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Anneka and Will wear clothes from Moxie Teens. Will's skirt and scarf are Moxie Teens, as are Anneka's shirt and skirt. Fabulous?!Read more... )
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Maggie, Anneka and Will. Will is wearing an A-line dress that Andrea made for CGs with a reversed Jet pleather top as a corset. That pig he's holding is from Andrea too. Thanks, an42!  Read more... )
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In LHF 2.1, "Homecoming Costumes," Anneka and Will consider what to wear. They have just heard that Anneka's grandmother, Minerva, is on her deathbed, so they must hurry up to Vermont to attend her. Unfortunately, if direct sunlight hits them, they, being undead, will burn up. Thus they turn to their extensive collection of fetish wear to find suitable cover-ups.

As they sort through their dress-up box, they try to alleviate their tension by clowning around. Will pretends that he's "Captain Thunderpussy, the kitty pirate nun!" Anneka says that his character is no match for "Tex the harem starlet cowboy!" Will's Captain Thunderpussy costume is a wimple, cat ears, an eyepatch and a cutlass. Anneka's Tex the harem starlet cowboy is a pair of bunny ears [lost in translation], a cowboy hat, a dancing girl veil, star-shaped sunglasses and a six-shooter.

CLEARLY I need a Captain Thunderpussy doll. Fortunately, there is a kitty nun doll who only needs piratization to complete her transformation into the character. Recently a 12" doll of a Dr. Who character, Novice Hame of the Sisters of Plenitude, was released. Novice Hame is a nun from a race of cat people, so, as you can see from this review, she looks like a bipedal humanoid cat in a wimple and full nun robes. She just needs an eyepatch, a cutlass and some more piratical flair to make her into Captain Thunderpussy.

The more I think about it, the more amusing it would be for Captain Thunderpussy to actually appear in LHF as an overbearing muse figure. Will obviously has a weird, pornographic, parodic imagination, but he keeps trying to write poetry. Maybe Thunderpussy ["That's CAPTAIN Thunderpussy to you, ya swab!!"] can point him in the direction of his true calling.

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Look -- a backdrop of black velvet stapled to foamcore. This is also Will looking awfully devious! Read more... )
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Kinjou, who, along with Andrea, is also God, sent me many wonderful 1:6 things, which I received today. Various LHFers immediately claimed some of the clothes. Here they are:

Will's sweatshirt and skirt come from a Takara Jenny doll. Stupendously, he fit! Davry and Sarah both have goggles from a Takara Jenny friend doll. Gemini wears an overshirt from a My Scene Masquerade boxer outfit and My Scene male shoes. Sibley wears a nasty jacket from a My Scene Masquerade rock star outfit. Dom's white shoulder sash is a scarf from a Takara Jenny friend. He also is wearing a strap on his leg [not shown] from some belt. Sarah is sitting on some sort of dresser/chair convertible plastic piece of furniture from a dollar store. Read more... )
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This weekend, I removed ZaeZae's original brownish hair and gave her a braid of purple and pink yarn attached to a new scalp of pink pulled-back hair. I also made her spectacles out of 20 gauge brass wire.

In other pink news, the pink count should eventually increase by 5:
  • I still need to remove Pippilotta's current hair and replace it with a sculpted scalp and wired yarn, of course!
  • Come to think of it, Marabou would look fabulous with a really deep magenta hair color similar to Andrew's!!
  • If I give Janet pink hair, then a majority of the core cast and most frequent secondaries will have pink hair. ^_^
  • UberBarbie is making me a fabulous teen boy with pink hair.
  • Susie was supposed to have pink hair, but I had such a fight with her current red wig that I have temporarily given up on changing her hair.

Pink Squad as of now.

Standing, back row, L to R: Davry, ZaeZae, Andrew, Anneka, Will, Rori, Sibley.

Sitting, second-to-front row, L to R: Baozha, Sarah.

