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We had the biggest meetup ever this afternoon; five people attended: me, Lyrajean, vermont chick, goldi and Megan, a newcomer. Here are the best of the 177 photos I took:

goldi's dolls: Soom Ace.

Fairyland MiniFee Chloe.

Cerebrus Project Tiny Delf Dorothy on left, Fairyland PukiFee Pong on right.

Lyrajean's dolls: Iplehouse EID Asa.

Volks YoSD Kira.

Alchemic Lab Unoa not shown, as all my pictures of her came out blurry.

Megan's doll: Xavier. She sculpted him out of Sculpey, strung and wired him, painted his body and face, made his eyes, tattooed him, sewed his clothes and made his fur wig. This is the first doll she's ever made!

My dolls: Mellifer.


vermont chick's dolls: Iplehouse SID Mari on left, Soom Quartz on right.

My doll Flower next to vermont chick's Quartz for comparison. To me they look quite similar.


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