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Anneka models more Moxie Teens fashions, all of which fit CGs beautifully. The first is marketed as a night gown, but it works very well as a dress and bolero for action figs. The second outfit is made of Melrose's top and Bijou's pants. Bijou's pants actually go up to Anneka's waist and close in the  back, making a very effective pair of skinny jeans! I bought all four Moxie Teens and the night gown set at full price, but I am very pleased with the results. Now I have to figure out what to do with four naked Moxie Teens on my desk....
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Anneka and Will wear clothes from Moxie Teens. Will's skirt and scarf are Moxie Teens, as are Anneka's shirt and skirt. Fabulous?!Read more... )
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Anneka shows off another garment from the big batch of Andrea's partly showcased yesterday on N'Yenya, Shaniqua, Materyllis and Janet. Dress is by Andrea, and sleeves are from a Barbie dress by Andrea.  Read more... )
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Maggie, Anneka and Will. Will is wearing an A-line dress that Andrea made for CGs with a reversed Jet pleather top as a corset. That pig he's holding is from Andrea too. Thanks, an42!  Read more... )
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Val gave me some obnoxiously neon kitchen and cleaning tools from a mysterious source ["The Excellence Designer! Special For You Of Children Design!"] for my dollses. You can see them between one of my Juku Girls and Anneka. As you may notice, they are closer to 1:8 than 1:6, but they'll still work!  Read more... )
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I currently have a regular Anneka doll and a Little Anneka doll, portraying her somewhere between 12 and 15. In new developments, I'm getting another small BJD, a Serendipity Aga Fairy Candy, and repurposing it as a Very Little Anneka between 4 and 6. My Dollmore Banji, which never had a character in the first place, is leaving to make room for Very Little Anneka. I even have a side plot in mind for Very Little Anneka, about her first occasion of activism when her family goes to a restaurant that is not accessible to her dad. ^_^   ^_^
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In LHF 2.1, "Homecoming Costumes," Anneka and Will consider what to wear. They have just heard that Anneka's grandmother, Minerva, is on her deathbed, so they must hurry up to Vermont to attend her. Unfortunately, if direct sunlight hits them, they, being undead, will burn up. Thus they turn to their extensive collection of fetish wear to find suitable cover-ups.

As they sort through their dress-up box, they try to alleviate their tension by clowning around. Will pretends that he's "Captain Thunderpussy, the kitty pirate nun!" Anneka says that his character is no match for "Tex the harem starlet cowboy!" Will's Captain Thunderpussy costume is a wimple, cat ears, an eyepatch and a cutlass. Anneka's Tex the harem starlet cowboy is a pair of bunny ears [lost in translation], a cowboy hat, a dancing girl veil, star-shaped sunglasses and a six-shooter.

CLEARLY I need a Captain Thunderpussy doll. Fortunately, there is a kitty nun doll who only needs piratization to complete her transformation into the character. Recently a 12" doll of a Dr. Who character, Novice Hame of the Sisters of Plenitude, was released. Novice Hame is a nun from a race of cat people, so, as you can see from this review, she looks like a bipedal humanoid cat in a wimple and full nun robes. She just needs an eyepatch, a cutlass and some more piratical flair to make her into Captain Thunderpussy.

The more I think about it, the more amusing it would be for Captain Thunderpussy to actually appear in LHF as an overbearing muse figure. Will obviously has a weird, pornographic, parodic imagination, but he keeps trying to write poetry. Maybe Thunderpussy ["That's CAPTAIN Thunderpussy to you, ya swab!!"] can point him in the direction of his true calling.

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No, my "print to action figure" button still ain't working. The mask was rendered separately, then pasted in as a separate layer and merged with a photo. Close enough for government work! I still want a real one though.

Still, now I know I can paste simple Daz objects into real scenes. This is good to know. Read more... )
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I have obtained a squirt bottle. That is all.  BEHOLD! )
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Here's a better view of the chair/end table thing that Kinjou sent me, as well as my newest lazy bookcase. No particular reason for the photo. I just like Anneka's casual and interested stance here. She is watching Will [not shown] clowning around with a parasol. I also like her outfit. It mismatches well.  Read more... )
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Bamboo placemat as backdrop. Plant stand as table. Miniature maneki neko, teapot and cork scene in a case from Chinatown. Food a combination of Rement, Iwako erasers and polymer clay. Cardboard bookshelf made out of a small box with books from, more Rement, etc. Altar made out of jewelry box tops and carpentry scraps with photos from  Read more... )
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This weekend, I removed ZaeZae's original brownish hair and gave her a braid of purple and pink yarn attached to a new scalp of pink pulled-back hair. I also made her spectacles out of 20 gauge brass wire.

In other pink news, the pink count should eventually increase by 5:
  • I still need to remove Pippilotta's current hair and replace it with a sculpted scalp and wired yarn, of course!
  • Come to think of it, Marabou would look fabulous with a really deep magenta hair color similar to Andrew's!!
  • If I give Janet pink hair, then a majority of the core cast and most frequent secondaries will have pink hair. ^_^
  • UberBarbie is making me a fabulous teen boy with pink hair.
  • Susie was supposed to have pink hair, but I had such a fight with her current red wig that I have temporarily given up on changing her hair.

