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Digital me returns, now upgraded to a Genesis base.

Head is from is Daz3D's Victoria 4.2 base, with V4 Morphs ++. Head morphs are from V4 Morphs ++ and Capsces' Morphia. Skin texture is rebelmommy and shellyw's RBSD V4 MerchantBase. Hair is freebie Boy Hair for V4 by 3Dream. 

Body is Daz' freebie Genesis base figure, shaped with basic included morphs, as well as Jabba's freebie Pinup Girl and freebie Junk in the Trunk, some of DieTrying's 182 freebie morphs ported from V4, a few of RAMWolff's copious freebie Genesis morph package, all topped off with some manual scaling of body parts by me. Skin texture is rebelmommy and shellyw's RBSD V4 MerchantBase. 

From top to bottom, the outfit consists of Eden Evergreen's freebie Tie-on Fantasy Sleeves for Genesis, Richabri's freebie V4 Corset [the red bodice], the corset from SickleYield's freebie Impractical Rogue [the black cincher], the short shorts from Daz' Magus and dx30's Thick Sole Boots 3. Background by propschick. Pose from Schlabber and cascarda's eXpression for V3.

I would wear this all [and fuckin' ROCK it! :p], except for the shoes, in which I would turn my ankles and fall over. High heels and I have never gotten along, which is why they go on digital me and not actual me.

Date: Feb. 1st, 2014 03:36 am (UTC)
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Totally hot! Great outfit too. ;)

I couldn't wear a high heeled anything to save my life, but then, I don't really regret it. I rarely get very excited about shoes-- now and then I'll be pleased to find a nice pair, but mostly there are other accessories that get my sense of style all fired up. ^_^


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