Lying, front row, L to R: Zinnia Pascale.
Read more... )
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Andrea sent me 75 tons of 1:6 clothing, food, heads, bodies, body parts, furniture and accessories, which arrived yesterday by priority mail. The following are from that package: Will's stockings, Pippilotta's new body [hooray!], her blazer, her shorts set, her stockings, her legwarmers and Anneka's dress.  Further photos of the booty later.  Read more... )
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To soften the light from my desk lamp, I put fabric softener sheets over the bulbs...not because they are supposed to soften things, but because they were the only appropriately translucent papers I could find. [I wonder where the tissue paper went...] Not only are the results much easier on my eyes for all desk-related tasks, but they also produce photos with lower contrast and better, unwashed-out detail. As a bonus [?!], my desk smells like a dryer sheet. I deem this experiment successful!  Read more... )
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So Doctor over on MWD picked me up some $5.00 Uneeda fashion dolls from an Indianan clearance store. He had previously posted pictures of the outfits from said finds. Amazingly enough, all pieces fit CGs, except for shoes and underwear. Attracted by the neon colors, I sought the Uneeda outfits for those characters of mine without fashion sense. Results are shown below.

Oh yeah...and a note about light. As shown in this photo, my spiffy full-spectrum lights are much too harsh, focused and intense, creating dramatic shadows that I don't need all the time. I must figure out how to diffuse my light sources. And now back to our show.  Read more... )
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I am playing more with my new camera. I learned how to turn the autofocus off so that it loses battery power more slowly. I also note that my new camera does much better in low light than my old camera. Both of these pictures are taken with my desk lamp pointed up at the wall to the far left of Anneka and Will.  Read more... )
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Since I have finally figured out how to force my new camera to default to memory card use, I hereby present the Pink Squad [not actually a real group] of the LHF cast. Read more... )
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I just bought some boring clothes for my dolls from War Toys, my preferred loose parts dealer. The damage was just around $54.00.
  • Carl Hages jeans: a baggy pair of blue denims with silly paisley accents. For Will and Anneka.
  • Attila the Hun shirt and pants: a simple loose white shirt and baggy black pants for figs who don't care about fashion. Pants possibly for Gemini.
  • Roscoe shirt and pants: light brown long-sleeved shirt and dark brown pants for conservative figs. Shirt possibly for Max. Pants possibly for Mark.
  • Dr. J. shirt: blue/grey long-sleeved shirt for conservative figs. Shirt possibly for Max.
  • Det. Chow outfit: light blue T-shirt and blue jeans for anyone that fits into them. Pants possibly for Sibley.
  • CJ7 shirt and pants: white long-sleeved shirt and black pants for slender, smaller figs. Shirt for Mamie. Pants for Chow.
  • Mme Marie skirt: a long black skirt for a conservative female character. For Teodora.
  • 4 pairs of cheap, nondescript boots. Slip-ons for Chow. One pair for Max.

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Well, I just paid for Ethan's clothes, so he will have a complete outfit of shirt [which I have], breeches, stockings and banyan [last three commissioned]. A banyan is a loose robe-like housecoat for men, often with Chinese- or Japanese-inspired designs. Popular during the 1700s and 1800s in Europe, the banyan reflected a fascination with "Oriental" culture and motifs. Don't tell me you didn't learn something today.

I was talking to cobroldy, who did Ethan's outfit for me, about doing a dandy outfit for Will largely copied after the affectations of Oscar Wilde. I'm not doing it right now because I don't have the money, but I do want to record some ideas and sources of inspiration. Will's Wildean suit will be in shades of purple, most likely aping the style of Wilde's suit shown in these photos:
Read more... )

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Davry now has pink hair. Unfortunately, that doesn't make him any less self-righteous.

I finally got a passable close-up of Will. Unlike other dolls of mine, his face is done more impressionistically, with fewer definite borders. My new camera picks up details such as this that I don't even notice in real life. Also please note that the Cy Girl relaxed hands may not be the most detailed out there, but they are the most graceful and elegant. I think they work equally well for male and female figs. Will looks very amused by something in this picture.

In other news, the battery charger + battery that I ordered is out of stock, so I have to get one somewhere else. I also need to get an SDHC card reader. Fleargh.     Latest results from my new camera... )
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H2 Creative is I think where Will's head originally came from. I think he's HH042. If so, then this is my reaction: right here.
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Goal: Scrawny 1:6 male body to accommodate standard action fig heads.

