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It seems like every BJD company has different names for different sizes of BJDs. From largest to smallest, for example, Volks goes SD17, SD16, SD13, SD10, MSD, etc. From largest to smallest, Iplehouse goes Elder, Senior, Youth, Junior, Kid, Baby. From largest to smallest, Souldoll goes Zenith, Double, Vito, Souloid, Kid, Sweet, Little. I'm personally amused by D-Storic's lineup, which starts with God [1:1 scale!], King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, Pawn.

Anyway, Fairyland gets my award for most confusing naming system. I'm writing a list of their sizes and names below because there are too many Fees and Pukis running around. And I can never keep LittleFees and MiniFees straight. MiniFees are the mature 40cms, while LittleFees are the child 25cms, but I think that the LittleFees should be larger than the MiniFees. ARGH!

Feeple ~70/65/60cm
MiniFee ~40cm
ChicLine ~40cm
LittleFee ~25cm
PukiFee ~15cm
PukiPuki ~11cm
RealPuki ~10cm

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I have acquired a pair of Soom Galena lower legs and talons in grey resin. Thanks, Jess_kane!
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Lyrajean, vermont chick, goldi and I gathered for the Chittenden County Doll Club this afternoon. It was very exciting to have 4 people! :p Read more... )
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There are quite a few BJD companies out there that make beautiful, well-sculpted, appealing BJDs for between $200.00 and $300.00. There's Elfdoll with its line of 14cm tinies, Fairyland with its RealPukis and PukiPukis, 5StarDoll with its 60cm line, Planetdoll with its entire stock, Angell Studio with all dolls <40cm, Dragondoll with dolls <70cm, et hoc genus omne.

Knowing this, I have to wonder why other companies [coughVolkscough, coughSoomcough] charge up to 4 times that amount. Obviously, I have willingly paid for multiple Sooms and Volkses, so I'm not complaining, just wondering where the markup comes in. I think we're paying for the brand. >_>
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Lyrajean, vermont chick and I attended a meetup yesterday at the Brownell Library in Essex Junction. I brought Flower and Ginevra [Soom Faery Legends Kremer and Aenigma respectively]. Flower's stupid ear fell off in transit, so that's why you're only seeing him from his good side. :p Read more... )
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First, Soom made Sard, the May Monthly Doll for 2008. A typical Soom sculpt, he had pillowy lips, limpid eyes and androgynous lines. He was a limited edition with horns, hooves and wings. People went bananas over him, as evidenced by this actual comment made by a fan on Sard's sales page:

Is there any chance he will be restocked next year during the same time as his original release? I really wish I would have gotten this boy and I'm so mad I didn't. I'd be willing to sell my kidney for a Sard!

Tragically, Sard appeared for sale for a mere month, leaving many potential Sard owners distraught.

Then Soom realized they could get their racket on [as if they didn't already have so many rackets going] by, second, making Dia some time in the end of 2008. Dia has the same head as Sard, with the exception of the ears. Dia has human ears, while Sard has elongated, pointy ears. As an unlimited doll without a special outfit or body parts, Dia represented a less expensive way for Sard fans to get their fix, this time with no chance of the doll going out of stock.

But Soom wasn't done yet. They like to release the same or related sculpts in different sizes, so of course they came out with Metato, the Faery Legend doll for April, in 2012. Yes, he has the same headsculpt as Dia and Sard, only on a smaller scale [1:6, not 1:3] and with different faery ears. As an excited poster on DOA remarked, he's "Diet in fun size!" :p Though a limited edition with wings [resin ones, as opposed to Sard's feathery ones] and truly not that much cheaper than his bigger cousins, once you add up all the options, Metato represents yet another chance for Soom enthusiasts to get their Sard on.

I have no particular conclusion to make. I just admire Soom as a company, not only because I really like their aesthetic, but also because they know how to play the market, satisfying and tantalizing customers at the same time. It's really fun to watch and participate in the anticipation of new releases, the frenzy over teaser photos, the formulations of opinion when the thing goes on sale, the commiseration in the DOA "waiting room" threads, the increased excitement as shipping notices start issuing, the collective freak-out when the first owner pictures appear and the ultimate satisfaction of receiving one's own package and being Soomed all over again. [The most popular companies have adjectival forms of their names representing how enthusiastic one can be about them. I've seen people who are Soomed, Fairylanded and Iplewhelmed, but I've never heard of anyone being DollZoned or ImplDolled, presumably because the latter two companies sell less expensive dolls and thus have less prestige.] The fact that we're all being manipulated by a savvy business concern doesn't make the consumption any less fun.

I remain uncertain about whether to get Metato. On the plus side, I've always kind of wanted Sard because he was a Taurus doll, my astrological sign, and Metato is basically a smaller Sard with no hooves and better wings. Metato is in competition with Kremer [that's Flower's sculpt] for the cutest male faery so far, and he'd certainly play well with others, viz., Ginevra and Flower. Plus he's my favorite size! On the minus side, he's $485.00 without EMS shipping, which usually comes to about $50.00 to $60.00. 

