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Jareth's head has thin resin in several places. I understand the thin resin in the temples and under the cheekbones: those are places where I made his sculpt particularly indented. As I've mentioned earlier, though, there's also extremely thin resin in his eyewells. as indicated by the triangle, it's the thinnest area in his head. I blame that on Angelsdoll's "inner part modeling" and their known history of thin resin in their sculpts.
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I picked up Jareth's head[s] at the Pine Street carrier station just now. From what I can tell, he conforms exactly to the pictures and measurements given in the final photos. He also has a magnetic headcap, which is very convenient. The Volks compatible white has a yellow undertone which the Doll Chateau white body does not. Who cares?

I notice that he has very deep ear canals and nostril passages. He also has some pretty thin resin around his upper and lower eyelids. I attribute that to Angelsdoll's addition of the eyewells.

I'm preliminarily very pleased, but I won't be fully pleased until I stick him on his body and confirm that he looks like he belongs there.
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I just asked Angelsdoll if Jareth's head has shipped yet and, if not, when it should.

I also asked the Mannequin Store if the beautiful, lustworthy and attractively articulated Vanessa would even come back in stock.

And I'm exploring the possibility of commissioning the Ultimate Corset [and matching miniskirt] for Jareth: viz., the underbust number in alternating panels of black and hot pink 4-way stretch vinyl that the Frankenstein outfit needs I tell you NEEEEEEEEEEDS to finish it off.

Things are looking good!

Hot damn!

Sep. 12th, 2012 09:58 pm
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Just heard back from Angelsdoll. I asked them about an estimated date by which Jareth's head[s] would ship. They said:

I will ship within this month^^.
Thank you very much^^~.

I'm beginning to think they just sit around all day, waiting for my messages. >_>
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In response to my query about measurements, Angelsdoll provided the following pictures and legends:
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I know I've pissed and moaned about this before, but it irritates me to no end that the Asian BJD aesthetic requires fanatical devotion to every single detail.

God forbid you use your acrylics, watercolor pencils and brush-applied matte varnish to create a schematic, suggestive faceup. Nope nope nope! You have to go through this nitpicky, time-consuming process of waiting for appropriate temperature and humidity, spraying everything with extra super special sealant imported from Japan, then letting it dry, then applying a few brush daubs of delicately shaved pastel, letting it dry, etc., etc., etc.

While you're at it, you should be doing the eyebrows individual hair by individual hair with an expensive, microscopic brush...same with lines in the lips.

Let's say you want to mod your BJD: thin the neck, let's say. You can't just scrape it down to size with an X-acto, plop the head on and call it a day. What were you thinking?!! You have to smooth your rough shaping down with a series of successively finer sandpapers until no one can tell that you've done any work on the doll. We do not accept jerry-rigged solutions constructed with sweat and hot glue. We demand perfection in all areas.

Oh yeah, and if you want to make a hybrid BJD of a body from one company and a head from another and jointed hands, say, from a third, we'll be watching to make sure that you follow the correct protocols. First you have to ask online about proportions and fit because we can't have your doll being aesthetically offensive. We'll let you know if your proposed hybrid looks good enough.

Just as important as the proportionality of your hybrid is the hallowed concept of resin matching. You need to find out the relative colors of your hybrid parts. If your desired parts don't match perfectly in tone, you have two options. First, you can choose other options that do provide a perfect match. Second, you can do body blushing, which is like a faceup for non-facial parts [see excruciating process above], so that no one can ever tell that the hybrid parts were originally different colors. We do not allow BJD hybrids with "paper white" heads, "fresh white" hands and "beauty white" bodies to exist without their colors being evened out. Too many shades of white make us implode.

Guess what? My faceups involve no super special Japanese spray sealant whatsoever and, instead, lots of watercolor pencils, Prismacolors, acrylics and improvised tools [Q-tips, X-acto blades, toothpicks] to direct the pigment. Sometimes I haven't even bothered to seal the heads before scribbling directly on the resin. And then... I don't even wait for paint to dry. I use -- wait for it! -- a hair dryer.

My mods avoid sandpaper. I prefer instead to do exactly as much hacking with a craft knife or saw as is necessary to make the mod functional. It doesn't have to look nice; it just has to work.

As for resin matching, I don't really care. I mean, once I put a WS Elfdoll Kathlen head on an NS Soom Uyoo body [=Absinthe], and the world didn't end! Later, I stuck some NS Dikadoll jointed hands on an Angelsdoll massive girl in "Volks compatible normal" [=Janvier Jett], and the planet remained on its axis! Shortly after that, I decided to stick a rose grey Iplehouse Luna head on a B&G Dolls grey body [=Lura eventually], and the sky did not fall!

