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Jareth illustrates the aforementioned finger-in-mouth pose deemed alluring by so many advertisements of digital content. In case you haven't noticed, he's very sarcastic. :p

Sources: Jareth's figure and morphs: the usual. Jareth's texture and makeup: Zev0 and DraagonStorm's Skin Builder Basic, Instant Makeup for V5 UV Sets, Geisha Builder. Hair: AprilYSH's freebie Troll Droll. Choker: Biscuits' freebie Slit Throat for V4. Hand jewelry: fabiana's Bonellusion for V4. Outfit: Lyrra's Cheerpunk for Gen1. Shoes: mytilus' Free Sole for V4 [not shown]. Pose: Sedor's BWC Fashion Poses for V6, tweaked by me. Background: my freebie Bokehground Expansion Shaders.

Jareth illustrates a stance that I actually find much more attractive.

Credits: same as above, except I made the pose.
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