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Barrett had too much skull globe, so I took off the top. As a bonus, I didn't have to unroot the hair from that section. I unrooted the few rows of hair that remained.

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I erased Barrett's default eyebrows and sheared his default hair this evening. Amazing how much younger he looks! I also changed his shirt, since I decided he was too uninterested in his looks to wear a snazzy red button-down. He got the puke sweater instead.

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Seller PacificBlue [Maria] just alerted me that she has sent my Iplehouse Doria vampire head from Quincy, MA to my workplace by priority insured. She should arrive on Monday!!

Also scheduled to arrive Monday [to my house] is Barrett, my FR London Calling Kyu, who is apparently coming MIB. I can always use a nice, sturdy doll box for something....

My package containing the tan Liv, P. Bo and Jazzie has also left the building, but I'm not sure about the location from which it was sent or the shipping method.

No word on the progress of Shopping While Constipated Raquelle and friends, although I do have someone interested in one of the Dream House dolls coming with Raquelle.

It's raining dolls!

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I just scored a fullset Fashion Royalty London Calling Kyu for $75.00 shipped! He looks like this [picture by AddisonDewitt on the Doll Page]:

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Clearly, he desperately needs some help. That stupid hairstyle has to go, and he needs new eyebrows, wrinkles, bags under eyes, etc. I also hear that FR dudes aren't that poseable, so he may need some mods there, especially if he can't bend his elbows more than 90 degrees. Not sure about the outfit. I would like to see who else can fit into that jacket, though.

So this is Barrett Chao. He works in the morgue at Fletcher Allen, which is the common term for the area's largest hospital/medical school complex around here. Not sure what his exact position is -- have to research that a bit more -- but he is a Reaper, one of those abnormals who functions as part of a grey market network for PWS to get brains when legitimate supplies are scarce.

Barrett was going to be a nurse, but then he realized that he'd have to work with people to accomplish that, and such intense social situations actually give him hives, so he switched over to corpses instead. He has extreme difficulty reading body language and decoding social cues, so he's much more relaxed around dead people. He also has auditory processing problems, which leads him to speak in a very clear, deliberate, enunciated way [i.e., the way in which he would like people to speak to him]. He identifies as "neuroanomalous."

Barrett works the graveyard shift in the morgue, so he's basically nocturnal. No one ever sees him eat anything, though he does consume vast quantities of coffee and neon energy drinks. His night-time activity, job, liquid diet and pallor make him much more well-known as "that vampire dude up at the hospital" instead of by his name. Hah hah.

Barrett really likes ambient/trance techno in part because it drowns out "the breathing of the world." He's also really, really interested in Champ, about which he will talk your ear off if given the slightest chance. He is learning how to sail so he can go on solo expeditions looking for Champ.

Barrett is currently the only straight guy in Zombieville.



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