Nov. 25th, 2013

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Janvier Jett has never really cohered as a character for me in that way that, for example, Sardonix, Timonium and Yamarrah have. I'm now wondering what, if anything, to do with her.

Here are some options:
  • Keep her as is and invent a personality for her. The problem is that my dolls don't retroactively grow personalities. I always create a character first and then find a resin form for them.
  • Sell whole doll. But I spent so long putting together that outfit that is like the pinnacle of the meretricious style that I love. I think I like the outfit more than the doll.
  • Repaint. But, no matter what I do, that headsculpt is always going to be Janvier Jett to me.
  • Reconceptualize -- new outfit, new eyes, new hair, new character. Probably not possible, given my fixed association between the doll and the character.
Of course, I could always:
  • Get rid of her and acquire another doll.
There's this IOS Infernale head [no longer in stock on the site] on the marketplace, and I'm thinking that perhaps the population of BJDs who bug me could use another open-mouthed vampire who's really, really into fetish gear and who lacks social skills...even more than Timonium does! Hmmm...

EDIT: Or I could just, you know, not spring on any other dolls for the time being. Novel concept!!! Either way, Janvier Jett is just not doin' it for me anymore. :(

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>^-_-^< I just put a 50% down payment on Muggins, who I purchased [purr-chased?] as an unstrung kit. She's the British mold in polyamide [3-D printed plastic] with unfolded ears, 4cm high at withers, solid dark grey [I thought pure black was a bit too, uh, black], with orange eyes and big round pupils. Yay! Isabel's kitty cat is on her way!

Muggins: "[Yay! I can't wait to see Mom! I love you Mom! Feed me yogurt!]"
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Ginevra has been sold. With the proceeds, I put a down payment on Muggins and paid another installment on Polly. I now have two installments of five, or $186.24, left to go. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure that I'm getting a Kelly doll [for a Zville toddler] and Lumberjack's head in the mail today! Very exciting! 


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