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I have really creative file names, as you can tell.

Remember how I said I was working with Daz for makeup concepts, among other things? Well, I've accomplished some Daz kinky stuff already, and the therianthropes are in the offing. Most recently I subdued Daz successfully enough to force it to yield the first of many representations of Jareth's makeup, creatively entitled glitteryshittest4.jpg. Behold! This is the sort of stuff he actually wears in my head, but the doll doesn't because I wanted to paint the doll with something simple that I stood a chance of executing well. There should be more blush, more eyeliner all around, heavy mascara, possibly some lip liner and definitely some saucer-size chandelier hoop earrings [!!!], but I'm not there yet.

Date: Jan. 22nd, 2014 04:31 am (UTC)
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Oh man!!! Love the sparkly eye makeup. <3


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