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I decided to go back to a desktop compooper for my next, instead of a laptop. I decided this mainly because I thought that I would much too easily max out 16 GB of RAM, which appears to be the max for laptops these days. Currently considering the Asus G10AC-US0105, which comes with 8 GB of RAM, expandable to 32 GB, which should last me a while. It has pretty much the same specs as the laptop I was originally considering, except for the greater amount of rRAM and no monitor included. It's like $1200.00 though [plus~$150.00 for a monitor], so Lord knows when I'll be able to actually get it in my hot little hands.

The computer fund right now has $560.24 in it, which may be augmented by by $59.67 in Amazon gift certificates. The computer fund should have $755.24 in it, but I had to use some of it to pay rent this month, and I don't yet have enough to replenish the fund. Maybe I can afford a new one by my birthday...

Date: Feb. 11th, 2015 11:48 pm (UTC)
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(I'll just say my refurbished $150 Dell has been very good. The only quirk it has is that whoever had it before set the BIOS up so it starts up automatically at 6:30 AM Monday-Friday.)


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