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From left to right: Geordie (Orientdoll So Ye, 12cm), unassigned DollMore Banji (14.5cm), Waverley (Elfdoll Kai, 15cm), Submit (Elfdoll Kathlen, 20cm), Susie (NotDoll Lucy, 20cm), Little Will (NotDoll Miriam head/Elfdoll Kathlen body, 20cm). Not shown are Little Anneka (Soom Uyoo head/Planetdoll Mini Riz body) and Absinthe (Elfdoll Kathlen head/Soom Uyoo body).

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I went to doll club today and got American Kitchen #4 Baby Goods and #9 Merry Christmas. Geordie was particularly interested in the Merry Christmas bear, since pink is her favorite color. Even though she is mentally around 8, Submit was very amused with the pull toy ducky. Read more... )

I also took some pictures of Kira's latest, a Fairyland Minifee Shiwoo girl. Fairyland dolls are so cute and tempting, but I have neither the money nor the character for another small kidsy Junior's age.
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I used to have a 14cm Elfdoll tiny BJD; she was the early form of Geordie. You can see her with Dom and some other dolls here. I sold her because I really didn't like her and she wasn't very posable. Now that everyone and their friend is joining the LHF universe, I want to add a 14cm Elfdoll tiny back into the cast, not as a young child, but as an adult with achondroplasia. This form of dwarfism, which Davry has, usually allows people to top out at about 3.5 to 4 feet [e.g., Davry]. However, in some cases, it results in very small people, such as Jyoti Amge, a teen in India who recently broke the record for world's smallest person. At 58cm and 11 pounds, she is just about the size and weight of an average 1:3 BJD. If you look at photos of her, she's also incredibly charming and beautiful. She appears to be extroverted, friendly and welcoming of attention.

Given the exemplar of Jyoti Amge, I have decided that I'd like another person with achondroplastic dwarfism to join the LHF cast: Waverley Parker. Read more... )

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Side stories done and in progress
  • Janet, Velvette and Viktor
  • Absinthe [and Margie]
Side stories planned
  • Susie
  • Little Anneka
  • Little Will
Side stories that would definitely be really interesting!
  • Dom [and Geordie!]: how he got to Newton
  • Zinnia Pascale: how she became a zombie
  • Janet: how she got disgraced
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Felix Doll's Calix looks very much like Geordie's current plastic form. Since it's more accurate and cheaper than a Fairyland Pong Pong, I will probably go with Calix for her.
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Geordie: 6 in., 15.24 cm.
Little Will: 7.8 in., 19.81 cm.
Susie: 7.8 in., 19.81 cm.
Little Anneka: 8 in., 20.32 cm.
Margie: 9.4 in., 23.88 cm.
Davry: 9.8 in., 24.89 cm.
Absinthe: 10.4 in., 26.42 cm.
Chow: 10.4 in., 26.42 cm.
Tituba: 11.3 in., 28.7 cm.
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I have 3 Elfdoll Kathlen faceplates [no thanks to the USPS, which ATE my fourth >: ], but only 2 head backs. In my search for a third [for Little Will so that Submit can have hers back], I noted that DOAer misa1 was selling a Roxydoll Miriam head. The head back of the Miriam head resembles the head back of the Kathlen head, so I think that I can jam Little Will's face plate and the Miriam head back together to create a better head that the squishy plastic head back I currently have for Little Will.

That leaves me with an unused Miriam face plate.

In other BJD news, Little Will still needs an appropriate wig, and Absinthe still needs an appropriate body.

In BJD wishes, I'd really like to get a Fairyland Puki Singing Piki faceplate for Geordie. Hell, I'd really like to replasticate her as an entirely resin BJD, Fairyland Puki Singing Piki...

...And, while I'm REALLY dreaming, I'd also like Elfdoll's Doona Ryung just because she looks so mature and pissy.

I feel like I'm starting a Home for Unwanted 1:6 BJDs here. I started off with my 2 cut-rate Kathlens from Dolls and Friends' going-out-of-business sale, then continued with a tanned Lucy who'd been on the DOA marketplace for a while. Now here comes the Miriam head, which is one of maybe 3 Miriams on DOA, and I was the only one who showed any interest in her.
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She's wearing hacked-down Only Hearts Club clothes. I was saving the hat to use on some of my pink-loving adult figs, but, once she had it on, she wouldn't give it back. Sigh...