Detailed discussion of body types, pros and cons. )

Basic options: Bulk up a slender body. Trim down a muscular body. Transgenderize a fem body.

Because I am much better at reducing than adding, trimming down a muscular body would be better than bulking up a slender one. Because I am much more familiar with STEAK KNIFE MASECTOMIES than with trimming down muscular bodies, transgenderizing a fem body appeals to me most.

When I ever get some free time, I should compare the size of Will's head to the neckpost of a PB.

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Sideshow's upcoming entry in the Dead line is a zombie priest entitled The Harbinger. I must say that, while Sideshow's record for 1:6 likenesses stinks, they do a great job on The Dead. I love my Dead Babysitter [who became Zinnia Pascale], and I really like the Harbinger too. His hand sculpts look arthritic and bony, and his drawn face and rolling eyes accurately reflect a despair that I think much more pertinent to zombies than slavering rage. Sideshow really has to start making their zombies lose ears, though. I don't understand how this guy's brain became exposed without him getting an ear or two torn off.

I'm tempted to get this guy for Ethan [the poor man is having such a problem being immortalized in plastic!], but I'd rather not wait an untold number of months before he comes out. His release date is Q1 2009, but toymakers are never on time.

I've been contemplating the creation of my own Ethan, but my current materials always daunt me. I don't have an appropriate sculpting medium, just the remnants of some peach Sculpey and some rotten air-dry clay that won't adhere to existing heads. I have a resin skull that could conceivably be the base for Ethan's cadaverous visage, but that involves building up features, and I'm much better at scraping out features by using an Xacto knife or sandpaper.

Maybe I should just get an unpainted resin sculpt and shave it down. The prominent brows, sunken eyes, dour mouth and narrow cheeks of Hugh Laurie could work, as seen in this sculpt by Wanted Action Figure.

On the subject of Wanted Action Figure, maybe I should get a Johnny Depp head too. I've been toying with the idea of remaking Will with an appropriately scrawny body, but that would require getting him a new head, since his current one is already way too fragile. The Depp sculpt approximates his features best. Now if I could just find a body that's as etoliated as the Obitsu Slim Male, but with slightly broader shoulders... Jesus Christ, it'd probably be best just to modify a PB or a CG 2.0!

I STILL have a hard-on for Medicom's Young Indiana Jones because my mind thinks River Phoenix=Will. I wish I weren't so interested in it, because I'm sure that there's something disappointing about the sculpt that the prototype photos don't show.

Hot Toys is issuing a beautiful 1:6 Edward Scissorhands soon. I want its clothes. The fact that I could probably get a likeness of Will out of the head doesn't hurt either.

Sekiguchi's Momokos continue to tantalize me. I draw very close to purchasing one, but then I always cheap out because I don't have a designated character for such a doll, who costs a lot, even on sale. That said, I have found Miracle Party Girl, Wild and Sexy Tune, Dash After School, Sweet Poodle, Lovely Folklore and Berry Hunter for <$100 with s/h. Too bad I want Sea Maze/Blue Labyrinth/whatever the hell she's called.
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By any standard of the imagination, it's still quite tacky, though. Nevertheless, he looks very pleased with himself. I always imagine him dressing kind of like Oscar Wilde during his life, only with less panache and more clash.Read more... )
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Tonight I was filming an ep. I accidentally discovered that the colors as seen under my full-spectrum light were more realistic and much less yellow than those seen under fluorescents. Therefore I placed one full-spectrum in front of my subject as shown and then took some example shots.

Conclusions: Full-spectrum light obviates yellow correction in post-production. Full-spectrum also errs on the side of excess blue, but, since most of my characters are cold and dead, I welcome the increase in blue light, which seems thinner and crisper than the thick, yellow, sludgy light.

Also, the crisper the light, the better my photos. My wienie of a camera functions best in full-blown natural light, which is best approximated by full-spectrum bulbs. Ergo, under my full-spectrum experiments tonight, I achieved sharp levels of detail and color more accurate than that under fluorescents.