Pink Squad as of now.

Standing, back row, L to R: Davry, ZaeZae, Andrew, Anneka, Will, Rori, Sibley.

Sitting, second-to-front row, L to R: Baozha, Sarah.

Lying, front row, L to R: Zinnia Pascale.
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Andrea sent me 75 tons of 1:6 clothing, food, heads, bodies, body parts, furniture and accessories, which arrived yesterday by priority mail. The following are from that package: Will's stockings, Pippilotta's new body [hooray!], her blazer, her shorts set, her stockings, her legwarmers and Anneka's dress.  Further photos of the booty later.  Read more... )
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To soften the light from my desk lamp, I put fabric softener sheets over the bulbs...not because they are supposed to soften things, but because they were the only appropriately translucent papers I could find. [I wonder where the tissue paper went...] Not only are the results much easier on my eyes for all desk-related tasks, but they also produce photos with lower contrast and better, unwashed-out detail. As a bonus [?!], my desk smells like a dryer sheet. I deem this experiment successful!  Read more... )
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So Doctor over on MWD picked me up some $5.00 Uneeda fashion dolls from an Indianan clearance store. He had previously posted pictures of the outfits from said finds. Amazingly enough, all pieces fit CGs, except for shoes and underwear. Attracted by the neon colors, I sought the Uneeda outfits for those characters of mine without fashion sense. Results are shown below.

Oh yeah...and a note about light. As shown in this photo, my spiffy full-spectrum lights are much too harsh, focused and intense, creating dramatic shadows that I don't need all the time. I must figure out how to diffuse my light sources. And now back to our show.  Read more... )
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I deplore the divergent trends in male and female action figs. Basically, the male figs have craggy faces with a variety of ages, expressions and personalities [go to War Toys and look at the nudes if you need examples], while the female figs have stylized, generic faces with a tendency toward bland neoteny. I myself am not free from this bias, at least for female figs, but I actively fight it by scribbling on my dolls' faces!!  Scribble scribble!! )
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I am playing more with my new camera. I learned how to turn the autofocus off so that it loses battery power more slowly. I also note that my new camera does much better in low light than my old camera. Both of these pictures are taken with my desk lamp pointed up at the wall to the far left of Anneka and Will.  Read more... )
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Since I have finally figured out how to force my new camera to default to memory card use, I hereby present the Pink Squad [not actually a real group] of the LHF cast. Read more... )
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I just bought some boring clothes for my dolls from War Toys, my preferred loose parts dealer. The damage was just around $54.00.
  • Carl Hages jeans: a baggy pair of blue denims with silly paisley accents. For Will and Anneka.
  • Attila the Hun shirt and pants: a simple loose white shirt and baggy black pants for figs who don't care about fashion. Pants possibly for Gemini.
  • Roscoe shirt and pants: light brown long-sleeved shirt and dark brown pants for conservative figs. Shirt possibly for Max. Pants possibly for Mark.
  • Dr. J. shirt: blue/grey long-sleeved shirt for conservative figs. Shirt possibly for Max.
  • Det. Chow outfit: light blue T-shirt and blue jeans for anyone that fits into them. Pants possibly for Sibley.
  • CJ7 shirt and pants: white long-sleeved shirt and black pants for slender, smaller figs. Shirt for Mamie. Pants for Chow.
  • Mme Marie skirt: a long black skirt for a conservative female character. For Teodora.
  • 4 pairs of cheap, nondescript boots. Slip-ons for Chow. One pair for Max.

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Curse me -- I'm thinking of getting an Anneka BJD so that my Will BJD would have a friend, and then I could do on-location shoots as a supplement to LHF...
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Anneka Elizabeth Richardson is a vampire.


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...which I got from armeleia.
I am obviously my parents' child.
I arrange my books according to Library of Congress catalog order.

LHF toons

Jan. 20th, 2008 10:28 pm
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So I put my favorite LHF characters into toon form and arranged them all together for a group shot. Their poses and facial expressions, as well as who they are watching, give you clues as to their characters....
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I just tested with posing, setting up, rendering and laying out part of LHF 1.1. Already I see some things I need to improve on.

1. First and foremost, I have way too many props, textures and gimcracks in my sets. 2 figures in an average set, which is just a sparsely decorated corner, with maybe 60 props total [mostly books :p] and 3 lights, really slows down my compooper. I can't pose characters quickly; there's a lag time of several seconds. Also rendering takes too long for my tastes, meaning that it takes 60-180 seconds. I need to relegate as much as possible to the 2-D backdrops except for furniture and 2 books, 1 telephone, 1 doll, 1 mermaid, 1 stuffed animal....the absolute essentials. I must resist the temptation to go insane with detail in the sets. They should be very simple, streamlined and highly stylized.