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Here is Geordie in her current state with no shoes or hair. She is 5.5" tall! I ended up using a pelvis and legs from the same 21 [?] cm Obitsu doll. I took 2.5 cm out of the thighs and approximately the same amount out of the calves. I sacrificed ankle articulation, but the double-jointed knees and all thigh articulation remain functional. Oh yeah, I also hacked at least 1.5 cm out of her torso and fused the pieces so that her torso is not articulated at all. I'm sure that, if I had been neater, I could have retained at least all the articulation from her arms and legs, but, as she stands, she is good enough for me.

To finish, she just needs hair and shoes. I do not know where I will get shoes...  Read more... )
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I had an extra Obitsu upper torso and arms from a 21cm [?] doll, so I tried to create a torso with more toddler-like proportions. The first photo shows what I started with: the default. The second photo shows what I ended up with. I don't know what brand the head is, but I amputated 0.5" in height off the scalp and altered the paint job by Andrea. I removed the eyebrows, recolored the eyes green with black pupils and gave some more definition to the lower lip. I do not know how tall Geordie will end up being. 6" would be acceptable, but I would like to get in the 5" range, perhaps even 4". It all depends on the legs. I wonder where to get some.

Need to sand the chest.

EDIT: I should mention that, in order to get Geordie's arms short enough, I had to sacrifice the upper arm swivel. Thus her elbows will always be pointing toward her back. But, since she still has all original shoulder and wrist articulation, I felt that this was an acceptable trade-off. I do, however, regret her loss of ability to put her arms akimbo, a characteristic pose for almost all of my characters.  Read more... )
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Now that I have my Dom doll back in commission, I'd like to get a doll of Geordie, his niece. She was originally an Elfdoll 17cm Jin dal Rae, but she wasn't very poseable, so I got rid of her. As much as I'd love to get a 1:6 toddler BJD, I don't have the money for that right now, so I'm brainstorming alternatives.

Obitsu 21cm with reduced arms, legs and torso. This body would satisfy my need for articulation, but I'm looking for something about half this height, 5" at max.

Mattel Kelly/Tommy doll. These are the appropriate size, but their articulation is crap, and they all have disturbing smiles.

Sekiguchi Mame Momoko. These dolls are the right size, with minimal articulation like Kellys, but their clothes can be realistic [see the Street Kids Mame for example], and I find their simplified faces much more charming than Kellys'.

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From left to right, Geordie, Baozha and Little Will demonstrate variations on my favorite clothing package, the Storytime dress and pantaloons. Geordie has the Clematis style dress and shoes. Baozha has a customized blouse and harem pants based on the bodice and pantaloons, and Little Will has the Rose style dress, pantaloons and shoes. Yup, it's a versatile and pretty awesome clothing set.
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This is probably the only time you'll ever see all my 1:6 BJDs together, since Jennifer belongs to the 1:3 universe with Jareth and Frank, and Daisy and Geordie belong to the Love Has Fangs universe. They are making cross-dimensional connections for the sake of your edification, though. :D
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On Monday, I got a Limhwa [I will never learn how to spell this correctly] ToYou without eyes or wig. Extremely pale and petulant, she is about 27 cm with a wiry, preteen body. Her foreshortened face with full cheeks offends my aesthetic sensibilities because I like my dolls with more standardized beauty or cuteness, but she fits the character well. Said character, Daisy, is a pouty, protected, precocious vampire killer! Watch out, Anneka!

Today, I got a secondhand Elfdoll tiny, Jin dal Re. Unlike most of the Elfdoll tinies, she has no curves, which makes her appropriate for Geordie, a 3-year-old [non-vamp] character. Unlike ToYou, Jin dal Re is immediately endearing with her minuscule size and child-like features in proportion to her body.

I don't have any pictures now because I'm at work, but you can see the default ToYou here. Am I the only one in the BJD world who thinks she looks like a terminally annoyed and abused child? You can also see the default Jin dal Re here. In accordance with Geordie's more energetic, carefree personality, the eyebrows will have to be repainted. I also need to give Geordie a gentle cleaning with a Q-tip and some soap. And maybe I'll repaint her lips. Watch for pictures this weekend or sooner!



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