Also, Will looks incredibly sexy in black.Photos of setup and results within )
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Medicom is releasing a 1:6 version of River Phoenix as Young Indiana Jones. He looks like Will, but I'm not sure how much because, the last time I thought a doll looked like Will, its head ended up being too fat [HT Leon S. Kennedy].
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Lola is the first Triad Toys doll that attracts me. It's not the fetishy schoolgirl outfit, though I do like it. It's not the thigh-high black pleather platform heels, though they are perfect for Will. It's not the custom cartoony bomb and the match, though Baozha would love those. It's not the backpack with the teddy bear, though I can always use more backpacks, and I know Will wants the teddy bear. It's not the guns because, unless they are squirt guns, firearms are irrelevant to my LHF universe. It's not even the Otaku body, which sacrifices form over function.

It's her face, her weary, sarcastic, annoyed face. 

Get doll; keep head, hands, clothes, shoes, pack, bomb, match, teddy. Sell body, guns, holsters and other weapon-related crap. Body should go for $30.00. Guns should go for $10-15.00. Recoup ~1/2 of purchase price.

Give doll pink hair!!!
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I ordered last night from War Toys, and they're shipping out the order today! Wow, that was quick.

I ordered a nude Hermann Miller for Davry's body. It's an 11" DiD body that's supposed to be a young boy. I'll have to hack out the upper arms, upper legs and torso in order to make a convincing example of a person with achondroplastic dwarfism. As a bonus, the Hermann head that comes with the body is attractive, possibly usable in future for another character.

I also ordered a nude US Navy EOD by Soldier Story for Sibley. He looks prissy and disapproving [it's the mouth], which is how I always imagine Sibley: better than you and cognizant of it. Poor Sibley...He irritates me so much as a character that I don't want to have a doll of him, but I have scenes planned involving him, so I need him. He'd better stop acting like a dipstick soon, or else he'll antagonize the entire cast. Wait...he already did.

I also ordered some atrocious clothes for Will, including a tropical print shirt, a white mesh tank top and an olive tank top. I think I ordered some normal jeans too.

My wife is helping me order Chow's body and a jukebox for my 1:6 Nightcrawler. I should work on dolls tonight, sculpting Chow's hair and taking some pictures of Absinthe, who is now done, and my 1:6 scenery in progress.

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But he doesn't. 1:6 Will is back after about a year of lying in the drawer. He has a new body -- arms too thick, torso too muscular, but I can live with it. I also gave him new eyebrows and eyeshadow and touched up his blush. Not new, however, are his endearing expressiveness and his inveterate attraction for trashy outfits. Will and Anneka are my best beloved dolls ever.
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I E-mailed the dealer and said I wanted my order canceled and card refunded. He said he could send Will out today if I still wanted him. I said yes. He sent Will out. Now I have a tracking number for a priority mail package, which should take 2 days to come from New York, if mailed today. Assuming he's mailed today, Will will either come Saturday [ohpleaseohpleaseohplease] or Monday.

...Hey one's listening.
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So I just finished my 'bash of 1:6 Gemini, and I'm getting another Mark doll from a generous MWDer. My 1:3 Will is also returning from a customizer, ready for a new, meretricious faceup. I'm excited to start taking pictures of my LHF cast again, but I am agitated because my 1:6 Will hasn't shipped, even though my card was charged on May 20th. I WANT MY DOLLY!

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The stylized, androgynous, not-too-harsh features, the full lips, narrow all matches!  The accurate hair is just an added bonus.

This is a Hot Toys 1:6 version of some dude from the Resident Evil franchise.

Dammit -- I need to stop whacking off and get to work. I wonder if the local comics stores have him in stock.

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Maybe I should figure out how to put his head on his body...or make him a new head or something??? 

EDIT: Hmmmm, maybe I should get an Obitsu Slim male body and put another Galadriel head on it...Or that Obitsu Slim Male head that I did as Jareth a while back... Or a Beka Valentine...I know I have one of those bonking around...  