It's mind-blowing, isn't it? It's almost like there's another aesthetic option besides that of the minutiae-obsessed, anal-retentive facsimile of reality.
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Uh oh...from what I hear, Nobility Doll's custom sculpting service has a poor track record of wretched communication and quality control. If I'm trying to get a sculpt made of a character that means a lot to me, I'd rather spend more $$$ to go with a company that I know makes good stuff.

Angelsdoll offers a custom sculpting service that looks like it could meet my needs. I really like that you can specify head circumference, neck circumference and eye size, and I think it's cool that they do their sculpting with a 3-D modeling program. [I wonder if they would accept OBJ files as source material?] I am also familiar with Angelsdolls' beautiful non-custom headsculpts, their prompt communication and their great customer service.

The only catch is that the minimum order is 10 heads. I have no desire or need for 10 heads...2 maybe, 10 NO! I also have no desire to go through all the work of setting up a group order to order 10 heads and distribute them all. I have therefore asked if I can get just 2 heads for the price of 10. Yes, that's $500.00 a head. No, I don't really care that I'd be overpaying. My Jareth short-circuits logic!

EDIT: Angelsdoll got back to me, saying that they would be willing to work with me on the price, which they are thinking about lowering anyway. \o/
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Angelsdoll Ieseul is on topic, but the same company's Ieseul Cat Avatar [whence Janvier Jett] is off topic. The official reason given by one of the mods is "because of the aesthetics of the doll's face sculpt." I know what those words mean, but they don't make any sense because the aesthetics of the Cat Avatar's sculpt are the same as regular Ieseul's sculpt, and she's allowed.

It is a mystery.
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Lola Paprika is moving on. [Well, I hope she is. I put her on the DOA marketplace today.] She never really turned out to be the doll I wanted anyway.

I first learned of Angelsdoll at doll club back in April of 2011, when I was struck by the beauty of a fellow enthusiast's Ruby on the massive girl body. Such a sweet, soft face. Naturally, I wanted Ruby.

When I hopped over to the AD site to order a Ruby, I saw that they were having a super sale on Hyang. Basically you could get a Hyang with eyes, faceup, outfit and free shipping for the price of a blank Hyang excluding shipping. The cheapo in me won out over the aesthete in me, and I bought Hyang.

While poking through the AD site, I also discovered Cat Avatar Ieseul and her super awesome/obnoxious default faceup. I much preferred it over Hyang's default plaintive, understated look. I therefore expressly ordered my Hyang with the Ieseul Cat Avatar faceup, planning her look and her personality to match.

I'm not sure how this happened, but Lola Paprika came with the default depressed Hyang faceup. She was so beautifully done that I didn't want to have her faceup wiped, so I tried to keep her as she was, with the default faceup and a look for a more obstreperous doll, but she never really worked for me.

Meanwhile, in June, 2011, AD lowered their prices of blank 62cm girls to $220.00 before shipping. I had the extra eyes and outfit that came with Lola Paprika, and I still wanted Ieseul Cat Avatar's faceup, so clearly the logical course of action was to buy a whole Ieseul Cat Avatar. How could I resist?

Janvier Jett became the obstreperous character that Lola Paprika never did. She demanded leg fuzzies, spiky hair, cat's-eye glasses, a guitar, jointed hands, even a brightening of the already loud colors in her faceup. With her cute little smirk, she exuded all the ebullience that I had wished for my anxious introvert Lola Paprika.

Recently I admitted to myself what I'd been thinking all along: Of my 2 Angelsdolls, I liked Janvier Jett more as a character, even though Lola Paprika's outfit was much cooler. Last night, when I was in the midst of wondering what more BJDs I could get rid of, I decided to stick Janvier Jett in Lola Paprika's clothes, hair and eyes; I would then sell Lola Paprika with the clothes and eyes she came with. That way I would have my Flaming Hot Pussy guitarist and the eye-bleeding clothes I'd spent so long carefully mismatching!

Watch for photos of the new, improved Janvier Jett later today!
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Whoa...Illusion Spirit is currently having a 12% off sale through August 24th. That means that their 58cm girl body is currently $228.80 at Alice's Collections. With an extra $40.00 fee for grey resin, that's $268.80 for a body. The event also reduces Illusion Spirit jointed hands by 20% off, so a pair of 1:3 female hands would be $60.00 + $15.00 for grey. Plus...Alice's Collections has free shipping on orders over $100.00.

Let's compare:

Illusion Spirit grey fem 58 cm body + grey jointed hands from Alice's Collections: $343.80

Illusion Spirit grey fem 58 cm body from Alice's Collections: $268.80

Angelsdoll grey massive fem - 82.2 points + shipping = $474.80

Angelsdoll grey slim fem - 82.2 points + shipping = $419.80

Suddenly my Angelsdoll points do not look so attractive in this case.
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I got the genius idea last night to purchase an Iplehouse Luna head in special rose grey resin [from the Noctarcana Circus special edition] and put it on an Angelsdoll massive girl body.

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Oh, Yuri.