2. The font in the speech bubbles looks horrid. I think it needs to be 9 point BOLD.

That said, I'm enchanted with how the new medium is working out. I can get much tighter camera angles out of Daz than out of my own physical camera. I can also put the digital dolls in much more realistic, squinched-up postures than I could with my action figs. Plus the digital dolls' likeness is much closer to what Anneka and Will actually look like. Hooray!!!! Is it strange to say that I am most enchanted with the sagginess and wrinkliness of their faces and the elegance of their hands?
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Yeah, this most closely resembles my mental idea of Anneka: tall, buxom, androgynous and intimidating, definitely a dom. Custom second skin outfit from Zew Clother, corset and sleeves [Devilicious] from Runtime DNA freebies. I think I might actually be getting the hang of this Daz stuff...

Ergh, now that my aches have subsided, it's bed time.
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After many long hours looking for specific items of clothing [corsets for men, dresses for men, chunky platform heels for anyone, baggy T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, winter coats, etc.] and NOT FINDING IT, I actually FOUND SOMETHING PERFECT today. Behold -- a dress and pantaloons for the Millennium Girls and Preschoolers!!! 

With minor tiddlywinking, I will be able to use this outfit as a dress for a preteen girl or non-breeched boy from the 19th century. Translated by my good friend CrossDresser, it might make a good long summer dress for modern Will too, although it's a bit conservative for his tastes.

In case you can't tell, I installed my kid models this morning and just started to experiment with them. I have Millennium Kids Preschoolers, Millennium Girls and Millennium Kids Young Teens. I'm most partial to the Preschoolers, who, besides being really cute, come with very expressive poses such as Monster Time, Cannonball!, Bored, Defiance, and [the highlight, well-known to anyone who deals with the under 5 set] I Want That! Unfortunately there is no Tantrum pose with clenched fists and stamping foot...

Anyway, I don't have the morphs for any of these characters, so I'll probably just splice Victoria and Michael heads onto them, as I'm doing with little Will. Speaking of which, I think his chin needs to be softer....

Now I can do flashback scenes with Will and his mom and with little Anneka and her parents, even with her and Mamie and Minerva too!!!!!
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As much as I like messing around with cross-dressing and humorous sexual situations, that's not my main reason for getting Daz. With tight angles and minute adjustments in posing, this Daz test represents the sort of things I always wanted to do with my dolls and my camera, but could never accomplish.
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With her short hair and straight eyebrows, she looks much more like me than the 1:6 version. She sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake....
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In a paper about "150 years of Mary Sues," Pat Pflieger comments about the coup of killing off a Mary Sue -- that is, the character that is the author's shill. Why is a dramatic death the ultimate end?

1. Mary Sue is too good for you. Like the saintly, sickly paragons of Victorian novels [Helen in Jane Eyre, Little Nell in The Old Curiosity Shop], Mary Sues become too talented, too virtuous, too stupendously amazing, for this world. So there's really nothing else to do except kill them off. In a fanfic that's full of the highest highs, deepest lows, widest loves and most passionate hates, a Dramatic Death makes an orgasmic conclusion.

2. Hah, you really loved her, didn'tcha?!?!? Like the original rebellious female character who loved the evil man [Clarissa], Mary Sues die to afford the author and reader some perverse glee. Since everyone loves Clarissa [and the Mary Sues], everyone feels devastated when she dies. Thus, pre-death and even post-death, the author and reader can bask in the secondary characters' grief because the grief proves how greatly the main character [Clarissa or Mary Sue] was loved.

3. You'll remember her forever. Because they're so damned good and because everyone loves 'em, it's guaranteed that the characters will not forget the Mary Sue. Her virtues will shine as a noble beacon forever. Secondaries will idealize and idolize her. She will never leave their minds. More wish-fulfilling whack-off on the author's part.

Hmmm, and I thought killing Anneka was just a good way to literalize a huge change in her life. was the Orgasm of the Mary Sue!

Dear Loremistress  -- If Mary Sues are so hated by other writers, why do you think LHF, which is so obviously teeming with Mary Sues, is well-liked?

Go read what the Loremistress muses about Mary Sues. She's good. :D
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While goofing off at the Doll Palace [], I discovered an avatar maker that does not crash my compooper [unlike Meez]. Naturally I made Anneka and Will. I particularly like the dollmaker dress-up feature on this site, which allows you to combine elements from different dollmakers into a customized panel. That's how I got Will into the sarong. Read more... )
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According to this amusing quiz, Anneka Elizabeth is a stinkin' rotten Mary Sue. Well, of course she is. She developed out of a doll called AE for Alter Ego. She's supposed to be semi-autobiographical.

I ran Jareth the Goblin King [movie version] through the quiz too. Guess what? He came up as an "Uber-Sue." I think it's because he has many traits [weird eyes, weird hair, weird clothes, weird name, magic powers, sexiness] romanticized by writers of fanfic. There's probably an essay for the Realm in here somewhere....



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