EDIT 2: Or my blue Lilith doll, who already has the appropriate smirk and lots of makeup...or a CG01 head...The head matters less than does the fact that I find a 1:6 Will doll... Maybe the PB head I painted as Frank a while back?
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A big thank you to [profile] freak42, who gave me my very first comment ever. While I don't do this to satisfy my readers' desires, I do love comments, which are proof that someone is reading.  Anyway...

William Philomel Ashby Cox, known as Will, is a vampire.
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36 questions, 3-word answers. Yanked from ashbet.

1. Where is your cell phone?
In my purse.
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Over the past 4 years [ack, has it been that long?], Will has been one of the most physically instable characters of mine. He started off as a default Sideshow Toy general edition Spike 12" doll. Then I put a custom resin sculpt of James Marsters on the same body. Then I went to a Dragon body with CG ankle cups so he could wear high heels. Then I tried to make him a skinny hybrid body, and he was on a weird early Medicom body for a while. Then I got him a modern, shorter Medicom body. Plus I resculpted his hair about 4 times during that period; it went from the default greasy comb-back, to a poofy comb-back, to a meringue-like sort of mess, to a modified bowl cut. I also repainted him about 5 times, each time making his skin paler and his makeup darker.

After the 1:6 modern Medicom body broke, I put the 1:6 Will in storage. Then I got my 1:3 Will.

Then he went digital in October, 2007. Since then, he's gone through 4 reconstructions from scratch and countless textures [or paint jobs]. I need to do a slideshow of him through time in the same way that I collected a bunch of photos of my Frank doll[s].
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Here's a meme I stole from Batchix...


1. your name: William Philomel Ashby Cox.
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A quick survey of LHF reveals the following instances:

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While goofing off at the Doll Palace [], I discovered an avatar maker that does not crash my compooper [unlike Meez]. Naturally I made Anneka and Will. I particularly like the dollmaker dress-up feature on this site, which allows you to combine elements from different dollmakers into a customized panel. That's how I got Will into the sarong. Read more... )
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So, thanks to SailorZeo, I found a free animated avatar program, Meez. Naturally I set to work recreating my current favorite characters, Will and Anneka. The browser crashed in the middle of Anneka's pixelated construction, so you'll just have to enjoy Will for now. Read more... )
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My attempt to Frankenstein the aforementioned skinny body for Will failed. The muscular arms looked out of proportion to the narrow torso. Also the torso was too short. I moved Will back to a body type much like his Dragon body [sigh]. None of these changes have shaken his attraction to his tragically pink and gold cowboy boots. ~_~

I did, however, save the disproportionate body. I decided that it would be perfect for a male character who uses a wheelchair. [Thus his arms would be bulked up from wheeling the chair, while his paralyzed legs would be slender.] Since I have a male character that I want to embody, Max, I decided that Anneka's dad would get the body I Frankensteined two nights ago. Since I painted his face last night, I just need to give him hair before he can break his invisibility and appear on camera. [Hey Max...stop hiding in the bathroom and flushing your pills!!]

Oh yeah...and I need to get Max a wheelchair. Fortunately he's narrow enough to fit in a Barbie wheelchair...

Pictures later.

Note to self: Make a banner for trade with Action Figure Diary. [If you haven't seen it, go read it. It contains 1:6 action figures in silly escapades, along with their human owners. Gentle and witty, with great character development.]

Also sign up for, not only for publicity, but also for easy storage of transcriptions.
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My concept of Will's physique has always been closer to that of my 1:3 Jareth doll, rather than the ridiculously muscular soldier's body he's had for years. Unfortunately, the custom head that I use for Will won't fit on any of the skinny male bodies...until now. Tonight, after a long silence, I broke out the Dremel and my drawer of bodies in an attempt to transfer the brawny neck assembly from a Dragon male body to the scrawny slender Obitsu male body.  In order to balance out the thicker neck, I imported Will's original muscular arms [so he doesn't have twig-like upper limbs]. I have yet to ream out the torso to allow for neck poseability, but you can see a mock-up of how I want Will to look below.

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Those of you who follow (un)real life know that Will used to be a dandy when he was alive [about 100 years ago]. Though no longer a slave to fashion, he still cares about style in some idiosyncratic way, which is why this situation would severely bother him. Read more... )



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