Jul. 10th, 2012 02:26 pm
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You are so beautiful. Please disappear from the DOA marketplace so that I'm not tempted to get you.

Goooo awaaaaaay, Angelsdoll!

P.S. Angelsdoll upped their prices. Now their standard 1:3 BJDs start at $400.00. They were way more attractive when they were $100.00 cheaper.

EDIT: Good, she went away.
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I ordered Janvier just now! She should come in 1-2 months. Woo hoo, a "Hooray, you moved!" present to me! Come on -- yellow and blue eyeshadow!!!
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Angelsdoll Ieseul Cat Avatar comes with a weird body without ball joints. But I asked the company if I could get her with a body like Lola Paprika's, and they said yes! I just need to note it in my order. That clinches it. I'm getting Ieseul Cat Avatar with default faceup when I have the money. She can wear the outfit that came with Lola Paprika, and she will be a punk rocker!! Meow!

I've decided that her name will be Janvier.
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Oh my God, I think Angelsdoll [whence Lola Paprika] just permanently lowered their prices on their 60 and 70cm BJDs!!! As you may recall if you care about these things, I got Lola Paprika at a 30% discount + eyes + outfit + shipping, all for $309.00. And that was a special sales event. Now, though, it looks like the base price of their lovely ladies has gone down to $220.00 for a doll only, no eyes, faceup, outfit or shipping.

Just to test the new pricing, though, I threw in my cart a Cat Avatar Ieseul [who, with that faceup, obviously needs to have a silver tinsel fright wig and play in a hair metal band], then added faceup and shipping. She came to $316.96, just a few dollars more than my Lola Paprika.

Clearly I need to get one, using the outfit and eyes that I got in the Hyang renewal event when I purchased Lola Paprika. She would have tinsel hair and an air guitar!


I know that Angelsdoll has an ambivalent reputation. On the minus side...
  • Sculpts have thin, breakable resin in places.
  • Elbow and knee joints look blocky; they don't blend in very well with the limbs.
  • Some people have reported long waits to resolve customer problems.
On the plus side...
  • Headsculpts are beautiful!
  • Dolls are relatively inexpensive.
I'm willing to accept the lower quality and aesthetic appeal of the bodies as a trade-off for the beauty and character of the heads, not to mention the inexpensive price of the dolls. Plus I note that Angelsdoll is constantly improving, having come out recently with an upgraded female body [shown on their new release Rin] that addresses both the shape of the joints and the thin resin problem. I like Angelsdoll myself.
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So today I ordered my Angelsdoll Hyang, who came, avec faceup, to $309.00. Her name is Lola, inspired by the classic Kinks song, and her concept is that of a cool, somewhat mismatching, ‘80s style girl.

I met her in a club down in North SoHo
Where you drink champagne and it tastes just like Coca Cola,
C-O-L-A, cola.
She walked up to me and she asked me to dance.
I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said, “Lola.
L-O-L-A, Lola.”

I’ve been shopping for her since this morning. I chose her some 14mm Captured in Glass eyes that are colored like a muzzy pie chart in various light pastels. I hope that the light colors of her eyes will catch light, which apparently none of my dolls’ eyes really do.

Her faceup will be a custom job painted to look like this one, shown on Angelsdoll’s Cat Avatar Ieseul. Look at all that blue and yellow eyeshadow!! 

Not sure what I’ll do for her wig, but I do have a nice light pink candy floss mohair wig that Divas by Design sent me along with Araminthe’s custom order. Or the hot magenta fur wig! Or she could wear the violent pink yarn one, assuming that custom order ever gets finished. :(

For her outfit, she’ll be wearing some of the default pieces that come with her, namely the black stockings, red snakeskin fur-trimmed jacket, black hot pants and black turtleneck sleeveless shirt. I hope to add hot pink leggings that go to the top of the calf, matching short armwarmers, as well as yellow stockings with white polka dots, worn slouched down, and black pleather platform pumps. I’d like to fit some neon green in there somehow too. She’ll look so obnoxious! :D :D :D

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So today at doll club I saw an Angelsdoll sculpt, and I fell in love with the realistic proportions of both head and body. The headsculpts look smooth, realistic and expressive. Just for the hell of it, I clicked over to the Angelsdoll site to see what they were offering. They currently have a sale for their Hyang girl, which includes 30% off list price, $100 of free clothes, free eyes and free shipping. That brings the total of a blank, faceupless doll to $259.00. Standard faceup is + $50.00. A beautiful 63cm, with everything but shoes and a wig, for just a few dollars more than I paid for Dorothy [a 14cm Elfdoll tiny, dressed, wigged and shod]. I might not be able to resist that.

EDIT: And I just found out that her head circumference is 21cm, meaning that she can share wigs with Sarah! She will need shoes, however.
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Other people had some really striking dolls at doll club today, and Breck showed me how to improve the quality of my close-ups, so here are some detailed pics.
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