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Janvier Jett has never really cohered as a character for me in that way that, for example, Sardonix, Timonium and Yamarrah have. I'm now wondering what, if anything, to do with her.

Here are some options:
  • Keep her as is and invent a personality for her. The problem is that my dolls don't retroactively grow personalities. I always create a character first and then find a resin form for them.
  • Sell whole doll. But I spent so long putting together that outfit that is like the pinnacle of the meretricious style that I love. I think I like the outfit more than the doll.
  • Repaint. But, no matter what I do, that headsculpt is always going to be Janvier Jett to me.
  • Reconceptualize -- new outfit, new eyes, new hair, new character. Probably not possible, given my fixed association between the doll and the character.
Of course, I could always:
  • Get rid of her and acquire another doll.
There's this IOS Infernale head [no longer in stock on the site] on the marketplace, and I'm thinking that perhaps the population of BJDs who bug me could use another open-mouthed vampire who's really, really into fetish gear and who lacks social skills...even more than Timonium does! Hmmm...

EDIT: Or I could just, you know, not spring on any other dolls for the time being. Novel concept!!! Either way, Janvier Jett is just not doin' it for me anymore. :(

Date: Nov. 25th, 2013 10:35 pm (UTC)
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Janvier Jett is really pretty! But if she's not doing it for you, she's not doing it for you. Maybe ask her what she wants to do? Can't hurt as an exercise in helping you make up your mind.


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