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Here's digital Jareth in drag -- that is to say, an outfit that is very far from what he regularly wears. His hair's usually down, so now it's up. He usually wears short, informal, fetishy stuff, so here he is in something rectilinear and formal. He usually goes femmey, so here he is butching it up.

Jareth's head is a Daz Michael 3 base with a combination of M3 head/body morphs and Capsces' Brom head/body morphs. Skin texture base and most of the make-up is from kaiZ's V3 Beauty Kit, with eyeliner elements from etomchek and PureEnergy's Stardust. Hair is Mylochka's freebie Palamas.

His body is the Daz Genesis base. Body shape is a combination of basic Genesis morphs, including Standard Male, Thin and WaistWidth, as well as DieTrying's BackUndefine and BladeboneDefine morphs from his 182 morphs for V4 [converted by SickleYield for Genesis]. Jabba's Junk in the Trunk morph rounds things out [har har]. Genesis base and all morphs mentioned are free downloads!

Jareth is wearing Slosh's SPEX for Genesis, as well as Wilmap's Pinstripe Suit for Genesis [shirt, tie, jacket and pants] and her Genesis Buckle Heeled Boots. Spex aren't free, but the clothes and boots are. Not visible under his clothes are the ball joints and the corresponding limb morphs from SickleYield and Fuseling's Ball Joint Doll for Genesis package.

Pose is from Schlabber and cascarda's eXpression for V3 pose pack, and the background is a png I made myself.

And, now that I've catalogued all the sources of the elements of this picture, I'm exhausted. :p

Date: Feb. 1st, 2014 03:32 am (UTC)
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Jareth just manages to be hot in nearly anything. I think he could pull off a plastic bag. I also love how even in drag he's really androgynous. <3


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