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Despite his resemblance to a junior Jareth, my incoming Soom Auber [who is currently OUT FOR DELIVERY woooooo hoooooooo!!!!!], does not wish to be called Jareth Jr. He is probably afraid of Mega Jareth calling him "squirt." :p

Instead, he has decided that he should be called...

Wait for it...


Yes, folks, the brooding storm fairy takes a name that a) sounds like a combination of "Tim" and "ammonia" and b) refers to a small town in Maryland.

I'm sorry. Sources [i.e.., a certain annoying little fairy] have informed me that Timonium is the illustrious, noble moniker of Mark Antony's summer palace at Alexandria. Besides sounding like a nickname + cleaning product, it also apparently conjures up associations with elemental metals [Tm = the element timonium? :p], as well as pandemonium.

Sure, whatever you say, Tim. :p

I can't tell whether Timonium takes himself too seriously or whether I'm just razzing him.


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