Feb. 9th, 2015

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We had a Valentine's meetup on Saturday. For BJDs, I brought Muggins, Jujube and Submit. Cutey Honey also came along because she had hearts in her outfit. A close examination revealed that her hair is turning brittle and falling out, so I really need to fix that. VTDL members recommended a reroot, but I'm going for a wig. I'm pretty sure I have some bright red faux fur.
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When I look at promo pictures for digital content on the Daz or Renderosity sites, I have to ask myself: What the heck is up with all the women sticking their fingers in or near their mouths? The parted lips, as if their mouths have just drifted open, the partly closed and unfocused eyes, the FINGER IN THE MOUTH AARRRRRGH... I think it's supposed to evoke blow jobs, but it all combines to create an atmosphere of awkward absentmindedness.

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Jareth illustrates the aforementioned finger-in-mouth pose deemed alluring by so many advertisements of digital content. In case you haven't noticed, he's very sarcastic. :p

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