P.S. Not that anyone cares, but I currently have 27 BJDs [OH GOD WHERE DID THEY ALL COME FROM?]. Soom is the number one maker, along with Elfdoll. I have 5 from each maker.
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Three of us -- me, vermont chick and goldi -- met in the Koolvord Room, Brownell Library, Essex Junction, today for an hour of photos and fun, despite the bitter wind chill factors. Read more... )
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vermont chick, goldi, JustKate89 and I met this afternoon at Tiny Thai in Essex Center for some frigid pictures at the gazebo in the Essex Shoppes parking lot.

Attending were [L to R] vermont chick's Alchemic Lab Unoa Lusis, my Araminthe, JustKate89's Angel of Dream Mimi and goldi's Fairyland Minifee Chloe. They are all holding onto their hair because it was windy out!
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Not a lot of people attended doll club this afternoon, but some interesting dolls were there that I photoed.Read more... )

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My Fairyland RealPuki Soso arrived in the mail today, sadly, after doll club, so I couldn't show her off this month. I will next month, however. I took a few photos of her in front of her box and with the violent pink yarn that has stymied me in my knitting progress.Read more... )
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Last doll club for the year. Many people came, bringing their dolls and sugary snacks. There was a great variety of dolls, a few of which I captured on film....Read more... )
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Ever since I saw a RealPuki Soso at doll club earlier this year, I've really liked RealPukis, my favorite being Soso [shown in the link]. Soso nownow I'm getting my ownown, as a mischievous doll for Sardonix [like she needs more mischief in her life] and someone for Precious Little to play with [like dolls' dolls need playmates]. I should have the unnamed Soso by the new year, since processing takes 8-10 weeks. Booooo hisssss.
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Took a few pictures in Ann Laurie's lightbox at doll club today.  Read more... )
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I went to doll club today and got American Kitchen #4 Baby Goods and #9 Merry Christmas. Geordie was particularly interested in the Merry Christmas bear, since pink is her favorite color. Even though she is mentally around 8, Submit was very amused with the pull toy ducky. Read more... )

I also took some pictures of Kira's latest, a Fairyland Minifee Shiwoo girl. Fairyland dolls are so cute and tempting, but I have neither the money nor the character for another small kidsy Junior's age.
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I would like to get the following dolls, the purchase of which I cannot currently justify:

Notdoll Lucy for Little Anneka.
Fairyland Puki Pong Pong for Geordie.

I also really like the following, but have no designated characters for them:
Elfdoll Doona Ryung.
Notdoll Manjou.
Felix Doll Brownie [of various types].
Sleeping Elf Bonbon. Perfect for a 1:6 woman with dwarfism!

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I have 3 Elfdoll Kathlen faceplates [no thanks to the USPS, which ATE my fourth >: ], but only 2 head backs. In my search for a third [for Little Will so that Submit can have hers back], I noted that DOAer misa1 was selling a Roxydoll Miriam head. The head back of the Miriam head resembles the head back of the Kathlen head, so I think that I can jam Little Will's face plate and the Miriam head back together to create a better head that the squishy plastic head back I currently have for Little Will.

That leaves me with an unused Miriam face plate.

In other BJD news, Little Will still needs an appropriate wig, and Absinthe still needs an appropriate body.

In BJD wishes, I'd really like to get a Fairyland Puki Singing Piki faceplate for Geordie. Hell, I'd really like to replasticate her as an entirely resin BJD, Fairyland Puki Singing Piki...

...And, while I'm REALLY dreaming, I'd also like Elfdoll's Doona Ryung just because she looks so mature and pissy.

I feel like I'm starting a Home for Unwanted 1:6 BJDs here. I started off with my 2 cut-rate Kathlens from Dolls and Friends' going-out-of-business sale, then continued with a tanned Lucy who'd been on the DOA marketplace for a while. Now here comes the Miriam head, which is one of maybe 3 Miriams on DOA, and I was the only one who showed any interest in her.
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Just as I apparently have a weakness for BJDs by Soom [having had in my house at one time or another a 30cm Uyoo and an 80cm Sabik], I also apparently have a weakness for the Elfdoll tinies, having had in my house at one time or another a 15cm Jin dal Rae [Geordie], a 20cm Hana Devil [Submit 1.0] and 2 20cm Kathlens [Absinthe, Little Will and Submit 2.0].

Anyway, I just recently caught some closeup pictures of the 20cm Elfdoll Doona Little Ryung. She is very charming. She looks more mature than her small, toddler-sized body. Her pointy chin and her petulant pout make her attractively expressive. My favorite faceplate is the one with half-closed eyes, which reminds me of Baozha. The annoyed faceplate reminds me of Cory [with the removal of the stupid leopard faceup].

Bad idea! No need to spend $400.00 to upgrade two minor characters who are already successfully enplasticated! Besides, I just upgraded Susie.

I wish that Elfdoll, like Fairyland, sold faceplates for the tinies separately. [Incidentally, Pongpong is my favorite Puki.]



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