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I've been thinking... Perhaps it would be possible to mod Cory so that she has both her daytime form and her nighttime form. Her daytime form would be her with a full body, her hummingbird tongues and her bat wings. Her nighttime form would be her detached at the lower torso with exposed viscera. The Angelsdoll body I have has a torso joint just above the waist, so it would be very easy to detach her at that point -- I'd just have to worry about keeping her head on in nighttime form. As a bonus, she would have legs for her hardcore outfit!
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I'm not sure if my original concept for Cory -- someone with lots of piercings and predilection for fetishwear -- will translate over to 1:3 scale successfully.  I keep thinking of silly outfits that require legs to wear -- legs that Cory would not have.

That said, I found this completely hilarious bustier with collar and wrist cuffs on the Iplehouse site. It would definitely work for her! It even stops at about where her torso is supposed to end.

In other news, I think I might be able to make a really simple ball gag out of a squeezy ball and a strap.

EDIT: This lingerie set with a corset top is also nice.

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One of the digital models I regret deleting from my hard drive was the viscera. They came both as a unit appropriate for attaching to the lower end of a severed torso and as separate bloody giblets. I sought them out back in my LHF days so that I could create a manananggal.

A manananggal is a Filipina vampire. She detaches from her lower body at night and, sprouting bat-like wings, flies around, using her hummingbird-like tongue to consume human flesh and blood, particularly that of fetuses and/or pregnant women. During the day, she reunites with the rest of her body and seems in every way to be a regular human being. Though an etymological and folkloric cousin of the penanggalan, the manananggal differs from the penanggalan because the latter has a Malay origin and also detaches at the neck, rather than the base of the torso.

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