, to be Waverley Parker. An unplanned character in the LHF universe, she will become a regular main character because, like Absinthe, I like her so much!

Since I do not know when I will be able to afford her, I content myself with thinking about Waverley's room. For most of my 1:6 sets, I arrange a selection of my furniture, backdrops and decor, but this won't work in Waverley's case. Waverley is 1:6 for a person with her form of achondroplastic dwarfism, which means that she's more like 1:3 scale in 1:6 scale. In other words, she is the 1:6 equivalent of a 60cm BJD's height. Anyway, that means that, in absolute scale, she is more like 1:8 or even 1:12, much smaller than my 1:6ers.

So almost everything in Waverley's room needs to be on Waverley's scale, 1:8 or 1:12, except for a few items for her guests. I imagine that she has a 1:6 chair and some pillows for guests, but, as in a traditional Japanese house, she spends much of her time sitting on the floor. Nevertheless, I have been thinking about existing pieces of mine that I could use in her set:
  • I have pillows and blankets for seating on the floor.
  • Chow and Baozha have a low table that could double as Waverley's.
  • My ring box could work as a small end table.
  • My Rement lamp [from the yellow dresser] would be the perfect scale to go on the end table.
  • I have that pink tricorder that I can use as her computer.
  • I have a cell phone that she can use.
  • She can watch the Merry Strawberry TV.
  • I have a small necklace box that could be a bed for her. It just needs padding.
  • I'm sure she would use the mushroom and puzzle mats as throw rugs to keep the floor warm.
Rement offers plenty of accessories on the smaller side for Waverley's use:
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I used to have a 14cm Elfdoll tiny BJD; she was the early form of Geordie. You can see her with Dom and some other dolls here. I sold her because I really didn't like her and she wasn't very posable. Now that everyone and their friend is joining the LHF universe, I want to add a 14cm Elfdoll tiny back into the cast, not as a young child, but as an adult with achondroplasia. This form of dwarfism, which Davry has, usually allows people to top out at about 3.5 to 4 feet [e.g., Davry]. However, in some cases, it results in very small people, such as Jyoti Amge, a teen in India who recently broke the record for world's smallest person. At 58cm and 11 pounds, she is just about the size and weight of an average 1:3 BJD. If you look at photos of her, she's also incredibly charming and beautiful. She appears to be extroverted, friendly and welcoming of attention.

Given the exemplar of Jyoti Amge, I have decided that I'd like another person with achondroplastic dwarfism to join the LHF cast: Waverley Parker. Read more... )

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This is probably the only time you'll ever see all my 1:6 BJDs together, since Jennifer belongs to the 1:3 universe with Jareth and Frank, and Daisy and Geordie belong to the Love Has Fangs universe. They are making cross-dimensional connections for the sake of your edification, though. :D
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On Monday, I got a Limhwa [I will never learn how to spell this correctly] ToYou without eyes or wig. Extremely pale and petulant, she is about 27 cm with a wiry, preteen body. Her foreshortened face with full cheeks offends my aesthetic sensibilities because I like my dolls with more standardized beauty or cuteness, but she fits the character well. Said character, Daisy, is a pouty, protected, precocious vampire killer! Watch out, Anneka!

Today, I got a secondhand Elfdoll tiny, Jin dal Re. Unlike most of the Elfdoll tinies, she has no curves, which makes her appropriate for Geordie, a 3-year-old [non-vamp] character. Unlike ToYou, Jin dal Re is immediately endearing with her minuscule size and child-like features in proportion to her body.

I don't have any pictures now because I'm at work, but you can see the default ToYou here. Am I the only one in the BJD world who thinks she looks like a terminally annoyed and abused child? You can also see the default Jin dal Re here. In accordance with Geordie's more energetic, carefree personality, the eyebrows will have to be repainted. I also need to give Geordie a gentle cleaning with a Q-tip and some soap. And maybe I'll repaint her lips. Watch for pictures this weekend or sooner!
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Mara [rdwayneright] hosted a BJD meet at her swank Brockton pad this afternoon. We took over the meeting room at her condo with our dolls [about 11 owners, 2 or 3 dolls a piece and a few SOs = a lot of fun] and our potluck luncheon. Then we sat around for five hours to make pornographic jokes while swapping doll clothes and wigs and posing them in [compromising] situations. After that, we were all exhausted because playing with dolls sucks up your energy, but in that good way. :p Read more... )
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At today's Burlington doll club, I brought a sampling of my 1:6 smorgasbord and held a picnic for Jennifer and Rosa's Elfdolls. [Of course, none of the cute picnic ended up in my final selection of photos, since I'm very picky about which ones I post.] The Elfdoll with the larger eyes is Dodo. The one with the red hair is Adel. I don't know what Rosa named them, but I got some size comparison shots of them with Jennifer and with Jareth. I also tried on at least 10 wigs on Jennifer. Which ones do you think flatter her? Read more... )
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Oh boy, I really like Ryung. Ever since someone compared her to the incomparably sexy Scarlett Johanssen, I've been admiring her.

I also really like Soah because she looks Korean.



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